When the pandemic spiraled out of control, the training initiatives of most enterprises came to a grinding halt. After this brief yet excruciating pause, businesses had to figure out alternatives to deliver employee training remotely.

This, in turn, led to the rise of eLearning courses. Now, halfway into 2021, businesses have found a way to quickly create online training courses for their employees within the stipulated timelines and budget.

And they are able to achieve that using rapid eLearning solutions!

What are Rapid eLearning Solutions?

Conventional eLearning projects may require a significant amount of time for completion. In some cases, it may take months to design a comprehensive eLearning course for employee training.

Hence, experts came up with rapid eLearning solutions that are focused on performance-based learning objectives. And those objectives are set in such a way that they align perfectly with the organization’s goals.

Rapid eLearning format keeps the existing training content (old courses, videos, manuals, etc.) of conventional eLearning courses and steers away from fluffy or ornamental stuff. It saves instructional designers and businesses huge costs as well as time.

Rapid eLearning solutions

  • Take less time to develop
  • Incur less cost to develop
  • Leverage innovative learning strategies like storytelling and game-based learning.

Despite their shorter timeframe, they do not skimp on quality, creativity, or efficient project management. 

Rapid eLearning is not just slicing and dicing the content. It needs a carefully thought-out process. Developers and instructional designers evaluate the performance-based objectives to extract the right information.

That said, the process is not cumbersome. Rapid authoring tools like Lectora, iSpring, Adobe Captivate, and Articulate 360 allow eLearning providers to develop microlearning modules fairly quickly.

List of Rapid eLearning Solutions

Creating a rapid eLearning course requires expertise in instructional design, project management, content development, and more.

If you’re equipped with these skills or have an in-house team with these crucial skills, you can develop rapid eLearning programs yourself. However, if that’s not the case, outsourcing it to an eLearning solutions provider is the right choice.

You can also consider it if you have the expertise but lack time to develop an online employee training course within your anticipated timeline and budget.

Another scenario where enterprises may need to outsource is when their resources and manpower are already maxed out, or their previous rapid eLearning courses didn’t provide the expected results.

Below is the list of rapid eLearning solutions you may consider: 


KITABOO is a leading content creation and distribution platform equipped with advanced user analytics. It helps you deliver multimedia-rich content for rapid eLearning courses that can be viewed easily across mobile devices, desktops, and laptops.

What’s more, it can easily integrate with your existing learning management system (LMS) if you have one.

With KITABOO, enterprises can deliver hands-on learning experiences using highly engaging courses that include videos, audio, images, and HTML interactivities.

This popular content delivery platform supports eLearning and peer-to-peer collaboration. In any training, it’s crucial to track the performance of participants. With KITABOO, you get powerful insights into the progress of your employees. Based on their performance, you can improve the personalized training experiences.

2. SweetRush

SweetRush has garnered huge attention in recent years because of its ability to motivate learners and connect with them. They offer multiple delivery modalities that fit the mission-critical organizational needs.

Moreover, SweetRush leverages innovative technology to make the rapid eLearning content engaging, interactive, and visually appealing. They do so by investing in new authoring tools that support rapid development.

They have achieved a remarkable course completion speed, sometimes closing a project in 2-3 weeks. This is definitely one of the best rapid eLearning solutions out there.

3. El Design

To meet the pressing needs of rapid content development, El Design has adopted an Agile development methodology. Using semi-customized eLearning content, they deliver the right experience for your employees. Their custom template library allows them to cut the development time in half.

Not to mention this also reduces the cost incurred in creating rapid eLearning courses. If you’re looking to redesign a legacy course, El Design is a great option. They have dedicated teams that can meet your requirements in short deadlines.

Therefore, if you aim to generate high-volume content within a short span of time, you may consider El Design.  

4. Inno-Versity

Inno-Versity uses cutting-edge technology to deliver highly interactive training content. They specialize in AR/VR, animations, instructor-led training, eLearning, blended learning, mobile learning, scenario-based learning, and gamification.

Having worked with top enterprises worldwide, the team at Inno-Versity has the necessary experience needed to engage employees and bring measurable business outcomes. They keep learner experience and learning objectives at the top of their priority shelf.

In the balancing act of quality and speed, the former never suffers. Inno-Versity has successfully created training materials for leadership, onboarding, and other operations. Hence, it’s one of the leading rapid eLearning solutions out there.

To sum up

Whether or not you should train your employees using eLearning solutions is no longer a question. The real question is how to deliver high-quality training in the shortest time frame. When you think about that, rapid eLearning solutions are the right answer. By leveraging rapid eLearning solutions, you can escape the expensive development process and equip your employees with new skills in no time.

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