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A recent study indicated that the average attention span of humans in the digital era has shrunk to just 8.25 seconds.

Those who have developed a habit of shifting across multiple screens tend to get distracted more easily. For instance, if an internet user has a laptop and two smartphones, they will likely be juggling three screens at any given moment.

Diminishing attention spans have made it challenging for learners to engage for extended periods. This is where bite-sized learning or micro-learning has revolutionized the learning process, mirroring evolving learner behavior. It refers to the breaking down of digital or eLearning content into smaller, consumable chunks, which can be absorbed within minutes and sometimes seconds.

In this blog, we delve into the relevance of bite-size learning in today’s world, its impact on learning outcomes, and how eLearning companies can incorporate it into their learning strategy.

Top 3 Trends Triggering Bite-Sized Learning

It is important to understand the relevance of bite-sized learning before putting it into practice. Here is a snapshot of consumer lifestyle changes that are nudging more learners to adopt bite-sized learning:

1. Increased Usage of Mobile Phones 

As of January 2023, data reveals that the number of unique mobile users stood at 5.44 billion, which amounts to two-thirds of the global population.

As mobile phones and data become more affordable, more consumers will be able to access eLearning from their mobile phones. Hence, eLearning platforms must embrace mobile-first bite-sized learning to reach more audiences.

2. Focus on Diverse Learning Styles

Today, there is more acceptance of learners who wish to learn in diverse ways. Not everyone is equipped to sit through lecture-based learning and learn through the written word.

Today learners have access to video content, audio representations, eBooks, infographics, and other interactive learning styles. Creators of bite-size learning are also leveraging technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality to build immersive experiences.

3. The Popularity of On-Demand Learning Resources

Learners today want to have access to libraries of on-demand learning resources. They want to learn flexibly, based on their schedules.

Bite-sized learning access empowers learners to log in for a brief amount of time during the day. For instance, they can listen to an audio presentation for 10 minutes on the way to work or watch a video on their smartphone while waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

4. Influence of the Gaming Lifestyle 

Today, more and more consumers are engaged in online gaming. The culture of rewards, challenges, and leaderboards has seeped into eLearning. The gamification of bite-sized learning makes it a highly thrilling experience for learners. It triggers healthy competition and the motivation to keep learning.

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Benefits and Impact of Bite-Sized Learning 

Ultimately, the success of any learning tool lies in its impact on learning outcomes. Today, bite-sized learning is being leveraged across a wide range of domains, from languages, and STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and Math), to communication and K12 learning.
Let us understand the true impact of bite-sized learning and how it is revolutionizing the learning outcome. Here’s a snapshot of the advantages and benefits: 

  • The introduction of bite-sized learning makes the learning process interactive and convenient to access from any location and at any time.
  • Access to avoid a range of bite-size learning resources teaches learners to engage in the process of self-learning. The learning process is automated and not dependent upon individual instructors.
  • Access to a large library of bite-size learning resources makes it easy for learners to revise their learnings and keep practicing learning concepts.
  • Several workplaces adopting eLearning platforms are incorporating more bite-sized learning resources to help upskill their workforces.
  • Last but not least, bite-size learning offers relevant content for all learners with diverse needs, thus making learning an inclusive process.

How to Create and Distribute Bite-Sized Learning Content?

Today, several businesses are leveraging bite-sized learning to drive various outcomes. These include publishers of K-12 content, companies looking to upskill their workforces, and dedicated learning apps, to name a few.

However, building and distributing bite-sized learning content can prove to be a cumbersome process. This is where using a streamlined platform approach can prove to be cost-effective and efficient and bring measurability to the process.

  • Publishers of bite-sized learning content can now leverage a state-of-the-art single, unified eLearning platform for all their learning content needs.
  • The use of such a digitized publishing platform makes it easy to produce bite-sized content, categorize and store it on the cloud, access it on demand, and distribute it securely. 
  • Such a platform enables easy collaboration between multiple stakeholders. 
  • The best part is that it comes within an inbuilt digital rights management system that allows businesses to protect the copyright of their bite-sized learning content.
  • Another significant advantage is bad publishers get access to in that Data Analytics. Dashboards can be customized, and data can be accessed at a micro level, thus enabling data-driven decision-making for future content and distribution. 
  • Superior digital publishing platforms also enable easy integration with various other software already in use by a company. 

In Conclusion

Learners across the world are adopting bite-sized learning at scale. Younger generations of users, especially Gen Z and below, have already embraced bite-sized learning as their go-to mode for learning.

Companies that aim to stay relevant in a digitized world must incorporate bite-sized learning into their strategy. Partnering with a digital specialist can help build the right infrastructure to make this paradigm shift.

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