At Hurix Digital, we create and offer intelligent solutions to help your business grow. Our well-equipped QA Consulting and Analysis team of experts draws on our vast experience and domain knowledge to assist you in improving the cost efficiency of QA practices, including testing new tools and environments. We conduct thorough investigations to ensure that the software meets all objectives, from efficiency to security to completeness.

Our holistic approach sets us apart in our quality assurance engineers ensure that all functionalities are tested to be working smoothly and that the final product is free of errors. We offer customized testing checklists that reduce the testing time regardless of content volume.

By leveraging our highly effective QA services and impactful agile processes, we ensure that all your digital products are of the highest standard. We offer complete testing and QA services from content, software, web-based, and mobile applications. We use an exhaustive checklist to adhere to testing guidelines and standards to deliver the highest quality products.

We offer an entire range of testing services for different products from a variety of verticals.

Table of Contents:

Automation Testing

We have extensive QA Consulting and Analysis experience developing scripts in BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) and Appium frameworks. At Hurix Digital, we ensure that automation is user-friendly, enabling even those without technical expertise to understand and execute the automation scripts. To develop the framework for automation testing, we use open-source tools such as Selenium and Appium: these tools support web and desktop apps and can be leveraged on multiple browsers. 

Some of the automation tools we use include Selenium Webdriver and Testing, Appium, Maven, GitHub, Google Sheet, and AutoIT (Automate desktop applications).

API Testing

Application Programming Interface helps exchange between client-server and other separate modules in the application. With years of experience backing us in using API tools for extensive API testing, we help our clients achieve time and cost efficiencies. We are also alert to the latest and the best API testing tools and apply modern testing tools to ensure that your software works properly and efficiently.

We use Apache J meter, POSTMAN, SoapUI, REST assured, and Advanced REST client to conduct the tests. 

We check for the following parameters during API testing: 

Accuracy of data, Schema validation, Data type validation, Order and completeness, HTTP status code, Authorization checks, and Error codes.

Ebook Quality Assurance

We have a committed and dedicated approach to achieving quality in all our ebook conversion projects. Our key advantages are our quick turnaround times and the ability to leverage our services for various types of publishing. 

We offer independent quality assurance services. Our quality team checks the eBook files based on standard quality parameters and reports when any errors are found. 

We perform QA Consulting and Analysis on Word, PDF, or other format files to ePUB, PRC, Mobi, AZW, BBeB, KF8 for iPad, ePDF, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and Android tablets. Our QC services are scalable: so they can accommodate any number of images or other complex formatting issues. 

As we mentioned, it is possible to leverage our eBook services for various types of publishing, including – Independent Publishers, Contract Publishers, Fulfillment Houses, Subsidy Press/Vanity Publishers, and Self-Publishing authors. Ours is a highly skilled team that executes these tasks in a professional way with quick turnaround times. Our eBook quality services aid many publishers and authors in selling their eBooks.

Content Testing

Does the content on your website suit your audience? Is the audience able to find and understand your content easily? These are some questions that we help you answer. 

The content reflects the company’s products and services, and good content will enable the audience to learn about the products and services of the company. Therefore, it is crucial to test it thoroughly. When content testing is done correctly, it lends a fine perspective on content quality, format, and presentation. 

At Hurix, we perform different tests to help you present your content in the best possible way. Our capabilities include: 

  • Readability testing, 
  • Navigability, 
  • Speed, 
  • A/B testing and 
  • User experience.

Our methods to test user experience include:

  1. Collecting behavioural metrics
  2. Direct feedback from website visitors

We track the users’ reviews of your product/service and measure the number of visitors returning to your website. 

Accessibility Solutions

It is a requirement to comply with accessibility laws: that way, we can ensure that everyone can access your content without any difficulty.

A combination of tools and software and manual analysis is used to test Web Accessibility. We have QA Consulting and Analysis experts who are not only highly committed but also well versed with global accessibility requirements. They are IAAP certified professionals who follow WCAG 2.0/2.1 standards to ensure that applications, websites, eLearning courses, and digital content and accessibility testing tools meet Section 508 or ADA requirements.

Our team of consultants is highly committed, IAAP-certified professionals with a deep understanding of WCAG standards. They are well versed in global accessibility requirements and follow WCAG 2.0/2.1 standards: so they can ensure that websites, eLearning courses, and digital content and tools meet Section 508 or ADA accessibility requirements.

Our capabilities include 

  • Making legacy content accessible
  • Video accessibility
  • Alt text
  • 508 compliance testing
  • Web accessibility implementation
  • PDF testing

Accessibility Compliance Audit

We conduct audits both at the beginning and end of accessibility projects. Through audits, we can assess the current accessibility level of your site/application. Our team of accessibility experts set up proven methodology-based assessment processes. And we are focused on meeting compliance goals, providing consistent reporting, and ensuring that your team is geared for success. We also offer WCAG audit reports for your products and certify them, thereby supporting your marketing and sales efforts. We also send VPAT reports as a part of the audit.

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LMS Testing

Our team provides both manual and automated testing for Learning Management Systems.

Our QA team prepares robust test cases for both the learner and the instructor. Depending on the client requirements and UI expectations, our team chooses to either validate the UX across user groups or identify where additional development is required.

Automation testing of the LMS’s performance helps us determine its caliber to perform across multiple devices and varying network speeds.

We perform the following tests to check the efficiency of the LMS: automation testing, mobile testing, performance testing under different workloads, and data integrity testing.

Mobile App Testing

We at Hurix test mobile applications for quality, usability, functionality, compatibility, consistency, and performance. We undertake both manual and automated testing. A wide range of application testing and evaluation techniques encompassing both standard software testing and mobile-platform-specific testing procedures are included in this exercise.

  • We test mobile applications to check the following elements:
  • The application’s response to the mobile device’s physical input, including keyboard, touch screen, display, and more.
  • Compatibility with different operating systems.
  • To spot and resolve errors in code and bugs within the app.
  • Usability and functionality.

Types of Mobile App Testing

The Mobile App Functionality test is the most basic test that ensures that the application performs as expected. Mobile applications involve many human interactions in user scenarios: our QA team tests the business flow, the user interface (such as landscape or portrait, languages, etc.), and the coverage across platforms. The various other types of mobile app testing are usability testing, compatibility testing, interface testing, services testing, low-level resource testing, performance testing, operational testing, installation testing, and security testing.

Performance Testing

We approach performance testing along with complexities that go with it with handy solutions. At Hurix, we produce customized QA Consulting and Analysis solutions based on the issues that occur/develop during the testing process. 

Our performance testing services provide the appropriate blueprint and execution for the performance and load tests. 

Performance testing is conducted to:

  • Test the scalability, speed, and stability of the applications
  • Test the various network and load conditions to check the time the app takes to respond under different loads
  • Ensure that the performance of an application is not affected by factors such as bandwidth availability, network fluctuations, load traffic, and more
  • Spot the issues related to latency, speed, throughput, response time, bandwidth and load balancing

A production-lookalike environment is created so that the testers can perform and execute multiple test sets on it. We monitor the trends in the production environment because it helps us spot irregularities.

When the client requires us to test in the actual production environment, we do it during off-peak hours: that way, real users don’t feel any impact. We refine the set of test cases on a timely basis to keep up with the changing situation. Before performing the test, we study the system architecture, data structure, and client-server side performance concepts and efficiently analyze the test results.

We follow two leading practices in performance testing – single-user performance testing and multi-user load testing. We undertake the following tasks to ensure your software works seamlessly-

  • Identifying and documenting requests that take too long to load and other concurrency errors
  • Analyzing possible causes of delay and errors
  • Automating or recording the modules and running the flow for concurrent users according to expected loads
  • Checking if the current system resources like CPU Cores, RAM, Disk space are sufficient for current/future, expected load
  • Finding out the breaking point of the application server’s breaking point and the reasons for it
  • Checking the server, and database configuration for optimization
  •  Running the performance tests again after the code changes to ensure that all issues have been addressed

We use Apache JMeter to validate the application based on: 

  • The number of users it can handle without compromising efficiency and before crashing down.
  • The usage of its memory and the database server under peak loads.

We ensure that the application is thoroughly verified and tested before it is delivered to the customer. 

Security Testing

Web security breaches have caused considerable financial losses and disrepute to several business enterprises, and thousands of computers have been compromised by merely visiting the wrong websites. In penetration testing, we exploit the vulnerabilities of the company’s network or web portals. After doing that, we present the security issues thus uncovered to the system’s owner; we also provide information about the potential impact to the company and a range of technical countermeasures to reduce such risks.

Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of penetration testing capabilities – from gathering information and footprinting to vulnerability evaluation, exploitation, and reporting. We use a complete penetration testing methodology to ensure that highly advanced real-world attacks are performed so that no vulnerability is left out.

Our experts use a blend of manual and automated techniques in penetration testing to protect the company’s sensitive data. We perform real-world attacks to uncover the weak areas and risks and provide recommendations for remediation. We also present a report of the complete IT infrastructure security. We use the Burp Suite Professional edition to capture and detect all the weaknesses in the application. It enables us to perform vulnerability scanning, security scanning, and penetration testing. 

Here are some of the twenty-odd penetration test cases for applications:

Error handling/ information leakage, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Sensitive Data and Information Exposure, API vulnerabilities, Application Access Control Issues, Code Injection

Improper Access control, Broken Authentication, Injection Attacks, SQL Injection, and more.

Here are some of the test scenarios we use for QA Consulting and Analysis of security:

  • Neither the system nor the application should allow invalid users 
  • Checking cookies and session time for application
  • The back button in the browser should not work
  • Test the application for Brute Force Attacks
  •  SQL injection attacks
  •  Test the user roles and their rights

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Web-Based Training, Game, and Video Animation Testing

Our extensive QA Consulting and Analysis knowledge in the learning and publishing industry entails that we specialize in serving clients in web-based training (WBT), Games and Video Animation testing. We test the WBT and Games on different environments and devices following the industry best practices.

Through WBT testing, we enable our clients to come up with customized sales training solutions and develop their very own application training content. We also provide Software Development Solutions tailored to their specific requirements. The following types of testing are conducted to ensure complete coverage.

Language Testing (LQA), Functional Testing (FQA), Compliance Testing, Cross-Browser Testing, Compatibility Testing.

After developing the WBT & Games, we test them on different platforms and devices for developing a high-quality build and then release them to the clients for their feedback. Compliance testing comes into effect when the WBT or Game is frozen from content and functionality As a quality process, we prepare checklists/test cases based on the client’s requirement. 

Video Animation Testing

We are known for creating engaging video animations that grab students’ attention and encourage information retention. We use an interesting storytelling approach and break down complex information into simpler, smaller bits by using visuals to explain it.

We offer both flexibility and expertise at once with a suite of WBT, Gaming, and video animation testing offerings. With more than two decades of experience, Hurix is indeed the best choice for getting your training modules, games, and video animation modules tested.

Web Portal Testing

Our expertise in Consulting and Analysis and end-to-end website testing and web application testing helps us ensure that your web portal meets all the requirements before it goes live. Our web portal testing is thoroughly and meticulously done.

Our web portal testing capabilities include:

Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Unit Testing, Regression Testing, Links Testing, Cookies Testing, HTML/CSS Validation, Navigation Testing, Content Testing, User Interface (UI) Testing, Performance Testing (which includes stress testing, load testing, endurance testing, stability testing, volume testing, concurrency testing, and page load speed testing.), Security Testing, Compatibility (Configuration) Testing (cross-platform, cross-browser and database testing), Mobile-friendly Testing, and Printing Compatibility.

Our web portal testing is a comprehensive process and is very meticulously done. We have delivered web portal testing for eLearning and other website services of many leading publishers and distributors.

Functional Testing

We verify your software system against the functional specifications, and we test all the basic functions to determine if the application is working as expected. We provide Functional testing solutions for content providers such as K-12 institutes, enterprises, higher education institutions, web portals, and technology solutions providers.

At Hurix Digital, we have a functional QA Consulting and Analysis portfolio that includes End-to-end testing, Database testing, Usability testing, Exploratory testing, Integration testing, and System testing. To know more about  our solutions, Contact us today!