3D learning is an exciting and developing area in the field of K-12 education. The fact that young students love the realism of 3D, an increasing number of K-12 institutes are incorporating the technology into their classrooms to actively engage students and increase their motivation to learn. The key idea behind offering 3D educational content in the classrooms is to create an engaging and immersive experience for students, thereby attaining higher engagement and better learning outcomes. 

To meet this demand, educational content developers are rolling out excellent 3D content, editing software and different curricula. In this blog, we discuss some of the top 3D educational content providers in India and their services. 

1. HurixDigital

A pioneer in 3D content creation, HurixDigital focuses on creating compelling and engaging digital content for the K-12 space. The company helps you capture the attention of students and enrich their learning experience with compelling 2D, 3D, simulations and animation videos, and other interactive content. 

Other key highlights of HurixDigital are-

  • Expertise in developing interactive 2D and 3D animation, storyboards, demonstrations, character designs and whiteboard animations of various durations.
  • A robust digital repository of K-12 content combined with interactive features and online assessments to offer an exceptional learning experience for K-12 students.
  • Years of experience in designing 3D content that simplifies the complexities of any topic through interactive videos and delivers a clear understanding of any subject matter. 

2. EFFE Animations

A leading solution provider in custom animation videos and other 3D e-learning solutions, EFFE animations have been successfully delivering digital learning solutions in the K-12 space for many years now.

Other key highlights of EFFE Animations are-

  • A range of K-12 learning solutions including game-based learning, eBook videos, audiobooks and other corporate eLearning content development.
  • Expertise in creating eBook videos and audiobooks for a range of subjects such as business, arts, entertainment, biographies, technology, and more.
  • Helps you convert all your textbooks into online video content covering K-12 learning content in multiple languages.
  • Professional solution provider in creating short and simple microlearning videos which can be used by most eLearning service providers.

3. Toolbox Studio

An experienced VFX studio and eLearning animation video production house, ToolBox Studio has extensive experience working on VFX, 2D/3D animation, educational videos, and more.

Other key highlights of Toolbox Studio are-

  • Expertise in areas such as visual effects & animation, motion graphics, corporate video production and more.
  • Leading animation studio and agency with a professional team of multi-specialty 2D and 3D artists and technicians.
  • Expertise in creating 3D content through enticing animation for educational, industrial, or commercial projects of any genre.

4. VK Creative Learning

One of the leading 3D education content companies, VK creative learning, is equipped with professionally experienced instructional designers, subject matter experts, graphic designers, 2D and 3D animation specialists, multiple media specialists, and assessment experts.

Other key highlights of VK Creative Learning are-

  • Expert graphic designers and multimedia specialists for developing customized 2D and 3D videos along with AR/VR content for a very interactive, engaging, and immersive experience
  • Professional experience in creating a wide variety of K-12 digital content and assessment platforms for multiple subjects, including mathematics, history, science, geography, and more. 
  • Highly proficient SME network and graphic team for developing 2D, 3D content for K-12, right from scratch or for enriching the existing content
  • A team of strategic and technology experts to help with the development of various processes related to K-12 content including 3D content structure, implementation of content for knowledge retention, content automation design, as well as developing the product roadmap. 

5. Digital Teacher

Digital Teacher or smart class software is an effective digital classroom solution for K-12 learners developed as per continuous and comprehensive evaluation patterns. The company develops educational content and material that supports self-learning as well as self-paced learning in the students. 

Other key highlights of Digital Teacher are-

  • Expertise in creating content with rich graphics and animations (2D/3D) as well as videos for quick and easy understanding of concepts.
  • Multiple delivery modes wherein the content can be delivered through USB, DVD Single system Installation, Android App and Client-Server.
  • Digital teacher content solutions are designed to enhance students’ interest levels and retention power, where critical concepts are being developed and packaged using 3D and other multimedia-based digital methods.

6. Next Education 

Next Education is a K–12 focused technology-based 3D educational content solutions provider with expertise in creating innovative solutions that make teaching and learning much more easy, engaging and effective.

Other key highlights of Next Education are-

  • Standardized metrics to accurately evaluate the quality of print content and ensure that all the content developed complies with the set pedagogical standards.
  • Integrated learning approach in content development to ensure balanced development in the key learning domains (cognitive, linguistic, emotional, social and physical) in k-12 learners.
  • Curated 3D content development for k-12 learners enables them to assess their understanding of concepts/abilities and helps teachers gauge students’ understanding of key concepts and their skill development.

7. Fortuna Pix

Fortuna Pix is one of the top names in offering rich immersive content that helps K-12 educators teach better and enhances students’ engagement and learning through 3D videos, virtual labs, interactive activities, simulations, and assessments that bring life to learning.

Other key highlights of Fortuna Pix are-

  • The company is committed to bringing about a digital transformation in the field of education using innovative formats
  • Robust technology and content to improve student achievement, reduce costs and ultimately deliver more localized and customized solutions.
  • Expertise in creating content based on local learning styles, cultural and linguistic background, curriculum-aligned outcomes, and coming-age technologies that consider the digital infrastructure capabilities
  • Offers multilingual, customizable, and device-independent curriculum worldwide.

8. Edufic Digital

Edufic digital is a new-age digital, creative-services agency that offers expert eLearning content & media solutions. The company specializes in 2D/3D animated video production, engaging games & simulation development, and much more.

Other key highlights of Edufic Digital are-

  • The company leverages UNITY 3D multi-platform engine for gaming, simulation, augmented & virtual reality development, and has vast experience in constructing 2 game engine development for 2D/3D games.
  • Leverages a robust multimedia authoring program to create web applications, movies, games, and content for mobile phones and other embedded devices.
  • Expertise in creating stunning and interactive e-learning solutions as advanced developers in Articulate 360 suite, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Lectora, iSpring, Adapt, and more.

To Wrap

The service providers listed above are dedicated to creating the best 3D educational content solutions for K-12 learners by keeping them engaging, simple, and effective. Apart from offering the best content solutions in 3D space, the core principle of these companies is to maintain absolute transparency in everything they do by adopting tried and tested development processes to ensure on-time delivery of all the projects undertaken.