[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The key to success in today’s fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving corporate environment is providing exceptional customer experience. Did you know that 61% of customers are willing to pay more for a good customer experience?

The right technology infrastructure and data-driven personalization are crucial for businesses to build deeper customer relationships that increase loyalty and engagement.

Here’s when AEM Experience can help transform how you personalize and deliver content that derives desired customer actions.

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What is Adobe Experience Manager?

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a feature-rich and powerful content management system (CMS). This system provides content and digital asset management capabilities to present a customer-centric experience at each customer journey stage.

Data reveals that more than 129,000 websites are using Adobe AEM solutions in 2023. With Adobe CMS, you can easily build, publish and manage web pages, including digital assets and tailor content for different audiences.

The AEM CMS uses unique tools, such as AI-powered real-time targeting and analysis, to produce content once and repurpose it to match individual preferences, making it easy to personalize at scale across any channel.

What is Adobe Experience Platform?

Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) is a cloud-based technology that enables organizations to collect, analyze and manage customer data in real-time across multiple touchpoints, including mobile applications, websites, social media, and physical locations.

It standardizes and centralizes content and client data from any system and leverages AI-driven insights to dramatically enhance the design and delivery of rich, personalized customer experiences at scale.

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Importance of a Personalized Digital Experience

Adopting a generic one-size fits all solution for digital experiences can be more harmful than you think. A digital experience impacts customers’ perception of your brand. It influences their buying decisions and shapes lasting loyalties, leading to failure or success in competitive markets.

Here are some more reasons why a personalized digital experience is critical for your business:

  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Recent research reveals that 71% of customers expect personalized interactions from companies. And 76% get frustrated in the absence of a tailored approach.

These numbers highlight the importance of considering customers’ interests and past behaviors and rewarding them with a personalized experience to attract them to your brand.   

  • Building Customer Loyalty

Consistent, high-quality interactions build trust and brand affection.

A great digital experience represents your brand’s value through helpfulness, fairness, and transparency. Trust and emotional connection create loyal customers, and business promoters, leading to repeat business and consistent revenue. 

  • Generating Revenue

Exceptional experiences boost productivity, minimize wasted effort resolving complaints or churn, reduce costs, and increase retention, leading to higher profits.

Research reveals that businesses leveraging personalization generate 40% higher revenue than the ones who adopt a cookie-cutter approach.         

Core Features of Adobe Experience Platform and AEM Services

The following are some of the latest features of the AEM platform and Adobe CMS that are powering the next generation of customer experiences:

  • Actionable Consumer Profiles

The Adobe Experience Platform enables you to create and share real-time customer profiles across systems for better engagement.

These profiles include information from all touchpoints that help analyze customer experience workflows and tailor interactions based on the actions and preferences of each customer.

  • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AL)

The AEM platform uses ML and AL to analyze customer data and provide key insights into customer preferences, needs, and behavior.

This helps you build distinctive, personalized customer experiences at scale.

  • Digital Form Management

The Adobe Sensei is an AI-powered tool that automatically converts traditional input fields and legacy PDF forms to mobile-responsive, digital, adaptive forms.

This enables you to deliver an exceptional and seamless customer experience regardless of the devices your customers use.  

  • Headless Content Delivery

The Adobe AEM comes with a single repository that allows you to reuse and manage digital assets.

It enables you to publish digital assets to SPAs (Single Page applications), the web, and mobile apps to provide a personalized and consistent experience across channels without impacting content velocity.  

Advantages of AEM Platform and Adobe Managed Services

Adobe experience platform and AEM consulting services offer a host of benefits to growing businesses. Some of these include:

  • Content Personalization

Adobe AEM Experience enables you to create content-driven and highly personalized customer experiences. This is done by leveraging AEM’s integration with Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics.

It automatically generates a visitor profile to deliver personalized content by collecting the necessary data.     

  • Flexibility and Scalability

AEM is a highly scalable and robust platform with a wide range of features and functionality that can support the changing needs of large enterprises.

Whether you need to get large amounts of content across multiple channels, high-traffic sites, and dozens of languages or integrate with other systems, AEM has the tools to help you perform it.   

  • Safety, Security, and Compliance

The secure cloud technology helps you keep the client data safe.

With AEP, you can establish data governance to comply with contracts, privacy, and regulations. It also simplifies the classification, enforcement, and management of restrictions.  

How to Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences Using Adobe AEM And Platform Services?

Here’s how Adobe’s suite of tools empowers your business to keep up with customer expectations and meet personalization goals:

  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

With developer-facing tools and marketing-friendly templates, AEM is the ideal platform to create and deliver personalized content across various channels.

You can easily reuse and adapt the content to individual preferences, providing personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. Businesses can also rely on geolocation, AI, and translation to further improve the customer experience while taking the burden off their shoulders.   

  • Adobe Experience Platform (AEP)

You can understand your customer’s preferences and behavior by leveraging real-time customer profiles, AI and ML capabilities.

This helps develop tailored content that suits every customer’s requirement and delivers individualized experiences across all touchpoints. As a result, there’s increased engagement and conversions, raising the overall business revenue.

  • Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics allows you to analyze customer data from anywhere in the client journey. You can use reporting and predictive intelligence to recognize hidden opportunities and further personalize the experience.

Marketing analytics, more pull data from any channel, and web analytics provide you with a 360-degree view of your customers.

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To sum it up, personalization can make all the difference for businesses looking to improve customer relationships. To provide exceptional personalized experiences, you can turn to the Adobe Experience Platform and AEM services.

Considering that AEP is a relatively new addition to Adobe Experience, you may find it difficult to utilize it most effectively. But worry not! With a seasoned professional team with years of experience and AEM knowledge, Hurix Digital can help you get the most out of your systems.

We can assist your team with how to implement and operate AEM accounts while utilizing all AEP tools. Our experts deliver comprehensive and effective solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your business. For more information on Hurix’s AEM consulting services, get in touch with our experts, or schedule a demo with us to learn how we can help.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]