Digital Modernization is the upgrading or adopting of new technology to meet the needs of today’s organizations. Digital modernization is one of the better ways for companies that are looking for fast, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. This can involve legacy modernization, IT modernization, and application modernization depending on the requirements of the business.

Legacy modernization involves transforming legacy systems into modern solutions to reduce the complexity of IT processes and costs, improve data consistency, and enable collaboration and flexibility in teams across platforms.

Reasons to choose modernization

  • If your legacy software needs technology updates then digital modernization can opt. You can thus ensure the faster performance of legacy software, as well as improved up-time rates.
  • If an existing system cannot support the needs of the organization
  • If the business is facing challenges with outdated technology systems and struggling to integrate efficiently with new technology or software,

Methods of Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy application modernization has multiple methods for modernization. You can select the method that suits the needs of your organization:

  • Complete modernization or Rebuild – This method involves analyzing the existing legacy system, new technology, and to-be system and performing transformation from the scratch.
  • Step-by-step replacement – Unlike complete modernization from scratch, in this method, legacy application modernization is done in steps. It involves replacing components one by one as it becomes necessary. This is suitable for simpler architectures and short-term requirements.
  • Rehost – In the “Rehost” method, without altering existing code and functionalities, the legacy systems are deployed in a new environment. Companies that continue with the legacy systems and take advantage of cloud infrastructure by rehosting. 
  • Replatform – Moving the legacy system entirely to a different platform while the feature of the application remains the same.
  • Refactor – This form of modernization is used where some parts of the legacy systems are code optimized for better performance. 

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