The emergence of K-12 institutions in recent times has had a revolutionary impact on the modern educational paradigm. Not only have these institutions introduced an extensive dose of technology into the current educational system, but they have also furthered the cause of greater access, smarter reach, better communication & substantial opportunities.

As a result, the prospects in the edtech industry, for students and teachers alike, have increased manifold. In fact, if K-12 institutions continue to grow at their current pace, the edtech market too will respond by growing at a  CAGR of 15.4% by 2024!  

However, to reap the best results from this expected growth, all K-12 institutions will need to cut costs, improve designs, enhance integration and generate ROI. At present, the only way they can accomplish these towering objectives is by taking their course creation offshore. In other words, hiring an off-shore digital K-12 content production company is the best possible route for them at the moment!

This is because an off-shore digital K-12 content production company won’t just help these institutions sculpt a creative curriculum for kindergarten, primary, secondary, high-school, and pre-university students, but it will also enable them to chalk out a concise and continuous learning path via creating focused, engaging, effective & enriching content. 

Listed below are a few more reasons why hiring an off-shore digital K-12 content production company would prove to be a good idea for your K-12 establishment Top 5 reasons to hire an off-shore digital K-12 content production company.

1. Reduce content costs

Did you know that almost 52% of CEOs worldwide believe that their labor costs rise dramatically if content creation, production, and distribution are kept in-house? As unfortunate as it may sound – this is the truth. In-house personnel are often not well-equipped with the tools, technologies, and strategies to help your K-12 institution develop good content.

An off-shore content production company, on the other hand, can bring the necessary skills and subject matter expertise on board, thus enabling you to create more effective and efficient content.  

2. Unburden your staff 

It is often seen that the staff at most K-12 institutions is overburdened. Not only do they have to deal with the constant upgradation of syllabi, but they also have to ensure that the knowledge gathered is appropriately delivered and retained. In such a situation, it becomes impractical to ask them to produce appropriate content.

Hiring an off-shore content production company can go a long way in this regard. By devising regular and rigorous courses, these companies can help you strategize, administer and market content properly. In the process, they also unburden your staff & give them the much-required relief. 

3. Get faster turnaround

Although it is true that the primary purpose of a K-12 institution is to increase educational access and impart instructional training, it is also a fact that a K-12 institution sometimes has to function as an organization. This simply means that, as an establishment, it must produce quality work and maintain market competitiveness.

With an off-shore content production company, it becomes much easier to achieve this goal! The experts at these off-shore locations prepare the latest courses in the least possible time, thereby giving your K-12 institute a faster turnaround time and better market leverage. 

4. Incorporate Latest Innovations

When it comes to incorporating the latest innovations in your learning and development cycles, hiring an off-shore digital K-12 content production company can literally work wonders. These companies can conduct a detailed research about what your institute specifically needs and can thus, use the most advanced methods to create course content and improve instruction delivery.

As these companies are located beyond your local territory, they can also give you a third-party view of how best you can infuse the newest strategies & tactics into your curriculum. Overall, this can prepare your students for a whole new world.

5. Improve learner engagement

Irrespective of how long you have functioned as a K-12 institution, it is imperative that you work towards improving learner engagement. While there are multiple methods you can inculcate to do the same, it is better if this target too is taken offshore.

An off-shore content production company can help you create courses that keep learners engaged and immersed in the learning program. They incorporate elements to increase teacher-student collaboration and refine student-student interaction. As a result, the output in terms of retention and outcomes witnesses a major upward boost.Conclusion With changing times, the K-12 education system in different countries will undergo a major transformation. Students and teachers will not be interested in continuing with the archaic methodologies of imparting instruction, preparing syllabi, and gathering resources.

Instead, they would begin to search for tools that facilitate collaboration, improve learning, infuse technology and develop knowledge. In such a scenario, outsourcing content creation to an off-shore K-12 content production company would prove to be the only viable choice for most educational institutions. 

With an off-shore content production company rooting for you, you will be able to design smarter courses and curriculums, and also become well-equipped to build the academic & intellectual capacities of most students. So, what are you waiting for? Outsource your educational content production and start reaping astonishing results now!