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Did you know, we look at or utilize our smartphone device 221 times in one day?

Undoubtedly, mobile usage exceeds desktop usage and here’s how:

In total, 80% of individuals have a smartphone, and 27% utilize only this smartphone for digital connectivity.

This means that even if you have a web-based learning center, most of your employees are accessing it through their smartphones only.

So, why not make it convenient for employees?

Over the years, mobile-based learning has proved its importance and efficiency in improving overall learning and training structure at the workplace. If you offer two types of training options to your employees – mobile-based learning and classroom learning – it is highly likely for most of the employees to choose mobile learning.

At the same time, it is necessary to remember that mobile-based learning is not a replacement for e-learning. It should be viewed as an enhancement to e-learning.

Today, we will discuss how mobile-based learning nuggets can help you improve the employee engagement in your workplace.

Benefits Employees Can Achieve from Mobile Learning Nuggets

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1. Extended Training

Think of mobile learning as an extension to workplace training programs. The employee can take their training anywhere they go. For instance, an employee who is visiting another city for business can easily access the learning material through their smartphone.

Even if you opt for a blended learning approach, you can deliver face-to-face training and ask the employees to learn some of the topics as part of a self-learning exercise. In this way, mLearning acts as an extended learning program which can be continued even outside the office environment.

2. Immediate Access

A study revealed that 46% of employees use their phones in bed for mobile learning and 52% use their smartphones for learning after waking up.

Offering immediate access to relevant data through mobile-based learning offers the flexibility of on-the-go learning. This means that your employees can immediately access training content anytime they want – when they are commuting or taking a tea break in the office.

3. Collaborative Learning

Discussion forums and chat groups can be included to the mLearning platform as part of a collaborative learning process. This helps employees to share their doubts with each other and get them resolved; this group effort helps everyone to learn something new.

4. Instant Feedback

Since employees use their smartphones several times in a day, the feedback loop is accelerated. The training manager can offer instant responses to employee queries and offer advice on how to enhance learning. Whenever an employee makes a mistake, the training manager can point out the errors and give an opportunity to enhance personal growth and learning.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Migrating to Mobile Learning Nuggets

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Enhanced Attention

Here’s how mobile-based learning nuggets improve the attention span of the viewer:

The attention span of individuals is reducing, so short videos and content pieces are easier to watch and retain.

The need for instant gratification is served well with mobile-based learning nuggets.

With shorter snippets, the distraction percentage decreases.

Take Facebook for example, most of the users on Facebook watch a video for not more than 1 minute; on YouTube, this time is 4-5 minutes. So, keeping videos and written content short and to-the-point improves the attention of the viewer.

Improved Retention

Due to shorter content, mobile-based learning nuggets reduce the dropout rate, improve attention, and enhance concentration. It is easier to watch and remember a short learning video of 1 minute. Contrary to this, if you deliver a 1-hour long learning video or a lengthy blog post, the dropout rate would be extremely high. All these factors combined enhance the retention rate of the knowledge gained through mobile learning nuggets.

Increased Engagement

If the delivered content is short, your learners are more likely to switch off from other activities and concentrate all their mental attention towards the snippet. When this happens, the retention is more, and the engagement is even better. They will not want to stop the learning process and would want to know more about the topic, here’s why:

If you have a topic named social media marketing, you can divide your mobile-based learning nuggets into short sections. In every nugget, pick up only one aspect, for example, Facebook posts. When you do that, your employee learns about how to post on Facebook, the frequency with which to post, best time of the day to post etc., but they still would long to know more. So, when they next have time, they will explore for other related nuggets such as creating Facebook graphics or measuring engagement.


There are employees in a managerial role who simply don’t have any time during the day for training. And then there are those who strive to attain a work-life balance, so they focus only on work in the office.

In a situation like this, it is imperative to develop a method so that everyone has access to training programs. With mobile-based learning nuggets, every employee can fit learning in between their tight schedules.

Utilize Mobile Learning Nuggets for Workplace

With the increase in popularity of mobile applications and the feasibility of using a smartphone for nearly every task, there is simply no alternative to mobile-based learning. From flexible access to improved engagement, it has a series of benefits for both employees and employers. Just remember to develop a strategy relevant to your audience before implementing mobile-based learning.


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