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Advantages of Mobile Learning Solutions for L&D Teams 

Advantages of Mobile Learning Solutions for L&D Teams 

The unprecedented explosion of mobile technology in the last few years has completely changed the way we live, work, and learn. Constantly evolving business models and changing workforce dynamics are further making traditional corporate training methodologies obsolete for today’s workforce. This is where mobile learning solutions come into the picture.

Mobile phones, with their ubiquitous presence, are the new normal. Data also suggests that 64% of employees find accessing their training content from a mobile device essential. Further, 71% of millennials say they connect more with mobile learning as compared to L&D activities delivered via desktop or formal methods.

The statistics above clearly suggest that mobile learning solutions are gaining a lot of traction today. They offer a result-driven L&D strategy for corporates that allows their employees to learn in a more personalized way and with much higher flexibility. m-learning also helps organizations to add robust capabilities in their overall learning architecture to improve efficiency and performance in the workplace.

Impact of Mobile Learning Solutions for Employees

Mobile Learning Solution

From anytime anywhere access, to improved retention, mobile learning provides a range of benefits for L&D departments, training managers, and employees alike. Combined with a well-defined and effective strategy, mobile phones can, in fact, go a long way into changing the learning culture of organizations. Here are the Benefits & Use Cases of Mobile Learning in Enterprise Training

Some of the other advantages of mobile learning include-

1. Better Training ROI:

For corporates, mobile learning solutions offer a far wider reach of training programs. By using smart devices, employees in even remote locations can catch up with the training programs effortlessly. Furthermore, mobile learning easily fits into the tight schedules of corporate employees, thereby reducing the training time by almost 50%.

The other advantage of implementing mobile learning solutions in a corporate setup is the enhancement in the productivity of employees, thus boosting the organization’s overall revenue. m-learning is, in fact, an ideal tool for L&D professionals and training managers who wish to use the best methodologies for delivering training. Here are some Quick Tips to Measure Training ROI.

2. Effective and Personalized Content Design with Re-Usability Option

In today’s fast-paced working environment, learners want to acquire knowledge from an easily accessible source. Smart devices and mobile phones make it extremely simple for both learners to access the training material and trainers to create content based on individual preferences and learner needs.

Evolution of mobile technology has also made it possible to chunk down the training content, which increases both flexibility and robustness of the content. Further, with m-learning, employees get the chance of learning a concept over and over again without having to worry about missing parts of training.

3. Empowering Learners

One of the main benefits of mobile learning solutions is its learner-centric approach that puts participants at the center of the process.

Since corporate learners need to manage full-time work along with a host of other commitments, time constraints and work pressure could interfere with their learning. Mobile learning, in such a scenario, is an excellent solution that empowers learners by giving complete control of their learning in their own hands.

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Why do L&D teams find mobile learning solutions indispensable?

Mobile learning or m-Learning is a rapidly growing area for learning and development departments in organizations across industries. It gives companies an excellent opportunity to reach and engage with their employees in new and innovative ways.

Here are some of the reasons why L&D teams find mobile learning solutions indispensable-

Mobile Learning Can Deliver Key Data to Organizations

The demands of the mobile workforce are shaping not only the entire training departments, but also the way employees learn today. Research suggests that by 2022, 1.87 billion people will be mobile employees, comprising a total of 42.5% of the total global workforce. What this essentially means is that the employees prefer to complete tasks on the go instead of being holed up at their desks.

Mobile Learning

Irrespective of the industry, workplaces are expecting to access training and knowledge at the touch of a button on their mobile devices, whenever they need it and wherever they are, as it is very difficult for them to recall the specifics of a particular training program right before an important business meeting.

Mobile learning solutions make it easy for employees to access such information and refresh on main points before they begin an important client meeting, are about to close a deal or start a sales pitch. Incorporating features like these in your L&D strategy allows you to create new opportunities for your employees to access information when it is required most.

Allows Businesses to Distribute Learning Quickly

Organizations today struggle with making onsite training opportunities available to their employees due to the far greater mobility of staff. Further, more and more employees are working remotely, ditching the traditional 9-to-5 office schedules.

Smart devices have made it possible to work and learn anywhere and anytime in such cases. Mobile learning solutions also make it easy to adapt to this trend as it allows L&D teams to disseminate learning materials to employees. This makes for a more realistic completion rate as they can pick up training where they left off or prep just before a specific task.
Further, training and mobile learning can be applied to everything from IT and Sales/Marketing, to Product training and organizational Compliance training. It is also excellent in keeping learners connected to their job responsibilities on a daily basis.

Mobile Learning Engages All Age Groups and Not Just the Millennials

While some might argue that the younger generation (aka millennials) would adapt and understand technology better, the fact is that everyone, irrespective of age, is in tune with the digital landscape today.

Mobile learning makes an ideal solution for all your workers, not just millennials. Having a mobile learning program in your L&D strategy is no longer going to benefit just one group but will help all age groups in your organization who are eager to learn and advance in the workplace. Here are 10 Ways Mobile Learning Influences Corporate Learning & Development.

Bottom Line

The benefits of mobile learning solutions such as increased employee engagement and improved knowledge retention are well-known to organizations of every size.

The future will see mobile learning solutions playing a huge role in the L&D strategy of the organizations. However, developing a robust mobile learning structure requires a fresh perspective on behalf of L&D professionals. If done perfectly, creating effective content for learners and enhanced business productivity are the rewards that they can enjoy.


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