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7 Interactive eLearning Video Strategies to Revolutionize Training

7 Interactive eLearning Video Strategies to Revolutionize Training

Embracing technology in education has seen an evolution over the years, from traditional classroom teaching to virtual learning environments. One of the most engaging and effective methods of eLearning today is through interactive videos. 

Viewers retain nearly 95% of a message conveyed by a video. It drops down to 10% when reading the same. It is why eLearning videos are revolutionizing the sphere of business training. Video-based learning has helped immensely in employee development. 

Digital marketing is continuously evolving, and videos are getting shorter and more informative at the same time. Videos also improve engagement and retention. Optimally strategizing the videos will ensure you save a lot of time and money. Let’s delve into seven interactive eLearning video strategies that can revolutionize training and enhance learning outcomes.

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Seven Effective Ways to Strategize eLearning Videos for Training 

Unlike passive video lessons, interactive videos offer learners a hands-on experience.

These videos come alive by integrating clickable elements, quizzes, surveys, and branching scenarios, enabling learners to actively participate in their learning process.

Optimally strategizing eLearning videos will reap rewards for trainers and trainees. Video-based learning is the trend, and it is here to stay.

Following are some of the most effective ways to maximize your results while using eLearning videos:

1. Create an Engaging Learning Experience 

Video learning is only next to live learning. If made correctly, the video makes the user feel he is attending the workshop.

  • The eLearning videos not only attract attention but also manage to keep the user hooked to the end. Embracing video learning is the solution to modern corporate training. 
  • Immersive and engaging content makes the user feel like he is attending the workshop in person.
  • Employee development is maximized when the videos captivate and intrigue the users.

The disengagement risks on these videos are also very low. Video-based learning is the trend in personnel training. 

2. Offer Personalized Training

Training personnel through videos opens many doors for employers. This format provides interactive learning for the users. These videos allow the creators to curate the videos according to the requirements of individuals and groups of people.

Organizations and companies can make different videos for different groups in their workforce. They can personalize videos to optimize user engagement and development.

People respond well to personalized videos. People feel important when they see an effort being made to train them. Personalized videos also give the creators authentic feedback.

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3. Analyze Learning Progression

Video learning not only makes training simple but also improves the feedback mechanism. Video training is a fast-paced method of training.

  • By tracking the engagement on a video, we can understand where we are going wrong and where we are achieving the desired engagement. 
  • By making the eLearning videos interactive, the feedback is achieved very quickly.
  • By integrating puzzles and quizzes into these videos, the companies can understand how far their message and mission are being imparted.

Using this feedback to ensure better training the next time the video is accessed creates a more efficient and streamlined digital training process. 

4. Ensure Time Efficiency

Interactive eLearning videos are a boon for the training industry. Training a group of people or training a person one-on-one requires a lot of time and energy.

Scheduling in-person or live training sessions poses a lot of challenges. Getting the trainer and the trainees available on a particular day at a particular hour takes detailed planning. Despite this, people miss out due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Interactive video training solves all these problems and more:

  • Videos can be created and curated at the organization’s discretion.
  • The training videos can also used multiple times.
  • Repurposing these videos for further training also saves time. Also, people can watch videos whenever they are free. 

These features get rid of common constraints and ensure that people don’t miss out on essential training sessions. 

5. Cost Efficiency

Every industry and sphere of business is becoming more competitive with each passing day. Cutting costs will eventually lead to profits.

Training employees is always an expensive affair. Transport, venue, and food are some spheres where most money is spent. Videos bring these costs down.  

  • Video-based learning is highly cost-efficient. The creators do not have to worry about paying for a big venue, refreshments for the participants, etc.
  • Once a video is created, it can be viewed by multiple groups multiple times. This brings the cost of employee training down drastically.

Carefully curating these videos will ensure their relevance over a long period. 

6. Gamification Techniques

However interesting your videos are, after a while the user gets bored. Keeping people hooked to your videos is a challenge many face today. With training videos often spanning several minutes, the trainee loses interest as their environment may be distracting.

Here, gamification techniques will solve your problem. Gamification techniques, if applied correctly, will ensure your video remains interesting and intriguing till the end.

  • Employ quizzes and puzzles in eLearning videos to engage learners actively.
  • Utilize user responses to refine future video content and assess learner progress.
  • Implement scenario-based choices to boost critical thinking and participation.
  • Cater to diverse learning styles with visual, auditory, and tactile interactive elements.

7. Facilitate Micro-Learning

Microlearning means learning in small doses. Microlearning videos are short and to the point. Digital training through these small videos is highly effective.

As the duration of these videos is very short, the users have no reason to divert attention elsewhere. In this age of reels, microlearning is the best step forward. 

Microlearning benefits creators, being time and cost-efficient, with one topic or idea per video. This focus ensures audience attention, enabling companies to provide broader instructions to more people in a shorter time, fostering interactive training.

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To Sum Up

eLearning videos are already popular training tools, but optimizing content and delivery can dramatically enhance outcomes. Tailoring videos to meet your company’s specific needs is a strategic advantage that sets you apart from competitors.

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