Hurix Digital is an online platform that provides learning solutions to enterprises across industries to train the workforce. Our learning content uses the latest tools, design thinking, customer experience, and innovation to empower companies to meet the future at the threshold.

Hurix Digital analyzes business needs and emerging trends using our two-decades-long industry experience and advanced analytics. We address the gaps in learning to create customized corporate learning solutions equipped with state-of-the-art software and technologies. 

A team of experts from e-learning and technology fields works on board at Hurix Digital. They curate top-notch learning solutions, manage learning technology, develop learning platforms, and provide consultations and after-sales support.

Hurix provides customized learning content that is adequately flexible to meet the dynamics of the business world. Our innovative learning solutions train the workforce to adapt to changing technologies and market dynamics efficiently, which leads to growth, success, and amplified profits for your business. 

Table of content:
1. Impact of Hurix on the Worldwide Workforce
2. Identifying Learning Needs
3. Outcome-Oriented Approach
4. Improved Learner Performance
5. Improved Confidence and Ownership in the Workforce
6. Transformed Performance Leading to Enhanced Success Rates

Impact of Hurix on the Worldwide Workforce 

Hurix Digital is a leading workforce training platform. We curate new-age content for our clients and design content learning platforms to integrate learning solutions with technology at its finest and deliver a user-centric, holistic learning experience.

Hurix’s engaging learning solutions assist in teaching employees new software systems and process training to help bridge business objectives. 

We create learning content platforms that leverage best-in-class technology and make learning solutions accessible to employees. These platforms can incorporate various learning resources, from audio to games, for an optimized learning experience. 

Every business is one of its kind; Hurix offers corporate learning solutions that only fit your needs: we cover everything from an introduction to process systems, business SOPs, compliance training, and SaaS products to upgrading to custom software.

You can create custom software and tools to streamline your unique business operations, but for it to succeed, your workforce must learn to use it. Hurix has dedicated teams to analyze business needs, curate content, test its efficacy, deliver solutions, and track and assess learners’ progress to upgrade and modify the content as needed.  

Compliance training can distance your employees from learning the process effectively. Hurix believes engaging content goes a long way to establishing interest and brings impressive results. Hence, we often incorporate custom game-based learning to intrigue employees and teach new processes in a motivating manner without ever compromising on content quality or business goals. 

Identifying Learning Needs

Understanding your business objectives and setting a roadmap of what you wish your employees to achieve at the end of the training program is fundamental to curating customized learning solutions.

But before you approach a workforce training organization, you need to analyze the needs of your employees so that you can deliver that through the training program.

Let us see how you can identify the learning needs of your workforce:

  • Identify the skills your employees already possess. This step will give you a clear picture of the knowledge gap that needs to be filled and design a program to upskill your employees to embrace the growth your company is envisioning. 
  • Since managers are the mediators in the workplace, they know the employees and the process in detail. Conduct meetings with managers and take their input to understand what is lacking in the workforce and how you can better support your employees. 
  • Study the existing learning materials and identify the shortcomings. It will enable you to articulate your needs better to people designing your learning solutions. 

Instead of only focusing on the theoretical aspects of teaching, Hurix incorporates scenario-based learning. We enable your employees to implement their learnings in real-life-like situations in the learning process itself.

They understand the consequence of their decisions in a simulated atmosphere. These actions do not impact your business, but they do impact your employees’ decision-making skills and prepare them for the dilemmas and challenges they will face in the corporate world. 

The learning solutions from Hurix make it easier to understand concepts as the content builds programs using realistic business scenarios and data. Since it is role-playing, the employees can safely engage in the program and work to solve the problems without any repercussions.

Hurix understands the magnitude of customizing business simulation scenarios so that they can cater to your particular business requirements.

Outcome-Oriented Approach

Changing economic scenarios and business trends translate to companies reworking their objectives and the outcomes they desire to witness from the learning programs they offer to the workforce.

Companies developing learning solutions want to sell their products to enterprises. How do they do that? They measure and spell out the outcomes of their programs and how these learning strategies can positively impact business goals. 

  • The learning objectives of the programs must align with the business objectives. Thus, a clear vision of the business lies at the foundation of the outcome-oriented approach. 
  • Learning and development agencies must highlight what gaps in workforce knowledge they aim to bridge through their learning solutions. 
  • The individual teams in the company have to break down the organization’s goals into department goals. Learning content will not be the same across all departments; it will target particular processes and responsibilities of departments. 
  • If your workforce is cumulatively failing to achieve business objectives, it is crucial to identify the cause of it. The root cause of the issue will determine the character and content of the learning solutions. If the errors occur due to gaps in knowledge, the training process will be different from a scenario where the errors happen due to miscommunication within the infrastructure. 

Hurix recognizes the uniqueness of each business and hence takes the outcome-oriented approach while designing the learning content. We identify the lack in the workforce that is preventing a business from achieving great heights.

With vast expertise and experience in the ed-tech field, Hurix provides learning solutions and integrates them with customized learning platforms to assist your employees in achieving the outcomes you wish to see in your organization. 

Improved Learner Performance

The end goal of any training program is to increase efficiency. It is the responsibility of the learning program developer to teach the workforce in a way that meets all expectations.

Let us look at some practical ways a trainer can ensure performance improvement of learners:

  • Articulate the learning objectives at the start of the course so that employees can set their performance expectations accordingly. Simulate business scenarios in the learning process so the learners can get maximum field practice. 
  • Include opportunities to provide feedback to the employees. Positive feedback motivates employees, and negative feedback offers them the scope to better themselves. So, any feedback leads to improved performance. 
  • Training programs should not be a day or week-long activity. Spread the content over some time. It will give opportunities for repeated practice to improve their productivity. 
  • Arrange for guidance counselors who can direct the employees in the right direction. Critical feedback is not always adequate to bring about improvement. 

Hurix Digital is a comprehensive platform that does not stop at designing learning content. We go deeper and keep analyzing learners’ progress and performance to improve the course.

The content is divided into smaller sections to not overwhelm the learning process with too much information in one go. Further, it can be integrated across several devices, allowing your employees to learn according to their convenience.

Experts at Hurix constantly review and updates our content to match the latest technologies and business demands to enable the workforce to improve their performance manifolds by the end of the program. 

Improved Confidence and Ownership in the Workforce

Improved performance benefits both the employees and the company. 

  • With better performance comes renewed confidence and a sense of accomplishment. It leads employees to engage in learning new skills and taking up more challenges.
  • Confidence does not blind the employees to their shortcomings. Self-confidence gives them the courage to analyze their faults, so they can continually work on improving themselves. 
  • Self-confident people never break down from their failures. Instead, they treat the failures as learning opportunities that show them where they lack. It gives them the scope to learn skills that help them navigate such situations in the future. 
  • Confident people look at roadblocks with renewed vigor. Their belief in their abilities allows them to review their hurdles in a new light and adopt a problem-solving approach. They brainstorm and don’t give up until they have achieved success. 

The learning solutions from Hurix offer real-world simulations while training employees. It provides them with enough scope to practice decision-making and problem-solving. Once they start achieving success while role-playing, they gain confidence, giving them the courage to ace their jobs.  

Transformed Performance Leading to Enhanced Success Rates

What do the employees achieve after completing the training programs? 

  • Their confidence instills them with renewed energy and vigor to complete their tasks on time. With proper upskilling, the same workforce who lagged at their jobs can take up more responsibilities with higher success rates. 
  • Improved performance also translates to retaining more information, which boosts productivity. 
  • Increased performance is measurable in terms of metrics. Offering reinforcement based on performance can be a great initiative to increase success rates significantly. 

Hurix’s learning content aims to diversify employees’ skills, which will not only build their confidence and improve performance but also lead to meeting the business metrics.

Our learning solutions do not land the learners at the advanced level at once. They start from the basics and lead up to the advanced levels with time. Our content is engaging and makes sure that learners stay focused and work towards achieving their goals.  

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