Sales are gradually shifting from a product-centered approach to a customer-centered one. This calls for the enablement of sales professionals with cutting-edge training that can help them empower buyers, appreciate the importance of customer satisfaction, and create lasting bonds with buyers.

The archaic sales training model may not suffice as sales reps’ expertise and interpersonal skills have to be expanded suitably. New eLearning solutions are needed that don’t concentrate mainly on sales pitches but offer actionable insights to win customers at each stage of the marketing journey.

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Sales Training With eLearning Solutions for Optimum Performance

The role of a salesperson is not limited to grabbing a prospect’s attention with glitzy promotions and compelling him to convert. Instead, the sales rep has to adopt a holistic approach that considers the entire customer lifecycle.

This can be accomplished with sales-oriented eLearning solutions that comprehensively address both consumer and enterprise aspects and are personalized in nature. Peak performance can be assured only when salespersons are equipped with:

  • Industry and market insights
  • Know-how of proven real-world sales practice.

Such training will help businesses:

  • Protract the CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value)
  • Reduce the sales cycle length
  • Increase customer win rates
  • Control churn

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Salient Features of Sales-Oriented eLearning Solutions

Cookie-cutter eLearning solutions won’t give your sales reps with the leading edge needed to steal the spotlight for your business in a fiercely competitive market space. You need customized solutions that can motivate them, align their knowledge base with your brand’s motto, and boost their performance.

Effective online sales training is the proven way to drive stellar results. Contextual training with real-life case studies allows the sales rep to unleash their potential and demonstrate their skills in simulated learning environments. The professionals can check whether upskilling allows them to:

  • Develop more command over the market dynamics and product USPs.
  • Facilitate optimum customer satisfaction to promote steadfast brand loyalty.
  • Impact the bottom line positively through acceleration in business growth.

Sales training that nurtures the core competencies of sales reps while broadening their outlook and altering their mindsets helps achieve better business outcomes.

eLearning Solutions for Unlocking Sales Team’s Potential to the Fullest

eLearning for Sales should essentially encompass knowledge snippets and modules that can enhance sales reps’ competence, discernment, and confidence. This helps them articulate the USPs of the products/ services more convincingly.

Sales training programs can feature the following eLearning topics to render the sales team more proficient.

1. Module Offering Comprehensive Knowledge of Products/Services

Sales reps should possess domain expertise to sell the products/ services better. This calls for an in-depth knowledge of the product from the following perspectives:

  • Key features
  • New innovative additions compared to existing versions or products of competitors
  • Advantages of using the product
  • Problems that can be solved by using the product
  • Other differentiators
  • Marketing funnel
  • Customer journey and strategies for various levels of the funnel

The modules can leverage multimedia, animation, augmented or virtual reality to describe the stellar features and functioning from various dimensions. Sales reps can acquaint themselves with the dynamics of products/ services comprehensively.

2. Module for Enhancing Sales Skills

The sales team’s success is contingent on its ability to earn the trust of potential customers by engaging their attention and igniting their imagination with eloquent presentations of products/ services. Hence, an important aspect of virtual sales training is enhancing the team’s sales skills.

The eLearning module serving the upskilling purpose should cover aspects like:

  • Prospecting for customers
  • Engaging leads and qualifying them as customers through logical persuasion
  • Presenting ideas in a compelling and believable manner
  • Offering fact-underpinned insights

The module can contain different case studies or sales scenarios that can challenge trainees’ acquired skills by asking them to select the best solution from different seemingly appealing alternatives.

3. Module for CRM Training

Your business’ success hinges on how well you manage customer relationships. In this bid, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is crucial for enhancing customer experiences and driving sales. By subjecting your team to CRM training, you can give your sales endeavors a competitive edge.

Your business’ success hinges on how well you manage customer relationships. In this bid, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is crucial for enhancing customer experiences and driving sales. By subjecting your team to CRM training, you can give your sales endeavors a competitive edge.

Optimize sales enablement with eLearning modules that offer insightful, hands-on training in CRM apps like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. The course can cover details on:

  • Effective management and organization of customer data.
  • Strategic leveraging of CRM data for enhancing communication with customers and the in-house team.
  • Utilization of CRM inputs for creating and deploying effective and targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Avenues for gaining reliable, actionable, and decisive insights into the preferences, sentiments, and behavioral patterns of customers.
  • Accurate way to configure the settings of CRM software and test connections.
  • Proven ways to dive into CRM analytics to create cutting-edge campaigns based on the correct picture of prevailing trends.
  • Planning data sharing and integration of personalization aspects.

4. Module for Becoming a Better Decision-Maker

The digital learning curriculum for sales managers must be geared toward making them better, mature, and discerning decision-makers. For this, the eLearning module can contain topics like:

  • Proven methods to navigate through complicated sales cycles
  • Collaborating seamlessly with different decision-makers
  • Establishing priorities by analyzing case-based needs and market trends
  • Understanding blind spots, building consensus, and foreseeing how choices impact the sales cycle
  • Being communicative and decisive by shedding one’s pre-conceived notions and biases

5. Module on Managing Customer Lifecycle

A module is needed to familiarize sales managers with strategies for improving the customer lifecycle, enhancing customer experience, and guaranteeing business success.

The core concepts to be discussed in this corporate training eLearning module are:

  • Attract initial prospects and convert them into repeat customers.
  • Track and analyze every step of the lifecycle.
  • Assign metrics for each step to measure success at the granular level.
  • Visually represent and visualize the customer’s journey through the sales funnel and align it with the sales pipeline.
  • Devise effective strategies to woo, acquire, and retain customers.
  • Identify target leads, determine how to present your brand to them, and design focused ad campaigns to win leads.
  • Assess each campaign’s reach to understand which works the best.
  • Strategize to share ad content on online touchpoints to resonate with target audiences.
  • Track interactions on online platforms to understand what is working.
  • Be proactive in offering customers self-service tools and support mechanisms.

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Way Forward

Sales training imparted through curated and customized eLearning modules will surely unleash the fullest potential of your sales reps. This will ensure that prospective customers start engaging with your brand intuitively without being overwhelmed by loud sales pitches. eLearning allows your team members to upskill themselves at their own pace and validate the effectiveness of knowledge acquisition through efficient assessments.

Hurix Digital has been empowering sales teams of leading organizations to stay ahead of the curve with bespoke eLearning modules that enlighten and empower. Share your specific upskilling requirements with us, and we will craft agile modules that make learning quicker and more effective.

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