[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With a wide range of subjects available for study and each subject having multiple textbooks, it becomes extremely difficult for students to solve all the questions in these textbooks.

Since solving textbook questions is an important step towards scoring good grades, students, in such a scenario, look forward to solution authoring services.

These online textbook solution providers offer step-by-step textbook solutions, created in a format of choice, including all necessary explanations, interactive elements, graphs, diagrams and tables.

Explore the top 6 online textbook solutions service providers along with their features and USPs.

Before discussing the top service providers in this segment, let us first discuss the benefits of leveraging solution-authoring service providers. Some of these include –

  • Self-explanatory and elaborate solutions, leaving no room for doubts
  • Elimination of unnecessary double-checks and 100% error-free solutions
  • Leverages the latest technology and a variety of software to ensure delivery of visually rich, ready-to-go textbook solutions

Among the key players to choose from for online textbook solution authoring include –

1. Hurix Digital

Hurix Digital is a leading solution authoring service provider with a key focus on creating plagiarism-free textbook and online solutions which align well with technology and targets students’ decreasing attention spans.

Among the key features of Hurix’s online textbook solutions services include –

  • Expertise in designing exercise questions and preparing well-defined and well-formatted solutions based on specifications given by the client
  • Intelligently leveraging the expertise of subject matter experts along with the use of technology to create robust solutions that keep students hooked
  • Professionally experienced team with expertise in answering questions from textbooks with varied difficulty levels ranging from high-school to UG/PG level
  • Ability to deliver solutions in different formats such as Word, Google Doc and HTML files, along with preparing metadata files detailing the number of questions/types from each concept defined in the textbook

2. SPi Global

A leader in content technology, SPI global has many years of experience in designing content and solution authoring, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Among the other key features of SPI Global’s online textbook solution services include –

  • A qualified team of subject matter experts and instructional designers to ensure that the quality of the content is not compromised
  • Rigorous and multi-step review process to ensure good quality and high levels of accuracy in all the projects
  • Available in multiple formats, the solutions are well-drafted and explained in simple language 
  • Availability of textbook solutions in K-12 as well as higher education in various subjects 

3. Six Red Marbles

Six Red Marbles is one of the largest providers of online textbook solutions, content development, learning experience design, and educational tech. The company has expertise in creating the highest-quality textbook solutions and learning experiences for students.

Among the key features of Six Red Marbles’ online textbook solutions services include –

  • High-quality textbook solutions and other educational programs at scale 
  • Expertise and many years of experience in creating custom solutions and assessments in alignment with the various educational standards
  • Professionally qualified subject matter experts for solution authoring and designing interactive learning programs for schools and universities
  • Leverage various digital learning objects, games, interactive simulations, augmented reality/virtual reality, and videos while designing textbook solutions to ensure that students remain at the forefront of both education and technology

4. Innodata

Innodata focuses on creating quality academic content for both teaching and publishing purposes. The company creates high-quality content, not just for schools but also for well-known universities and ensures that it is comprehensive and self-explanatory. 

Among the key features of Innodata’s online textbook solution services include –

  • Offer multiple services including textbook solution creation, content reviewing, and content fixing 
  • Qualified subject matter experts with a robust teaching background to create content that inspires learning
  • Consistent use of new teaching methodologies for solution authoring

5. Trivium Education Services

Trivium Education Services is a well-known name as a process outsourcing company focused on the education vertical. The company leverages technology to offer textbook solutions, online tutoring, assessments, grading and content services to education companies around the world.

Among the key features of Trivium’s online textbook solution services include –

  • Many years of experience in offering various editorial services to clients including online textbook solution development, content creation, data management, graphics and animation, storyboarding and more
  • Has a robust team of subject matter experts, instruction designers, animators and programmers who are experienced in solution authoring and developing lessons
  • Expertise in creating textbook solutions, scoring essays and test questions
  • The company also provides scores as well as useful case studies to the students
  • In addition to the textbook solutions, Trivium also develops topic summaries, flashcards and articles that can be used as a part of your existing educational platform

6. Embibe

Embibe is one of the leading brands in educational content development across all subjects. The company is known for its meticulous preparation and years of experience in delivering quality content as textbook solutions to students globally.

Among the key features of Embibe’s online textbook solution services include – 

  • Leverages the latest software to develop rich content with multimedia
  • Solution authoring solutions designed as self-instructional comprehensive study material and step-by-step textbook solutions
  • Also offers services such as real-time online Q&A and video tutoring to students across the world

Case Study:

HurixDigital Delivers Textbook and Online Solutions with 100% Content Accuracy Partnering with an online textbook solutions provider allows your educational institution and students to get the benefit of relevant content on time, following all the specifications, and to be within budget, in both print and digital formats. 

Here we have listed some of the best solution authoring service providers who keep up with current content trends and curriculum standards to help you create, design, and produce content that is well-conceived, organized and accurate.

In addition to this, they have highly experienced and knowledgeable teams equipped with the best authoring tools for creating and delivering interactive and engaging content.

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