The digital world is complaining of the high incidence of infobesity – information overload. With millions of pages created each day, it is a challenge for content writers to outshine in this digital content glut. The side effects are evident – severe attention deficit. It has become a daunting task for content writers to not just catch the reader’s attention but also convince eyeballs to read content rather than browse/scroll online.

How do you capture the attention of your readers to nudge them from browsing to reading? Just three magic words i.e research, patience, and commitment to deliver something unique content for your target audience. Keep in mind that the digital-first world of content publishing is instant in its accolades as it is ruthless in ignoring your digital content.Follow this short & effective 5-point checklist to help you craft a ‘bestseller’ in your next digital content composition. Write for Digital Reading: The world is moving fast to a digital-first world, think-it-through the digital reader’s eyes – literally. Just as the chances of you writing your digital copy first before print is high, keep in mind that the content will be read digitally by a higher audience than print. It needs to be niche, short, engaging and L-shaped – digital content writing is a lot of science as it is an art. Also, ensure it is HTML5 ready digital content to make it device agnostic and give a superior digital reading experience when they read it either on a computer or a mobile screen.

Content Author(ity): Prove your author(ity) on the topic on which you write with hard-work on research and storytelling to stir emotions and itch the reader’s interest to read through entire content till the end. However, a word of caution, all your efforts of this creative writing will be a waste if you throw up content with grammatical errors – so ensure thorough editing, proof-reading, take professional help to scan your content before you publish it for public view.

Surprise them with interactive content: Now that you are ready with a great piece of content, why not take advantage of the fact that it’s not going to be published on a dead paper but a live web page online. Catch the attention of your readers with interactivity embedded in your content that keeps them engaged on-page such as video clips, 3D images, audio, assessments etc. Make the most of the digital opportunity in reader engagement with interactive content.

  1. Emotional Stickiness: While the print is more concerned with its content correctness; digital is more rewarding on the content stickiness and emotional quotient of the composition. You have to pay really close attention to the finest details of your target audience and its reading preference to ensure your content is the top scorer. If your readers are science fiction fanatics – keep them engaged with a gripping story-play and immersive illustrations that ignite their imagination to keep reading till the last word. And episode choose your story hack if they are researchers & academicians you bait them with a curated list of ref reading as links, videos, and images as more food for thought.
  2. People don’t like goodbyes: With so much hard work and mind mapping of readers, copy check and editing, glitz of inter-activities, make sure you have the final word your way. Never end your digital content assignment in a goodbye – always say ‘lets stay connected’. Ask for their email, encourage them to comment on what they just read, a subtle pop-up chat box to just say Hi or thank you. Use call to action words and buttons to help you engage with all those unknown visitors who have read your content. These are your potential fan followers, newsletter subscribers or just social media members whom you would like to invite and stay connected to.

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