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Top 5 K–12 EdTech Solution Companies in 2023

Top 5 K–12 EdTech Solution Companies in 2023


This article is a comprehensive guide to the best 2023 education tech solution companies. We have listed the five best 2023 education tech solution companies from which you can outsource your tech solutions.

Since the breakout of COVID-19, e-learning-based approaches have transformed the education industry. Several K–12 tech companies have sprung up to meet the demand for e-learning solutions and streamline its integration into educational institutions. Tech solution companies are pivotal in the current drive to digitize education. These companies provide technological products and services, such as software and hardware, to educational institutions to help them improve the learning experience of K–12 students. With the global education tech industry expected to be valued at $348.41 billion by 2030, more and more K–12 EdTech companies are coming up. Moreover, with increasing K–12 solution companies, it can be challenging to pick the best one for your institution. So, we have done comprehensive research and picked the top K–12 education companies from which you can outsource tech solutions. Let’s explore them one by one.

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Top 5 K–12 Tech Solution Companies

Listed below are the five best tech solution companies that can help you improve the learning outcomes for your students. 

1. Hurix Digital

Since its inception in 2000, Hurix Digital has become one of the best EdTech solution companies in 2023. With its all-in-one suite of digital learning solutions, Hurix Digital enables educational institutions to deliver a well-rounded learning experience to K–12 students.  Hurix Digital helps educational institutions with custom content and curriculum development, enabling educators to provide adaptive and bespoke education to students. With its dynamic content library containing over 2500 video-based lessons curated by subject matter experts, Hurix Digital boosts understanding of abstract and complex science and math concepts.  Hurix Digital also assists educational institutions in delivering digital education through a variety of mediums, including: Hurix Digital makes digital learning flexible, compelling, and immersive using appropriate multimedia elements, K–12 learning games, AI, AR, and VR. Apart from e-learning platforms, Hurix Digital also offers assessment and proctoring solutions to help educational institutions evaluate the students’ genuine academic progress and proficiency level.  As a provider of best-in-class EdTech services, Hurix Digital is the trusted choice of more than 10 million users residing across the globe.  Check out this Exclusive Whitepaper: AI and Content Development: Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation in Education

2. Outschool, Inc. 

Founded by Amir Nathoo, Nick Grandy, and Mikhail Seregine in 2015, Outschool, Inc. is one of the top K–12 tech solution companies in 2023. With its interactive education platform, Outschool provides engaging live online classes to K–12 students in small group settings. By handling record-keeping, student enrollments, and other tasks that can consume a teacher’s time, Outschool empowers teachers to offer classes in courses such as:
  • Arts
  • English
  • Math
  • Life skills
  • Coding and tech
  • Science and nature
  • Health and wellness
  • Social studies
With an emphasis on personalized tutoring, Outschool enables students to explore their academic interests and passions. As a firm believer in making learning fun and social, Outschool is the trusted preference of over 1 million students from more than 190 countries. 

3. Duolingo, Inc. 

Developed in 2011 by Severin Hacker and Luis von Ahn, Duolingo, Inc. has since marked its place among the top-level tech K–12 companies in India, the USA, and other countries around the globe. With apps like Duolingo for School, Duolingo ABC, and more, Duolingo offers online courses for ages four and up to enhance their reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills in more than 40 different languages, including:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Irish
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • German 
  • Italian
  • Hindi
  • Greek
Using personalized bite-sized lessons, fun challenges, and game-like features, Duolingo makes the language learning experience fun and captivating. It also makes learning certifiable with its globally recognized English test, curated using AI and the latest assessment science.  Apart from languages, the Duolingo Math app enables students to develop and enhance their mental math skills.  Due to their immense contribution to language and math learning, Duolingo apps have become the trusted choice of more than 4 million users. 

4. Panorama Education

Since its inception in 2012 by Aaron Feuer and Xan Tanner, Panorama Education has become one of the best K–12 tech solution companies of 2023. With its suite of research-backed surveys and analytical tools, Panorama Education helps educational institutions collect and analyze data about the following:
  • School climate
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Student voice and success
  • Family engagement
Panorama Education’s all-in-one Student Success platform allows you to monitor students’ progress, identify learning gaps, and carry out timely data-driven interventions. Further, with its research-based recommendations, you can drive effective positive behavior interventions and create a multi-tiered support system for your students.  In addition, by using feedback surveys, you can gather crucial data from students, their parents, and teachers and examine that data to improve student outcomes continuously.  As a firm believer in improving education quality for every student, Panorama Education is the trusted preference of 25,000 schools spanning 50 states. 

5. Edmentum, Inc.

Edmentum, Inc. has become one of the top EdTech K–12 companies of 2023. Edmentum offers a wide range of online learning products and services to educational institutions, including:
  • Study Island: Involves standard-based instruction and assessments to promote grade-level mastery
  • Exact Path: Involves diagnostic-based pedagogy and intervention to promote academic development
  • Calvert Learning: Involves active project-based learning to encourage the application of textbook concepts to real-world problems and scenarios
  • Apex Tutorials: Involves end-of-course tutorials to build on existing knowledge and fill in knowledge gaps to foster success in end-of-course tests.
Flexible, interactive, and customized, Edmentum’s e-learning solutions are the trusted choice of more than 400,000 educators and over 10,000 schools and districts.  Also Read: 5 Ways AI Will Impact Higher Education in 2023 and Beyond

The End Note

With the global EdTech market projected to expand at a CAGR of 13.6% till 2030, new K–12 EdTech solution companies will keep popping up.  Leverage this list of the best K–12 solution companies to determine the one best fit for your institution and take the leap towards technological innovation. To start with, you can outsource digital learning solutions from Hurix Digital. Hurix Digital provides innovative education solutions, an LMS, and multilingual learning content. Besides being a part of the top-level K–12 assessment companies, Hurix Digital is a trusted partner of educational companies like McGraw Hill, Carnegie Learning, Pearson, and more. To know more about EdTech solutions, get in touch with Hurix Digital.