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Why Do Authors Need a Professional ePub Conversion Service?

Why Do Authors Need a Professional ePub Conversion Service?

Since the global pandemic, eBooks’ prevalence has increased tremendously and almost phased out paper-based books. This predominantly happened because authors and publishers couldn’t manufacture or publish books due to the ongoing lockdowns.

Scarcity led to rapid digitization, and the popularity of eBooks grew manifold. In fact, it is expected to grow even further at a CAGR of 3.62% by 2026.

eBooks served as a convenient and engaging means for people to fulfill their reading requirements. In addition, eBooks offer a host of benefits to readers. It might not be wrong to say that eBooks play a pivotal role in digital transformation and make reading more enjoyable.

When readers switch from paper-based books to eBooks, they can have a delightful reading experience anytime, anywhere. Their interactive multimedia, images, and graphics always keep readers hooked.

To that end, let’s learn more about ePub conversion services and other related services that make transformative reading journeys possible. 

Table of content:
1. What are eBook Conversion Services?
2. Understanding the Benefits of ePub Conversion Services
3. Which are the Best eBook Formats?

What are eBook Conversion Services?

The comprehensive method of converting physically published books into online books is referred to as eBook or ePub conversion services.

eBooks have gained immense predominance in recent times, and their conversion demand from physical to online or digital form is constantly increasing.

In addition, books are extensive learning materials that play an influential part in every person’s life and provide a wealth of knowledge and enlightenment to help readers cope with their active lives. 

So to help people gain valuable insight, various publishing houses have now started releasing their eBooks and physical books simultaneously. While many think eBooks miss the feel factor, this is not the reality. eBooks published in various formats make things much more uncomplicated. 

Moreover, it is much more seamless for people to scroll through pages than to turn each one individually. In terms of price, eBooks are also far less costly than physical books due to the relatively simple production process.

Given the countless benefits of eBooks, many online platforms have urged seasoned and beginner writers to showcase their writing aptitudes by writing and distributing their eBooks.  

However, no matter how compelling and engaging your ebook’s content is, badly formatted eBooks and texts may not be worth the time and investment for many readers.

In worst-case situations, you can also lose readers as they might not be interested in looking at the design of your eBook. Thus, the ideal option is to work with corporations with vast experience formatting ebooks and renowned for their ebook design expertise.

When you work with reliable providers for ePub conversion services, you can be sure to offer a delightful experience to readers. Due to the technical expertise of these service providers, a good eBook design service provider can assist you in improving the audio and video content of eBooks, enhancing their quality. They make reading the eBook seem engaging and memorable for the reader.

Furthermore, companies can rely on ePub service providers to convert a book or business manual into eBooks. The best part? The eBook formats designed by ePub outsourcing service providers are compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

Understanding the Benefits of ePub Conversion Services

If you are a publisher or author aspiring to compete in these competitive, technologically advanced times, it is advisable to convert your physical books into a digital format. This way, you can not only enhance the reading experience but also diversify your brand’s reach and boost the profits of your publications.

eBook conversion has become crucial if you want to boost the online presence of your publications and make your books and texts available to customers in different formats and on devices like smartphones and tablets. 

Nevertheless, converting a physical book into an eBook is more complicated than it looks. It takes a lot of effort and expertise to determine which digital platform to operate on, which digital publishing tool to use, how to design an eBook, and to pay attention to other elements of eBook conversion. So to overcome all these hassles, it is rational to work with expert ePub conversion service providers. 

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Which are the Best eBook Formats?

Here are some of the most prominent eBook formats you can choose from to offer your audience a delightful reading experience. 

  • ePub

One of the most influential and chosen ebook formats is the ePub. This online book format is backed by over 200 online reading and digital publishing platforms, including Google Books, Apple iBook, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Moreover, this eBook format is compatible with Android and iOS devices and supports reading materials with both fixed and flexible layouts. 

  • PDF

PDFs are one of the most well-known and frequently used eBook formats. This format, developed by Adobe, is renowned for its excellent functionality, and readers can access it on almost any device.

Nevertheless, since the content structure in this format is a bit rigid, reading it on a small screen can be challenging. 

  • Mobi

Mobi is yet another famous eBook format that remains accessible on multiple devices. Renowned for its cutting-edge, interactive, user-friendly features, Mobi help every publisher enhance the reading experience for their clients.

In addition, this format also offers additional formatting features if you want to add pages, notes, bookmarks, highlights, etc., to your eBook, making it one of the most well-liked eBook formats. 

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The Bottom Line 

To sum up, we can say that the process of eBook conversion can be challenging as many writers and publishing houses want to incorporate rich multimedia information in their eBooks.

Given this highly technical demand, it is better to hire eBook conversion providers who can help you get the best outcomes.

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