Digital innovation is rattling ahead at its own lightning pace. Every other day, some new trends or features are coming forward that need to be incorporated into businesses if they want to stay in the race. It can get overwhelming without the help of any efficient content management system that can help with content automation. That is where the AEM Cloud Manager comes in. 

With its exclusive features, such as Digital Asset Management (DAM), AEM Personalization, etc., it has become the leading CMS provider globally.

In this blog post, we will explore what AEM is and how AEM Cloud Manager can help you with scalable, cost-effective solutions such as content personalization, conversion optimization, and more.

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What Is AEM Cloud Manager?

Before understanding AEM Cloud Manager, let us quickly go through what AEM is. AEM is a content management system that helps manage content for your organization more easily. It works automatically, and hence, it calls for less human intervention. 

Studies show that some of the top companies in the world, like Walmart, Microsoft, Samsung, etc., are using AEM as their content management service.

AEM Cloud Manager is a platform that allows for managing and hosting AEM applications in the cloud. AEM Cloud Manager enables you to deliver and integrate updates into your website without lag simultaneously. One of the key features of AEM Cloud is that it has zero downtime, so your website always remains live.

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How Can AEM Manager Help Manage Your Business Easily?

With AEM Cloud Manager, your company owns a real cloud solution for its experience management activities. It comes with several advantages, like:

  • There will never be a downtime for your website (with a 99.99% SLA).
  • Users can easily add, update, and organize information with its help.
  • It works with a wide range of media formats, such as text, images, videos, and more.
  • Even for non-technical people, it simplifies the process of producing content.
  • It can easily handle complex websites, even with a high influx of traffic.
  • The ownership cost is low for the solution.
  • Your CMS is more secure as it is always on the latest security level.

Key Features of AEM Cloud Manager

AEM Cloud Manager comes with several user-friendly features that help it stand out from the competition. It makes it easier to maintain, personalize, store, and optimize your websites and applications in the cloud. 

Let’s look at some of the key features:

1. AEM Personalization

  • These days, brands find it difficult to meaningfully engage with consumers due to the abundance of material that is available across numerous channels. Getting the appropriate material to the right customer at the right moment is crucial. Analyzing what people are looking for will help with this.
  • Hyper-personalization, or the ability to provide customers only relevant material on the channel of their choice, is a significant benefit of adopting AEM.
  • It helps you with data analytics and user-behavior insights to deliver personalized content tailored to your customer’s preferences.
  • With AEM Personalization, you can create an unmatched marketing engine that can deliver personalized and customized experiences to your consumers by integrating with Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics.

2. Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • These days, practically every business produces and/or controls a vast assortment of digital assets, including documents, infographics, ebooks, audio, video, and image files. Users may easily organize, store, and manage these digital assets with the help of DAM.
  • AEM Cloud Manager enables easy storage and access to digital assets via simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • To facilitate the updating and sharing of cloud-stored content, the software additionally allows for the addition of metadata and tags.
  • It provides features like version control, multilingual asset management, and dynamic rendering to optimize media across various devices.
  • DAM also offers visual searching and enterprise-grade metadata that makes it easier to store, manage, and locate assets faster than ever.
  • Marketing teams can share assets with channel partners and outside teams through the Brand Portal. Additionally, one may use Asset Insights to see which assets perform best in terms of interaction, consumption, and engagement.

3. One Platform, Many Channels

  • These days, there are an increasing number of channels available for consumers to interact with other consumers. Companies communicate with one another using chatbots, SMS, messaging applications, email, social media, mobile apps, and more.
  • Digital marketers and social media teams find it incredibly daunting and often even impossible to handle so many channels at once.
  • You may manage all of your channels using a single, unified interface with the aid of AEM.
  • Automated processes make it simple to generate, publish, and distribute content.
  • Additionally, the content scales easily and looks fantastic on a range of devices and screen sizes because of its flexible design elements.

4. SEO Optimization

  • AEM offers solutions for content optimization for SEO.
  • It helps to increase your exposure and enhances your chances of appearing in organic search results.
  • It helps businesses reach out to relevant audiences with more personalized digital experiences.

Benefits of AEM Cloud Manager

AEM Cloud Manager has several advantages, like zero downtime, access to the latest AEM sites and assets, the latest security, etc. Let us look at some more benefits of AEM Cloud Manager that can help manage your business:

  • Automatic Backup: Before each release, AEM Cloud Manager will automatically perform a backup. If a problem arises even after the deployment, all it takes is one button click to roll back the release.
  • Autoscaling: In case your website is subjected to an unusually high traffic influx, the Cloud Manager detects the need for additional resources and automatically brings additional instances online via autoscaling.
  • A Very Quick Setup Time: You may configure it for environments and the default pipeline with a single click.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: Adobe handles all system operations, security patching for the operating system, pipeline maintenance, and AEM upgrades.

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Wrapping Up

AEM has revolutionized the content management system. It won’t be an overstatement at all to say that it is among the best innovations regarding CMS in the last decade. With its easy solutions and countless flexible features, it makes it simple for users to manage their content across all digital formats.

With Hurix Digital, you are just a click away from reaping all the benefits of AEM cloud services and implementing them in your business. 

Allow us to optimize your AEM solutions specific to your business needs and thus maximize your ROI. Hurix Digital not only specializes in AEM, but it also comes with decades of expertise as a digital solutions provider for top companies across the globe.

Connect with us to set up your cost-effective AEM in no time!