The concept of corporate training is continuously evolving with the changing times. With technological advancement altering the way the workforce functions and with people moving roles ever so frequently, one would think L&D teams across organisations might just hold their hands up, developing nothing.

But the truth is far from it.

The industry has seen rapid advances in the last few years, brought forward with a range of innovative L&D solutions. The introduction of newer modes of training such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and the rapid growth of gamification has further transformed the industry entirely. Here are the benefits of gamification in business

L&D solutions | How to Transform Employee Training with Bespoke L&D Solutions

Research by Technavio also shows that investment in workplace learning and development will rise in the coming years. The growth of the global elearning industry is, in fact, expected to register a CAGR of almost 11% during the period 2018-2022.

Despite all this buzz and innovations, L&D professionals across industries still struggle with several issues. Among these, the most common ones include keeping learners motivated, engaged and learner retention.

How you can Train your Employees and Enhance their Skill levels Effectively

First and foremost, it is imperative for L&D teams to evolve and use a learning solution that works. This brings us to the importance of adaptive or bespoke learning in corporate training.

It is a methodology that can help organizations provide personalized training experiences to their employees. Before going into further details, let’s first understand bespoke learning in a bit more detail.

The concept of adaptive or bespoke learning is rooted in the fact that one size does not fit all. In this learning methodology, the experiences are designed, so they suit the needs of the individual learners.

But why are Bespoke L&D Solutions So Important for Organizations?

To begin with, bespoke learning & development solutions improve your employee engagement substantially. It also aligns with your specific brand image and upholds your company-wide standards. Here are the 8 best employee engagement strategies.

Another benefit of bespoke L&D solutions is that it allows you to customize the online training experience for your employees. Here, they can focus on specific skill sets and performance gaps, thereby enabling you to gain a competitive advantage and improve upon employee retention.

How is Personalization in L&D Solutions Beneficial for Employees?

Whether it is finding your favorite restaurant, movie, or outfit, personalization has become a way of life today. Within the context of learning solutions, personalization is transforming the way organizations run corporate learning programs.

It provides learners with the freedom of owning their learning experience entirely. They can browse through a variety of topics and courses uniquely tailored to their specific goals and interests, and stay ahead of the competition by bridging their skills gap much faster.

L&D solutions

Main benefits of personalized learning

Among the main advantages of personalized L&D solutions include-

  • Improves learning engagement by making it personal and relevant for learners

Personalization in L&D solutions can ensure that the learning is completely personal and relevant by drawing a connection between the past activities and future goals of learners.

Creating this kind of personalized learning experience also boost learning engagement by helping learners make a personal connection with the course material by-

  1. Engaging them on an emotional level
  2. Helping them connect the new information with their previously acquired knowledge
  • Promotes systematic skill progression

One of the other benefits of personalization is that it helps create a customized learning journey for your employees. A journey that is relevant and in complete sync with their job, learning style, behavior, personal needs, retention speed, and even interest areas.

  • Prepares employees for the future

The constantly changing technological landscape has made it essential for employees to stay updated by enhancing their skill sets and prepare themselves for the future.

Personalization can help employees in this by adapting and anticipating what the learners are trying to accomplish.

How Personalized Learning Helps Maximize Employee Productivity and Business Outcomes

There is no denying the fact that robust learning and development solutions are critical to corporate success. However, if L&D leaders and designers aren’t prepared enough, training can quickly eat up big chunks of the company’s budget along with employees’ time without delivering any result.

Taking a personalized learning & development approach, based on an employee’s needs and performance, can not only transform the essence of training but can also maximize employee productivity and business outcomes.

This personalized learning approach, driven by specific interests and optimized to fit individual needs, also gives your employees the opportunity to develop and grow essential skills while saving on both time and resources.

Here is how investing in a bespoke learning solution strategy can help you transform your business outcomes-

  • Create a robust learning culture

A study by Deloitte showed that employees with a strong learning culture are almost 52 per cent more productive and have higher engagement and retention rates.

Organizations, which embrace the philosophy of personalized learning, successfully create a culture that promotes and supports the individual learning journeys of their employees’. This also enhances the employees’ productivity in the long run.

  • Close the skill gaps by encouraging open communication

Well-executed L&D solutions can help to drive open communication between employees, managers, and company leaders, thereby creating a much more productive work environment.

It also empowers employees by giving them the choice to express what and how they wish to learn, to create a positive impact on employees’ morale and improve their effectiveness.

  • Help in attracting and retaining top talent

A poll by Gallup suggests that 87% of millennials consider development opportunities as an important job attribute and almost two-thirds of the people say that for them the learning opportunities are extremely important when applying for a job role.

An effective personalized learning strategy, therefore, should be the focus of the organizations to help create a robust learning experience resulting in more loyal and engaged workforce/ employees.

To Wrap it Up

When it comes to creating a new learning management system to help achieve the learning goals set, L&D professionals have the choice between an off-the-shelf option or create a completely customized, bespoke learning solution.

Going with bespoke learning gives your company an advantage of addressing specific problems. It also offers users with individual learning paths along with personalized experiences specific to your brand.

Furthermore, having customized learning content allows you to build trust in a new customer as it shows them your willingness to go the extra mile to engage your learners by offering them a unique learning experience. Here’s more on can customized learning solutions solve critical business problems.


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