[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the context of training and development, e-learning refers to a method of engaging in various educational courses/content in an online setting. They comprise several techniques, such as audio and video recordings, quizzes, presentations, games, surveys, discussion forums, and more.

Apart from allowing you to conveniently train your employees in remote locations in a structured way, another key advantage of e-learning solutions is that it helps you save a great deal of time and money. 

Besides, most organizations can easily incorporate e-learning solutions into the hectic schedule of employees to ensure that both employees and employers get benefitted from its easy accessibility and broader reach.

In this post, we discuss some of the proven ways to leverage eLearning solutions for enhanced employee productivity.

Types Of e-learning Solutions 

Web-Based Learning

Web-based learning includes direct real-time communication between trainers and learners via different forums such as chats, conference calls, emails, and news feeds. 

Web-based training is generally done on digital learning platforms and learning management systems, which support multiple communication platforms. 

Computer-Based Learning 

Computer-based learning is typically done using educational software on CDs or DVDs.

 It allows learners to use the programs in a very flexible way when and where they want. 

Blended Learning

As the name suggests, blended learning combines self-study on digital devices with in-person learning sessions that help to strengthen and test new knowledge practically.

Mobile Learning 

Today most e-learning solutions are available on mobile devices or mobile apps. 

The best part about these applications is that they also support micro-learning, which uses a quick lesson or a test on a mobile device that just takes a few minutes to complete.

Digital Learning Games 

Increasingly popular elements of any eLearning solution, these digital learning games offer learners multiple choices for what to do and also enable them to develop their skill sets further.

Ways to Leverage eLearning Solutions to Enhance Your Company’s Productivity

Below are some ways to leverage eLearning solutions to enhance your company’s productivity.

Learning on The Go

One of the best ways to leverage any eLearning solution is by getting users to learn on the go. This simply translates to enabling your employees to access the elearning course model or training content from wherever they are. 

For example, for employees who work away from their desks often or are on the field always, accessing these solutions on a mobile device is a great option as it ensures that they do not miss out on important training.

Support Diverse Workforce

An eLearning solution can also be leveraged to support a diverse workforce at various stages of their careers. The ideal way to do this is by offering performance support to seasoned staff or employees who need to learn various ways to work with new and emerging technologies.

Besides, you can also use it to quickly train new or entry-level executives on product features and benefits, thus equipping them to manage customer queries better.

You can also use eLearning courses to update the geographically distributed sales workforce or marketing teams on recent product changes or product enhancements if any.

Leverage Gamification 

Gamification or game-based learning is an excellent way of engaging today’s employees. The best part is that it is super simple to incorporate gaming elements, such as badges, leaderboards, scores, etc., in training modules to ensure that employees get maximum advantage of e-learning solutions. 

Leveraging gamification is also the perfect way to make learning fun and engaging for employees, as it inspires the learners to do better and drive positive results. 

Apart from this, gamification also helps employees in self-assessment of their strengths and weaknesses so that they can work accordingly and be more productive.

Build 360-Degree Feedback Reviews

360-degree feedback reviews for employees are an excellent way to offer valuable insights into skills and behaviors in the workplace. Further, it gives employees better insights into their strengths and weaknesses and helps them improve the soft skills they need to navigate the day-to-day workplace challenges seamlessly.

The best way to manage these feedback reviews is to create comprehensive digital surveys that you can share with your employees to complete in their own time. 

However, keep in mind to keep these surveys short and crisp, taking into account the busy schedules of employees. Also, frame these surveys in a way that encourages constructive feedback and enhanced employee productivity in the long run.

Enhance Your Business Strategy

A good eLearning solution can play a significant role in building a robust business strategy in a workplace environment. It is an easy and affordable way to offer a range of different topics for employees to consume, depending on their work schedules and timelines.

All you need to do is get targeted eLearning topics that fully align with your employees’ specific growth goals and your business growth goals.

It not only improves employee productivity but also enables your employees to exceed their performance targets for themselves and their business as well. 

Leveraging these solutions for business strategy is also a low-cost learning approach that helps you retain your talented employees and cut down on unnecessary expenses related to employee turnover.

Use an Interactive and Collaborative Approach 

Most e-learning tools today feature a very interactive approach to learning. This, in turn, leads to enhanced productivity as learners can interact with their online mentors/trainers through different webinars and discussion platforms. 

You can also get your employees to engage in idea/knowledge sharing, discussions, etc., to help them enhance their skills. Make sure to leverage elements such as quizzes and exercises to ensure timely feedback and more productive learning outcomes.

In Conclusion 

The basic prerequisite for successfully establishing e-learning solutions in a workplace is to develop a robust culture of learning by leveraging the right e-learning tool. To help with that, we have covered different ways you can leverage e-learning solutions to enhance productivity in your corporate training in this post.

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