[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Collaborative learning is a modern approach that enables students to work together and contribute their skills to achieve a common goal. It is slightly different from traditional learning.

The structure of the traditional learning approach entails a passive transfer of knowledge from the educator to the student. On the other hand, collaborative learning reasons that learning should emphasize a student-centered approach. 

Through collaborative learning, students gain multiple crucial skills that are quite valuable. There will frequently be a learning process, doubt-solving discussions, and concept review when a group is assigned a task or an idea.

The idea is that two or more students working together to solve a problem or finish an assignment have a considerably higher probability of success than one alone.

The tools used in this collaborative learning are known as learning management systems. The top LMS platforms are used to deliver online courses and track students’ performance.

Collaborative Learning: What Is It?

While hard skills are important, soft skills are also becoming more critical in this era. Some pivotal soft skills include collaboration, coaching, empathy, bridging abilities, adaptive cognition, and cross-cultural skills. Students need to focus on them for comprehensive skills development.

Based on a student-centered approach, collaborative learning entails team-based activities and discussions, group cooperation, and active learning methodology. Student-led learning and exploring are the main emphases of collaborative learning.

Why Encourage Collaborative Learning?

Collaborative pedagogy involves getting students in a group setting as opposed to the traditional lecture-based strategy, which mostly stresses memorization. To understand the course subject, in collaborative learning, students collaborate on group projects during class time.

These days many corporate units are also using LMS systems for business to help their new employees gain peer-to-peer knowledge enhancement for better organizational growth and individual development.

How Does Collaborative Learning Promote Success?

Teachers frequently hear that their students do not like group studies or group projects. The dislike for collaborative studies commonly appears on a few common grounds.

  • Due to delaying the task by one or few members of the group
  • Working with shy members of the group
  • Personal conflicts

Nonetheless, using effective e-learning delivery methods has various advantages of group activities for pupils’ learning. The reasons for choosing collaborative learning over the traditional approach are:

  • Encourages critical thinking
  • Increases leadership and communication abilities
  • Exposes learners to various learning techniques
  • Improves learners’ cognition of various viewpoints

The social skills essential for future professional success are also developed through collaboration. How? Students may defend their perspectives and reframe concepts as part of several collaborative learning practices and exercises.

Students can articulate their thought processes and reasons while also listening to others’ points of view. Using the best practices for e-learning content development, it is easy to improve student retention.

6 Top LMS Platforms for Collaborative Learning

In collaborative learning, students work together to better grasp concepts by putting together their various backgrounds, experiences, and opinions. Teachers frequently participate in the collaborative learning process using different LMS platforms.

Some of the popular LMSs and e-learning platforms are using cutting-edge technology to help not only students but businesses. Here are a few of them:

1. Hurix

Hurix is an online platform that offers fully customizable white-label LMS for the most enthusiastic learners. It is designed based on open-source compatible Moodle-based architecture. Hurix, as a platform, allows its students to easily integrate with external apps and third-party tools. 

Hurix is compatible with mobile devices through cloud or intranet arrangements. It enables students to have peer and self-assessments to make collaborative learning fruitful. The most important feature of Hurix is that it has direct learning paths, which makes it easy to easily structure learning modules.


CYPHER LEARNING provides transparent, strong, and all-encompassing solutions to produce the finest results. The committed team works relentlessly to make the entire process of teaching and learning interesting.

CYPHER LEARNING LMS uses intuitive UX with no or little technical proficiency to design courses. Learners need to choose a learning track, establish goals and use AI that suits perfectly to their purpose.

Using this platform, students can participate in web conferencing, content creation, automation, and gamification. It also allows learners to take classes anywhere in the world using a simple mobile app. 

3. TalentLMS

TalentLMS has a straightforward goal to achieve – to develop into a comprehensive learning tool that provides the easiest and most simple learning experience. It is a powerful and flexible online learning platform that is available to users right away.

The platform has an easy setup process and is simple to use. One of the best LMSs for students and businesses, Talent LMS, has all the features needed to design and deliver online courses. It helps students reduce setup time through its drag-and-drop interface. 

Some of the productive features it offers include learning modules, live sessions, quizzes, tests, completion practices, personalization, web conferencing, automation, and third-party integrations. With these features, students find it easier to learn and engage in group activities with students from all over the world. 

4. iSpring

When students have a short deadline, iSpring helps them more than anything. When working on a group project or assignment, iSpring Suite saves learners a lot of time-consuming hassles.

With a user-friendly platform for designing courses, iSpring works under the powerful interface of PowerPoint and lets the students use PPT slides for their projects.

Students can participate in different interactive quizzes, video lectures, simulations, screencasts, and online books with unique page-flipping effects.

5. Absorb

Absorb focuses on crafting a system that fulfills the needs of its learners to enhance their user experience. They have a dedicated development team that works on continually improving the system based on students’ feedback.

This LMS program has amazing scalability. It is easy to develop training modules with only a few clicks, preventing administrators from being annoyed when going through technological hiccups and challenges.

Students in large numbers can use its potential features and capabilities. Absorb offers several benefits to students and businesses with its multi-dimensional features like a mobile app, social learning tools, and a 24/7/365 in-house support system to help students regardless of the time zone they reside in. 

6. Docebo

Docebo is revolutionizing the way students use technology to design, deliver, and analyze the collaborative effects of their learning experiences.

Students all over the world are prepared to handle any learning difficulty with this amazing LMS platform as they develop a real learning culture within their group using Docebo’s multi-feature learning suite.

Among prevalent features like social learning, mobile app, artificial intelligence, and collaborations throughout the world, it also comprises 400 integrations, including Dropbox, Facebook, Adobe Connect, and GitHub.

This allows students to connect with learners all over the world and enhance individual and group integration.


Building a collaborative culture doesn’t require a lot of resources like extensive technical knowledge, technology, or even hours of professional advancement. Further, evaluating collaborative work can be made easy and uncomplicated with the right tools.

Using the top LMS platforms to enhance students’ collaboration abilities and willingness to work together can lead to their success. To that end, Hurix offers highly customizable collaborative learning tools for students to help them develop collaborative learning abilities and achieve their goals. To get started, get in touch with us today. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]