[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Microlearning is one of the corporate learning solutions that has positively impacted employee performance. It allows learners to easily access and absorb training content and apply it to their daily work. 

Discussed below are some positive impacts of microlearning on employee performance in the USA. 

1. Better Learning and Integration

Microlearning improves employee learning and helps them integrate the training material better. By delivering compact chunks of learning content regularly, you can ensure that employees engage better with the material.

It also makes it more interesting and keeps them involved and connected with the material. 

A study found that only 10% of the total $200 billion spent yearly on corporate training and development in the United States results in positive impacts. 

Microlearning has the potential to change this in the USA. 

2. Improves Efficiency

Microlearning is one of the most efficient corporate learning solutions. It saves time and money, as compared to traditional long training programs.

Additionally, since it is usually delivered digitally, your company saves on the costs of traditional training, including commute time and costs. 

3. Tracking and Feedback

Microlearning is helpful for corporate learning solutions because it can be used to track employee progress and also provide feedback regularly. 

By delivering learning material regularly and combining it with assessments, companies can track employee progress and get a better idea of the areas where there is scope for learning and improvement.

This allows for targeted changes and improvements that effectively boost daily work performance. 

4. Better Retention and Recall

Microlearning leads to better retention and recall during the learning process. It reduces cognitive overload, which means there is less scope for learners to be overloaded with more information than they can retain.

This improves knowledge retention so that employees can remember what they have learned and recall it when needed.

It also allows for the scope to reflect on the material, process it, evaluate it, and match it to real-life work contexts. Employees can assess how it applies to real-world contexts. 

According to a study based in the USA, delivering content in smaller modules allows it to be interwoven into other activities, enhancing the quality of learning and increasing retention.

Microlearning allows employees to learn about a subject through a convenient framework, and this makes learning and development programs more effective. 

5. Real-Time Support and Access

Microlearning allows for real-time support because it is easily accessible and takes less time to take in and understand. Whether it is for a new skill or task or for revising something already learned, microlearning is well-suited for moment-of-need access.

It’s also suitable for cases where there is a sudden need or demand for certain skills because online training can take place swiftly and effectively. 

6. Targeted and Focused Learning

Microlearning is topic-centered, and each online training module targets a particular topic, task, skill set, or another learning goal. It doesn’t cover multiple topics but focuses on the most important aspects and essentials. 

With mobile-friendly corporate learning solutions, microlearning is easy to access on the go whenever and wherever.

7. Increases Engagement and Motivation

Bite-sized modules of learning material are more engaging for employees and keep them interested and involved in the learning process. Additionally, online training allows for various interactive features like videos and simulations, which keep the learners engaged.

Since learners can access information quickly and easily, they are better able to apply it in situations, solve problems, overcome issues, and improve their skills.

Furthermore, since learning is more effective, they can better retain and integrate the material, boosting their confidence and motivation. They can also better connect it with real-world scenarios and thereby realize the importance of the learning material. 

8. Improves Productivity

Corporate training usually takes place during work hours, which can lead to time loss and affect productivity. With microlearning, you can limit the learning to small amounts of time a day and reduce the disruption of regular work. It can be conveniently integrated with work hours.

Time is a major constraint for employees wanting to learn new skills while working. A US-based study found that time is the most significant barrier to workplace learning. 

Microlearning is a great way to resolve this issue and make ongoing learning and development more convenient.

Additionally, because it is mobile-friendly, it allows companies to increase training engagement for employees.

Training can be scheduled after work hours or commute time to ensure that productivity and work performance are not affected. 

9. Self-Paced 

Since every learner has a different pace and learning style, it is helpful to allow each employee to learn at their own pace. Microlearning allows each employee to work at their own pace without the issue of information overload.

Additionally, it simplifies the material and makes it more accessible. Features like videos, infographics, and games allow for different learning preferences to be met and include different kinds of learners. 

10. Helps Assess the Effectiveness of Training

Microlearning helps your company assess the effectiveness of training and corporate learning solutions. To determine the efficacy of a training program, it is helpful to aggregate the assessment results of each employee at a team or company level.

Microlearning makes this easier because each bite-sized module can have its assessment that is short and completed immediately after or along with the learning material.

It is also easier to track individual results and compare different employees’ results for a particular topic. This enables you to analyze learning and skills in different areas and assess the areas that need to be targeted for improvement.

Since it usually takes place regularly, the assessments can be accurate and reflect the ongoing and current state of learning and skills. This also enables you to identify and track changes in employees’ performance with time and in response to each training module.

Summing Up

Microlearning has multiple benefits and can make your corporate learning solutions accessible, interactive, and convenient. Hurix offers workforce learning solutions that are bite-sized and accessible on demand. They are also gamified and have other interactive features to keep your employees engaged and ensure the learning is effective. 

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