As consumers spend more time online, there’s greater potential for brands to serve their needs promptly. Hence, it is natural for brands to invest in building a stronger connection with customers in real time.¬†

However, this can be challenging because consumers are engaged across multiple platforms and messaging apps. A mix of data, automation, and strategy plays an important role in helping brands curate timely, meaningful, and useful marketing campaigns to meet the needs of customers wherever they are already present.

For instance, the adoption of digital asset management platforms, such as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), helps marketers address making campaigns personalized, consumer-centric, data-driven, relevant, and effective. In this blog, we recommend seven top strategies for meeting marketing goals with smart usage of the AEM platform. 

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Simplified 

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), as the name suggests, is an innovative solution by Adobe to help brands manage their marketing campaigns effectively and drive results. This is a dynamic, single, unified digital asset management that enables content marketers to plan, execute, and track the performance of marketing campaigns end to end.

Multiple team members can collaborate from several locations, thus making teamwork a seamless experience. Unlike legacy Content Management Systems (CMS), this enterprise-based CMS leverages technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, Machine Learning (ML), and cloud computing. Marketers can offer more value by curating and building high-quality digital experiences for consumers.

Leveraging Adobe’s AEM cloud-based solution, brands across sectors – from retail to financial services – can enhance marketing effectiveness, scale their digital operations and drive sales. At the same time, they can reduce manual interventions and run with highly efficient, lean teams, which results in cost savings.¬†

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6 AEM Pro Tips for Marketers 

The adoption of Adobe’s AEM CMS helps teams execute strategies with data centricity, automation, and seamless collaboration between team members. Here are six ways marketing teams can optimize their campaigns and drive results.

1. Design Hyper-personalized Consumer Experiences 

One of the top advantages of leveraging Adobe’s AEM is that it enables businesses to hyper-personalize all content with the effective, combined use of AI, ML, and automation. Consumers can view content that is most relevant to them within their channel of choice and are not overwhelmed by the burden of making too many choices.

Relevant content’s natural ease of discovery translates to a high-quality, engaged user experience, higher lead conversions, repeat purchases, and, in turn, longer customer lifetime value (CLV).¬†¬†

2. Use Consumer Data to Your Advantage

Smart use of historical, real-time, and predictive analysis of consumer data can give brands an advantage while designing relevant campaigns based on customer needs.

The AEM platform offers in-depth data analysis that leads to data-driven content creation and marketing decisions. Teams can customize their dashboards and identify macro and micro-level trends, which gives them a real picture of a consumer’s interests and preferences.¬†¬†

3. Build an Ongoing Content Cycle 

In the online world, the content marketing cycle never sleeps. Hence, marketing teams need to develop a pipeline of content that can be continuously rolled out throughout the year.

The adoption of Adobe’s AEM CMS enables brands to build a calendar of content that includes special days, sales, festivals, and other relevant themes. They can automate planning, content creation, and campaign scheduling, thus sustaining an ongoing content cycle.¬†

4. Design an Omni-Channel/Multi-Format Content Strategy

The digital medium celebrates diversity, giving consumers plenty of choice in terms of the type of platform and content formats they consume.

For instance, consumption preferences range from watching videos and reading blogs to engaging with humourous GIFs and listening to podcasts. Consumers are also engaged via diverse platforms such as social media, messaging apps, email, SMS, chatbots, blogs, websites, and apps. 

These trends make it overwhelming for brands to build and sustain campaigns and, more importantly, curate campaigns that drive results. The use of a single, unified platform such as AEM enables brands to adopt an omnichannel, multi-format content strategy without needing to visit multiple platforms to execute their strategy.

By leveraging AEM’s distribution capabilities, brands can upload content and drive engagement at a consumer’s platform of choice in their content format of choice rather than pushing the consumer to visit their website or app to make a purchase.¬†

5. Innovate and Scale Quickly

Run small pilot projects regularly and leverage AEM’s super data analytics to track the successes and failures of such projects.

Keep innovative and try new things Рfrom content mixes and channels to consumer-centric narrative-based campaigns. AEM also enables multiple projects to run at the same time, thus enabling them to customize content for diverse audiences simultaneously and scale quickly, 

6. Stay Agile in Your Marketing Approach

Marketers often make the mistake of continuing to run a campaign as planned even when it is not delivering results. The best approach is to track campaigns in real time and stay agile to make changes quickly and efficiently. Adobe AEM’s interface makes it easy for teams to collaborate, make iterations, and execute them quickly.¬†

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The Conclusion

As brands scale their businesses and marketing efforts, the smart use of a digital asset management platform is inevitable. Adobe’s stellar software solution AEM is emerging as a go-to tool for marketers looking to streamline processes and run with learning times while delivering higher ROI on their marketing campaigns.¬†¬†

Consider teaming up with an experienced Adobe Solution Partner and allow their AEM developers to help you transition from using legacy content management systems to an automated, state-of-the-art Adobe AEM platform. 

If your brand aims to launch high-impact, measurable, cost-effective marketing campaigns, Hurix Digital can step in as an implementation partner and help your team make the shift aims to leverage automated, data-centric solutions like AEM.  

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