[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Organizations have long been using learning management systems (LMS) to impart employee training but changing training needs necessitated a more robust and diverse learning environment. The learning experience platform (LXP), a natural progression of the LMS is a software designed to provide experiential learning, making the whole experience fun and engaging, and resulting in greater learning outcomes. An LXP combines a wealth of learning assets, both internal and external third-party content and delivers them using AI across all digital touchpoints including the mobile and web. It makes data the focal point of all organizational activities, enabling businesses to manage digital disruptions in the workplace more effectively.

LXPs are also a major diversion from traditional methods of delivering L&D as they provide enhanced engagement to learners. They take conventional learning to the next level to deliver deeply personalized learning experience to those that use this platform.

Several major organizations have already adopted an LXP to deliver their training. There are several LXP service providers in the market and so choosing the right one can be tricky.

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1. Degreed

The owner company positions its LXP as ‘The Lifelong Learning Platform’. Organizations can use it to discover, develop and measure their organizational capabilities, as also build and certify employee skillsets.

2. Valamis

This LXP specializes in providing on-demand training to the medical and space travel industries. Businesses can leverage its capabilities to provide inter-generational learning, identify potential skill gaps, and equip the L&D teams to create informed strategies.

3. Edcast

This AI-driven cloud-based LXP enables companies to train employees on industry-driven skills. Besides, they can also provide their customers, partners and developers with anytime, anywhere access to learning materials and course content.

4. Pathgather

This learning experience platform is designed to integrate together all the complex elements of corporate training. It also includes social learning elements, allowing learners to take discussions to a larger community. Pathgather can also integrate with existing LMS, HRIS, LRS and HR systems.

5. Cornerstone

This integrated talent management system has tools to enhance various business functions such as recruitment, learning, performance and HR functions. Companies can use the LXP side of the software to brand their training to increase familiarity and add to the comfort level of the employees.

6. Bridge

This LXP is an integrated solution for training on performance management, learning management, engagement measurement and career development. Its various communication and collaboration tools enable remote employees to connect beyond boundaries. Built on an industry-leading platform, Bridge provides all performance management tools such as performance reviews, goals tracking, manager/employee one-on-one, planning tools, employee engagement analytics, and surveys.

7. 360Learning

This platform offers simple and user-friendly tools and features to create and improve courses. It is ideal for a range of trainings such as onboarding new employees, training sales teams on a new product, or leadership training.

8. Axonify

This LXP is ideal for training frontline employees and bringing about the required behavioral change to make a meaningful impact on the business. It provides an entertaining and personalized educational experience that has employees coming back to train again. The high engagement can be attributed to its AI-powered platform that offers lots of opportunities to reinforce important concepts encapsulated in the form of bite-sized microlearning content and other modern techniques.

9. Coursera for Business

This unmatched technology driven LXP is another powerful enterprise learning solution providing a range of content options to meet business challenges. Some of its powerful features include curated content from over 170 top universities, and easy-to-use mobile platform, centralized program management and progress tracking tools, and certifications.

10. EdApp

This microlearning-based LXP is integrated with authoring tool, reward and analytics, and delivery app to provide a seamless experience on both mobile and the web. EdApp includes features such as gamification, spaced repetition, and push notifications to make learning fun, interactive and engaging, and at the same time, deliver simple and smart workplace learning.

11. Rallyware

This LXP is ideal for businesses with a vast and diversified workforce. It delivers the right training activity to the right audience, at the right time. Supporting over 20 languages, the platform leverages its proprietary algorithms to connect workforce performance data with business-specific experience.

12. NovoEd’s

This collaborative LXP platform enables organizations to create, design and deliver experiential learning. Companies rely on its algorithms and high-value capabilities to provide training, mentorship and group collaboration. NovoEd’s proven approach to learning and development effectively connects mentors, leaders, and diverse group of learners to deliver high-impact training, unlock collective knowledge and achieve measurable outcomes.

13. OpenSesame

With its comprehensive range of eLearning courses, this LXP is the platform of choice for publishers worldwide supporting them every step of the way from mapping their core competencies, to finding courses, to improving their L&D programs. The software is easy to use and administer online courses.

14. Inkling

This experiential LXP is designed to provide interactive and intuitive training that not only engages the employees but also ensures improved learning outcomes and long-term retention. It also has a searchable reference library that helps the employees at their moment of need. Content is easy to create, store, and maintain, ensuring employees have access to information anywhere and anytime, and on the device of their choice.

15. Udemy for Business

The LXP empowers companies to remain competitive in the ever-evolving workplace by offering relevant and on-demand content to meet their business needs. It contains a massive library of 3,000+ top rated courses taught by 1,000+ of the world’s leading experts, on topics ranging from development and IT to leadership, marketing, design and stress management. Companies can also host and distribute their own proprietary content.

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