[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For learning and development professionals, e-learning solutions as well as instructor-led training programs have long been the primary focus. However, in today’s fast-paced work environments, the need for immediate assistance and on-the-job guidance has become crucial. This is where performance support emerges as a distinct and complementary solution to training, offering real-time support and resources to enhance employee performance. In this article, we will explore performance support as a solution to workforce performance challenges. We will also talk about how performance support is different from other workforce learning approaches and its unique benefits.

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What is Performance Support?

Performance support refers to the tools, resources, and interventions that are designed to provide learners with on-demand assistance, guidance, and information at their moment of need. Performance support solutions are designed to help employees overcome on-the-job challenges, perform tasks efficiently, and achieve their goals effectively. Performance support tools can be in the form of job aids, checklists, tutorials, videos, interactive modules, or any other digital or non-digital tools that are available at the point of need to facilitate performance.

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Benefits of Using Performance Support for Workforce Learning & Development

  • Real-time Learning

Performance support enables learners to access information or guidance whenever they need it, eliminating the need to rely solely on memory or formal training. It empowers employees to quickly find solutions or answers to questions, boosting productivity and reducing the time required to complete tasks.

  • Increased Productivity

By offering targeted and specific support, performance support solutions help employees perform tasks accurately and efficiently. This results in fewer errors, a shorter learning curve, and improved job performance contributing to increased productivity and reduced downtime.

  • Cost and Time Savings

By focusing on specific, real-time support, organizations can minimize the need for extensive training programs. This results in cost and time savings associated with developing, delivering, and attending lengthy training sessions.

  • Continuous Learning

Performance support complements formal learning initiatives by providing ongoing support and reinforcement. It ensures that employees get updated information and resources, enabling them to adapt to evolving job requirements and stay ahead of the curve.

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Use Cases of Performance Support in Real Life

Listed below are examples where performance support has become beneficial:

  • Software Application Support

When employees encounter difficulties using complex software applications, interactive tutorials, and job aids can guide them through the process and enhance their software proficiency. Instead of going through the entire software application training, learners can access specific tutorials at the point of need.

  • Sales Enablement

Performance support tools can provide sales representatives with quick access to product information, sales scripts, objection-handling techniques, and customer insights to improve their selling skills.

  • Compliance Training

Job aids, checklists, or short videos can assist employees in understanding and adhering to regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with company policies and legal obligations.

Differentiating Performance Support from Training

While training programs aim to impart knowledge and skills through formal instruction, performance support solutions are based on a different approach. Such solutions acknowledge that learners may encounter challenges or require specific guidance during their day-to-day work, even after undergoing training. Performance support solutions are designed to bridge this gap by offering just-in-time assistance, information, and tools to help employees perform tasks effectively and overcome obstacles as they arise.

Design Principles of Performance Support Solutions

  • Readily Accessible

Performance support solutions should be designed to ensure that employees can access assistance or resources without delay. Whether through mobile apps, online platforms, or job aids, learners should be able to find immediate support to overcome challenges or refresh their knowledge, without having to go through a lengthy training course. The employee shouldn’t have to wait for performance support materials to be assigned to them on a learning management system so that they can log in and then access the specific information they need.

  • Bite-Sized and Modular

Unlike comprehensive training programs, performance support focuses on providing small, targeted pieces of information or resources. Therefore the content should be designed and delivered in bite-sized and modular formats, making them easily digestible and applicable to immediate job requirements. By breaking down complex processes or tasks into manageable units, employees can quickly find the exact information they need.

  • Contextual

Performance support solutions are built to provide information and guidance within the specific context of an employee’s job or task. They are designed to be easily accessible and tailored to the learner’s immediate needs, ensuring that the provided support aligns directly with their current situation. 

  • Multimodal

Performance support solutions leverage a variety of formats to cater to different learning preferences and job requirements. These may include interactive tutorials, video demonstrations, infographics, checklists, decision trees, or even virtual reality simulations. The choice of format depends on the nature of the task, the learner’s preferences, and the most effective means of conveying the required information.


Performance support plays a vital role in enabling efficient and effective workforce training programs. By providing just-in-time assistance, continuous learning opportunities, and targeted resources, it empowers employees to perform their tasks with confidence and proficiency. Organizations can leverage performance support tools as part of their corporate training solutions to enhance employee performance, reduce training costs, and improve overall productivity

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