Mary flurried about the apartment with her purse in one hand and shoes in the other as her alarm rang 8.30 AM. She should have been out of the door by now to catch the 8.50 train. Running about, Murphy’s law struck and her makeup, phone, keys and an assortment of items fell out of her purse as the zipper broke.

Frowning and cursing, she gathered and packed her stuff in the next bag at hand. Pushing down the gag reflex induced by the sky blue colored purse against her light yellow shirt, she rushed to catch the next train resigning to another late attendance mark.

The man sitting opposite her was such a spitting image of her dad that she did a double take. She smiled to herself as she imagined her father drawling at her situation, “Every crisis is an opportunity”. Out came her phone and a query went to Google servers “how to fix a broken zipper”. Lo and behold! The response was not just a DIY textbook on fixing the zip, but a neat video showing all tips and tricks! Interestingly, this video was developed by a new accessory brand. She soon discovered some of their products and started shopping with a bright smile on her face forgetting all the morning troubles.

Video in content marketing

Marketers of the day are constantly striving to beat and impress search engines with quality content and are in a race to incorporate novel and innovative methods in their digital marketing strategies. Videos are a great gateway to hook audiences and convert them into leads and sales.

If you are looking for tips to create great content, you should definitely take a look at this recipe.

Videos have slowly and steadily taken an important spot in the realm of digital marketing. They are becoming an increasingly important parameter in the digital marketing strategy of any brand or business.

Here’s an interesting prediction about the increasing importance of video for marketing: According to Cisco, videos will account for 82% of all Internet traffic by 2021!

Why videos?

  • For the lazy

Audience and consumers of today have become increasingly lazy. They barely get in the kitchen to cook food or step out of their home for daily essentials. Moreover, they don’t want the extra time and effort required in reading about a product or service. A video fits the bill here perfectly!

A short video about your brand, product, or service can engage your audience and even play a role in conversions.

  • Easy format

Would you rather read a recipe or watch a video about cooking a dish? A video is naturally the preferred option since you can actually see the steps involved and this medium is more relatable and easily interpreted by the audience.

  • Cost effective

Creating a video, and a good quality one at that has become a child’s play with the technology at hand. Unlike commercial advertisements, videos hosted on the digital platform are cost effective in terms of creating as well as hosting.

  • Build confidence

Buying clothes or anything else for that matter online involves some degree of risk. Online retailers have started incorporating videos showing models exhibiting various apparels being sold. Naturally, the video add-on instils confidence in the purchase and increases sales.

  • Flexibility of platform

Watching a video is not limited to a particular device. So, your audience can access your video irrespective of the device they’re using.

Six Types of Videos

Your brand, product, campaign, and audience will determine the type of video that will take your brand higher in the SEO ranks. Tell us what you would like, and the creative minds at Hurix will get together to create the perfect one for your brand. Here are a few types of videos that you can consider:

  1. Brand showcase– To educate your audience about your brand and its products and services.
  2. Show how/How to’s– To show how to use a product or fix a particular issue that your audience may have.
  3. Product showcase– To inform the audience about the features and details about your product.
  4. Demo– To show how a product works
  5. Live– To include your audience in special events and to encourage them to participate in the conversation.
  6. Expert opinions– To build trust in your product or service in the minds of the audience knowing that it is recommended by experts.

Video and SEO

Once you have decided that you will include video in your marketing strategy, the next logical step is to create one that ranks high on the search engine. Check out these few tips to up the rank of your video.

  1. Host right- Know where your audience is most likely to be and choose the platform accordingly.
  2. Title and transcript- A catchy title will get your user to click. Also, pay attention to the keywords in your title to get more clicks. A video too can get boring if it doesn’t show information snippets to catch the viewer’s attention. Ensure you have a transcript as engaging as the video to achieve good engagement.
  3. Duration- A long-drawn video too can bore your audience. So, ensure your video is of an optimum duration.
  4. Host on multiple platforms- Use the various social media platforms effective to increase your reach. Also, enable the audience to share the video on those platforms.
  5. Catchy thumbnails- The thumbnail to your video is one of the decisive factors for your audience to click on your video. Ensure that the thumbnail is catchy and click-worthy.
  6. Relevance to the page- Ensure that your video is hosted on a page relevant to the content of the video. Moreover, a video on an SEO optimized web page is sure to rank high on the search engine.

Comprehensive marketing strategy

Remember; videos in a marketing strategy will go a long way in building brand awareness, increasing reach and conversions, conveying your message beyond borders, and lay a solid foundation to your digital presence.

The ease of creation and consumption of video content is proof enough that videos are going to be players in the long run!