The use of Learning Management Systems (LMS) to impart training is nothing new in a corporate setup. But with evolving training requirements, both learning professionals and learners are realizing the need for a more comprehensive, diverse, and robust learning environment, and that’s where Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) come into the picture.

A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is essentially a tool designed to create more personalized learning experiences and help participants discover new learning opportunities. 

It usually combines educational content from varied sources, recommending and delivering them using the latest technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, social learning, gamification, and personalized learning paths.

Also Read: LMS or Learning Experience Platform (LXP) – What’s Best for your Training Needs How Does an LXP Help Improve Employee Productivity? In today’s competitive corporate environment, every company wants its employees to excel in their endeavors. The best way to achieve this is by enhancing their skill sets to help them perform better in achieving the company’s objectives while improving their own productivity.

An LXP plays an important role in this regard, by guiding employees towards self-improvement while accelerating their efficiency, teamwork, coordination, and career growth.Different Ways an LXP Can Help Boost Employee Productivity As a dedicated service platform, an LXP plays a critical role in guiding organizations towards preparing effective learning modules and improving employee productivity manifolds.  

Following are some of the ways an LXP can be used for this purpose –

Leverage LXP to Help Employees Learn Within Their Daily Work Schedule

When it comes to workplace training, it often takes employees away from their respective job roles, leading to the loss of productivity and work hours during the training segment.

An LXP helps eliminate this problem with microlearning or bite-size learning concepts. For instance, whenever an employee gets free time during work hours, they can access the company’s Learning Experience Platform or LXP to watch short tutorials, read blog posts about specific topics, or take an interactive quiz covering the required skills sets for their specific job profile.

A Learning Experience Platform allows them to seamlessly transition from participating in training to getting back to their work and remaining completely productive while gaining new skills that boost overall work efficiency.

Make Actionable Learning Recommendations

We live in an era where we need a personalized recommendation in everything from movies we watch to the playlist we listen to. When it comes to corporate employee training, organizations need to ensure the same level of personalization, or they run the risk of employees losing interest soon, making them completely unproductive at work.

An LXP allows you to assemble personalized learning styles for each of your employees using innovative concepts such as AI and machine learning. The recommendations are typically based on factors such as employee profile qualities, their interests, and historical training data, so that training managers don’t have to worry about manually recommending courses for them to take.

This feature of LXPs also ensures that the employees remain fully engaged in training as the LXP will always recommend personalized content/ courses for each of them, allowing them to sharpen their skills and remain productive at work.

Offer a User-friendly Interface

LXPs are super easy for employees to navigate with search options through lessons, blog posts, videos, and other learning content. Further, it can also be used to allow employees to create their own learning paths by including internal and external content to customize the experience and improve their overall productivity.

LXPs are also designed to track employee progress and give a clear snapshot of what training is due soon, what is in progress and browse through curated top picks. The software has a central dashboard to show employees about how many courses they have completed, how many learning badges they’ve earned, and how many training hours they’ve spent on courses.

Intuitive And Dynamic Features

The architecture and the interface of an LXP are designed in a way that it has social learning at its core, making the platform easy to use, boost collaborative engagement, and enhance work efficiency.

Right from sharing content to receiving feedback, employees can even showcase major milestones with their network. The idea of an LXP is essentially based on the concept of microlearning on the go where employees can browse through course units, complete quick exercises, and watch instructional videos from any device at their own convenience. 

Further, most LXPs also include advanced technology in the form of AI-features and gamification that reduce the administrative burden of training managers.

On-the-Go Learning

For employees who prefer to learn on the go, an LXP is an excellent platform to ensure that they learn and remain productive at work too. With great compatibility for the varied platforms and content types, an LXP helps make learning super easy. It allows employees to learn and consume content whenever and wherever they want.

Unlike a traditional LMS, an LXP with its primary feature of learning in the flow of the work helps employees learn and upskill better and improve their work productivity to the maximum.

Allows Team Branching

One of the other key advantages of an LXP is that it can be used by multiple teams and business units without interference with each others’ flow of learning.

The software allows the training manager to set a maximum number of learners from a team, communicate or invite relevant members, set individual goals and learning paths, check progress, and much more to ensure better employee productivity at work.In Conclusion L&D teams in organizations generally struggle with constant pressure to cut down on training costs, despite the management knowing that better-trained employees lead to better productivity and increased profits.

Investing in a good LXP lets you overcome these financial burdens as you only pay for what you actually use without having to buy a minimum number of licenses. With an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, an LXP allows you to easily upload your existing training content and deploy personalized and role-appropriate training for your employees to enhance their productivity.

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