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9 Benefits with Bite Sized Learning: Supercharge Your Employee Training Program

9 Benefits with Bite Sized Learning: Supercharge Your Employee Training Program

In the constantly evolving digital landscape, companies need to adapt their learning and training strategies in tune with the current realities with newer models like bite sized learning. And also, with the evolving learning habits of the end learners. Gone are the days of unquestioning acceptance when learning was restricted to the passing of information from the teacher to the learners. With a wealth of information available on their finger-tips, the millennial generation want real-time and contextual information, in rich media formats, anytime and anywhere for instant consumption.

Besides, it is also seen that the attention span of the new generation is constantly dwindling given the endless diversions. In the current scenario, some experts have now devised the 90/20/8 rule to design content for learning. According to this rule, learners are more alert during the first 8 minutes of their learning, after which their attention begins to wane, witnessing a significant dip over the next 20 minutes. Once in the 60-120-minute range, the attention level dips completely. This rule sets the agenda for content creators to divide their learning material into bite sized content or micro-nuggets such that each nugget is complete in itself. Each nugget provides all the information about the subject under study, and in accordance to the employee’s unique needs.

The proliferation of smartphones has also built the case for bite sized content because more and more people are now accessing information while on the move on their mobile devices. In sum, both micro-learning and mobile learning are motivating organizations to design bite sized content, albeit with different motives. While micro-learning breaks down a lesson into small bites or concepts. Mobile learning aims to fill gaps in employee information, ensuring that they have access to content when they most need that information whether to close a sales deal or accurately perform a job on site. What they both have in common is content packaged into bite sized nuggets for instant consumption.

L&D professionals, trainers and educators can supercharge their employee learning programs or make them more engaging, contextual and real-time by designing content in small and very specific nuggets or micro bites. A micro-learning nugget is usually within a 3 to 5 minutes window, and in accordance with the 90/20/8 rule, this is the time frame in which learners are more alert, more engaged. Thus, more likely to soak up and interpret the information to their benefit. Also, these nuggets can easily be accessed on the mobile, thus providing employees the information they need at the time when they need it the most.

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Here are some benefits of bite sized learning:

  1. In Tune with the Attention Span of the Learners: As stated above, studies show that learners remain alert for a limited period of time and if learning stretches beyond a point, they are more likely to lose focus. Well-designed bite sized learning content, that is content incorporating audio/video, AR/VR features, graphics etc., is more likely to capture learners’ attention, leading to better learning outcomes.
  2. Learning at your Own Pace: Learners can revisit the micro-nuggets time and again until they have grasped the content. Besides, bite sized learning content, like other types of eLearning content, can be interlinked to both internal and external sources, allowing learners to build on their own individual learning curves. What’s more, it is also seen that learners tend to forget what they have learnt over a period of time. With bite sized nuggets, organizations can ensure that their employees have a complete library of relevant content at their fingertips, which they can revisit anytime and anywhere to reinforce their learning and improve retention.
  3. Personalized Learning: Bite sized learning content ensures a shift of learning from the collective to the individual. Organizations can create micro-nuggets in tune with their organizational goals and also their learners’ needs, and in the format in which they are most comfortable. Bite sized content thus ensures a more personalized learning experience, which leads to improved outcomes.
  4. Bite sized learning content: can charge up the employee training experience, putting them in control of their own learning. They can learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere, on the device of their choice.
  5. Access to More Contextual and Real-time Learning:  Micro-nuggets can be interlinked with external and internal content, which means that employees can build their own learning curve and fill in gaps in their information.
  6. Access to Just-inTime Content: There is no greater motivator than a job well done. And just-in-time information helps employees go the extra mile without any extra effort and meet goals, whether it is to close a deal or perform an on-site job with minimal hassles.
  7. Fosters Innovation: Given that bite sized content provides employees instant access to information, it motivates employees to think out of the box, or find their way in a maze. In other words, employees are motivated to innovate, and this in turn, helps them upgrade their skills and move up the career ladder. Organizations also benefit in terms of better performance outcomes.
  8. Access to Various Digital Networks: Mobile technology enables employees to connect on various digital platforms and network with other users and communities. This enables greater knowledge sharing and gaining wider perspectives.
  9. More Real-time Experiences: Bite sized content can be designed using rich media features such as AR/VR features. Thus, a micro-nugget can be designed to provide a real-time experience, enabling employees to learn and practice real-life situations in a virtual world. In this environment, they can make mistakes and learn from trial and error. Thus, when they deal in real world situations, they are less likely to make mistakes, which could cost the company dear in terms of revenue and reputation.

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So, given these benefits of bite sized learning, are you ready to supercharge your employee learning program and attune them to today’s needs? If yes, then we at HurixDigital can help. We can help you design and implement your bite sized learning courses and ensure that your employees can access learning on the move and have access to relevant information at the time when they need it the most.