[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A study conducted on more than 10,000 people found that people’s consumption of digital content has increased to an average of 7 hours every day. 

Another study has found that implementing digital technologies can help in the acceleration of progress toward enterprise goals, including financial returns, diversity in the workplace, etc., by 22 percent. 

Looking at these stats, it’s no wonder that content digitization has become very important these days. 

Content digitization is another name for content transformation. It is an act of transforming old, existing content into reusable, versatile, and accessible content. 

It usually involves the conversion of outdated or paper-based content into a user-friendly and dynamic type of content. 

Content transformation helps create digital learning platforms, also known as e-learning platforms. It also enables businesses to manage massive amounts of content and improves their efficiency. 

Now, if you are considering availing transformation services, you should know the answers to questions like:

  • What’s your purpose in opting for it? 
  • Which format and platform would be the most appropriate for transforming content? 

For the transformation to be effective, you should be prepared to govern the content constantly. Keeping a regular eye on the content helps it to stay relevant. 

Now that you are aware of what content transformation is and its importance – let’s delve into how it can be useful for your organization. 

Uses of Content Transformation

Content transformation can be used in the following ways. 

To Produce Digital Content

These services produce, enhance, and deliver content material for organizations, teaching institutes, publishing houses, etc. The content material can be converted into e-books, video-based learning, game-based learning, reward-based learning, etc. It can also be tailored to meet your brand’s requirements. 

In the case of e-books, you get high-quality content, which is interactive, contains course-oriented questions with solutions, and is automated through a fixed-layout engine. 

For the other forms of content, like game-based learning, you get immersive content embedded with the option of closed captioning, also known as subtitling. 

Thus, digital content production makes all types of content material engaging and inclusive in nature for your organization. 

To Perform Conversion to ePUB3 File

Transformation services include the error-free conversion of all your files into an ePUB3 format. The files can be in the form of PDFs, XML, manuscripts, MS Word, scanned copies, etc. 

Digital content conversion services enable you to manage, convert, and publish content that is compatible with every smart device. They also allow you to add interactive features, including a read-aloud tool, external linking, HTML5 interactivities, etc. 

Additionally, they improve your content’s accessibility by making use of the latest conversion technology. 

To Provide Pre-Press Services 

These services provide high-quality digitalization, including customized graphics, pagination, typesetting, etc., for your manuscript. They help you create master pages and eye-catching cover pages and align other pages in a suitable layout. 

Besides a consistent layout with accurate and engaging content, they provide you access to customized infographics for the rendition of your manuscript. 

Along with these services, a copy editing team formats your content based on styles like APA, CMS, ASA, etc. It also refines and polishes your content clean from any errors and strives to meet your language standards with the help of an automated editorial system. 

To Automate Processes for Businesses

Transformation provides RPA (Robotic Process Automation) services for your business. They automate routine and repetitive tasks like document handling, data entry, customer service, etc., with the help of software bots. 

They also transform your business ecosystem by integrating technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, etc. 

Not only this, but they also bring agility to your business by making it adapt to changes in the business environment quickly. 

RPA services are scalable, cost-effective, and help to improve compliance. They use existing UIs to execute system-based tasks. 

They improve your employees’ productivity by taking over time-consuming tasks and providing an error-free output, thereby increasing the rate of interest (ROI) for your business. 

To Provide Quality Assurance Services

Content digitization documents the quality standards a product or service must meet and design a process for checking whether the quality requirements are met. 

Quality assurance (QA) services help you meet quality and safety requirements for market acceptance.

As part of automated quality assurance testing, a checklist checks for grammatical errors, punctuation and spelling errors, theoretical accuracy, formatting, content design, etc. The testing also helps you manage and maintain a top-notch performance of your products and attain high-quality outputs. 

Through a holistic approach, QA services ensure that all the functionalities run smoothly and the final product is efficient and sound. 

To Ensure An Inclusive-Digital Presence

Transformation services help you gain accessibility on a vast level through the creation of interactive storyboards, product illustrations, 2D and 3D animations, character designs, etc. This kind of interactive content is available in localized languages besides English. 

All this helps you to comply with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and Section 508 by offering equal access to digital information to everyone, no matter what. 

With the help of a user-friendly web presence, everyone, including those with disabilities, can go through your content easily. An inclusive-digital presence helps to expand your reach to new demographics. This, in turn, enhances your company’s reputation and builds brand recognition. 

The End Note

Overall, content transformation or content digitization services help in the growth of your business. Knowing this, today, 97 percent of businesses are involved in digital initiatives of some kind, and 87 percent of senior business leaders consider digitalization a priority.

Now, if you are considering prioritizing digitalization and want to enjoy having a broad reach and an inclusive-digital presence, invest in content digitization services at Hurix Digital. 

Hurix offers digital content transformation solutions to make analog content interactive, engaging, and driven toward your business growth. Hurix delivers end-to-end content conversion services tailored to your company’s needs and helps to accelerate your journey.

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