This is an article about educational content development companies. It discusses what these companies do and gives a list of seven top companies. Some of the important points from this article are that these companies help educational institutions provide online learning content and that they offer a variety of services, such as course development, mobile learning, and localization.

Today, content development companies are developing instructional, educational, interactive, and academic content for online learners across the globe.

With a broader vision of providing access to a larger audience without compromising the quality of the online content, educational content development companies are offering the most current learning techniques for the students to have a comprehensive learning experience.

Top 7 Firms Providing Educational Content Development Services

1. Hurix Digital

Hurix is one of the leading digital content solution providers offering services to global educational publishers, institutions & enterprises. With multiple awards under its hat, the company designs and develops robust custom eLearning solutions for educational institutions.

Below are a few key highlights of Hurix services-

  • Provides a diverse range of product & service solutions to offer compelling, effective & engaging digital content across traditional & newer mobile platforms.
  • Specializes in developing creative and engaging eLearning content using innovative technology.
  • Wide bouquet of services including blended learning, game-based learning, mobile learning, localization, Flash to HTML conversion, and more. Among their other learning solutions include a cloud-hosted Learning Management System to develop, deploy and update content with great ease.
  • Modern learning-based designs catering to the unique strengths and challenges of learners.
  • Offers a robust mobile-first platform, KITABOO, to create and deliver mobile-friendly content that can be accessed on multiple platforms and devices.

2. Integra 

Integra is a well-known digital content services company offering content development, enrichment, and transformation services to various educational institutions, publishers, and workplace learning and development services to enterprises.

Among some of the key highlights of Integra include-

  • Various innovative source-to-publish solutions for educational institutions, publishers, and other digital learning solutions across a diverse range of industry verticals.
  • Offer end-to-end digital content solutions and multiple content-focused technologies and workflow solutions to help educational institutions maximize their return on content production investment.
  • Vast experience in developing robust learning content and designing interactive learning, along with offering digital learning solutions to customers in the education and enterprise segments. 

3. Swift eLearning Services

Swift is another innovative eLearning content and design company that offers technology-enabled eLearning solutions for different educational institutions and other organizations around the globe.

Some of the key highlights of Swift include-

  • Interactive, intuitive, and cost-effective learning solutions
  • Offers a range of solutions, including custom eLearning development, rapid eLearning, blended learning solutions, mobile learning, game-based learning, learning management solutions, translation & localization, and more.
  • Expertise in authoring tools such as adobe captivate, iSpring, articulate storyline 360, and more.

4. EI Design

EI Design is an award-winning learning development organization with a primary focus on learner-centeredness. The company largely concentrates on creativity and continuous discovery methods based on a human-centric approach.

Among the other key highlights of EI Design include-

  • Interactive video learning, virtual reality, gamification, microlearning, and more.
  • Maintains the right balance between technology, learner experience, and institutions needs.
  • Offers highly interactive eLearning solutions to help educational institutions achieve high learner performance.

5. Day One Technology

Day One Technology is a well-known name in creative and interactive eLearning solutions. As a tailor-made eLearning solution provider, the company blends learning psychology and various best practices with the latest technologies to make learning effective, engaging, and enjoyable.

The key highlights of the company include-

  • Provides a wide range of services and solutions, including the development of e-learning materials, scenarios, learning management systems (LMS), and much more.
  • Expertise in working directly with clients and end-users and providing online learning, simulation-based training, and mixed learning platforms to enhance the performance of learners and educational institutions. 
  • Offers white-label e-learning solutions for training or online learning businesses to complement and expand their existing offering.

6. Zeus Learning  

Zeus Learning is an eLearning company with robust offerings in content and courseware development.

Highlights of the company-

  • Offers a range of varied solutions including Flash application programming, institutional training, custom LMS and CMS development, content & application porting, application development and simulation, art and design animation, and much more.
  • An experienced team of instructional designers, software developers, and learning strategists offer their skill sets to create interactive eLearning programs to engage learners and speed their skill development.
  • Expertise in taking large-scale eLearning course development projects with strict budgets and timelines.

7. Aims Digital

A professional educational development company, Aims Digital, offers custom eLearning, mobile learning, and rapid learning solutions. The company focuses on designing and delivering structured eLearning solutions across various platform types to ensure that enterprises meet their learning outcomes with relative ease.

Key highlights of the company include-

  • A simple, intuitive yet powerful learning management system to develop and deploy eLearning solutions.
  • Offers a complete range of learning solutions covering various aspects of eLearning, including microlearning, mobile learning, game-based learning, and ILT.
  • Professional team with expertise in interacting with clients to closely analyze the gaps in their learning strategy and design interactive, engaging, and relevant solutions.

In Conclusion

Developing content for educational institutions can be challenging; every piece of information needs to be completely aligned to the learning objectives and respective standards of the curriculum framework.

We have listed here some of the top educational content development companies with expertise in creating content that is mapped to meet the learning objectives of the curriculum defined by higher institutions. Apart from it, these online content development service providers also offer various other services along with 24/7 availability so the content can be delivered across various time zones. Need to know more about our products and services? Drop us a note at