AI (Artificial Intelligence) refers to the ability of machines to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as learning, reasoning, and problem-solving. In the e-learning industry, AI can play an imperative role in transforming the learning experience for learners. AI-powered language learning platforms enable learners to work at their own pace, and emphasizing topics they have issues with, engaging them with the activities they’re good at, appealing to their interests.

Many language learning mobile applications are using AI to help users learn a new language by investing a small amount of time every day with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Best examples of such apps are Duolingo, Mondly and Babble.

Advantages of using AI in language learning 

1. Instant Feedback: The AI language learning app can grade tests and even evaluate essays automatically immediately after they are submitted, showing the errors and suggesting corrections. This saves both student’s and instructor’s time.

2. Increases engagement in the learning process:  Learners will be able to set their own goals, study from any place at any time, and follow a customized syllabus to learn the language.

3. Language bots: Earlier chatbots were only used for assistance to provide support functions. However, Language bots are the new evolution in language learning. The learner can simply initiate a conversation with the language bot and get feedback, tips, and corrections in response. Duolingo and Carnegie Learning’s MATHia are the best examples of language bot implementation.

4. Adaptive learning:  AI can adapt the course content and delivery in real time based on a learner’s progress and understanding. This ensures the user’s maximum engagement in the learning process.

5. Natural Language Processing: AI can enhance language learning by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze learners’ pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. This can provide learners with immediate feedback and support in real time.

6. Assessment and analytics: AI can provide automated assessments and analytics to help instructors or administrators track learners’ progress and identify areas where the course content or delivery may need to be improved.

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