[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In this fast-paced radical transformation of technology, adhering only to conventional wisdom & information will not deepen your roots. Accordingly, the business has to evolve with advanced innovative technology & automation to be exemplary in the competitive market. Every company has a different armamentarium of requirements & objectives. In the process, to profess these objectives, the employees should also absorb the evolving technological strategies to improve their productivity & improve business revenue. Therefore, several small-scale and large-scale established companies opt for Corporate Microlearning. To revolutionize their company by developing & strengthening their internal workforce. So that the employees can get quick bites of information to experience, understand, absorb & implement in the task, and move on to the next one. By adequately integrating corporate microlearning programs that are custom-made for their employees.

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What Is Corporate Microlearning?

The sector of business is evergreen & continuously changing as per the requirement of their customers and trend.

Corporate Microlearning provides technology as a leverage to learn and understand the diverse information of technology. By breaking it down into small, bite-sized content information modules for easy understanding & learning. There is no need to follow the conventional reading of paragraph after paragraph of context or watch lengthy videos to understand a particular task. It is a type of digestible eLearning strategy in the corporate world that encourages learners to digest operative small bite-sized chunks of information interactively and engagingly.

However, these smaller doses of learning sessions provide an adequate amount of information that is essential for employees to accomplish certain training objectives in establishing microlearning practical in business contexts.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Definition Of Gamification

Gamification is categorised as the incorporation of non-game contexts into the game-style module to stimulate employee interest & increase levels of engagement in the activity. This interactive gamification style is a part of the business corporate microlearning process. During gamification, employees can access & understand small bits of information and tasks instead of mugging up a large amount of information. The gamification modules can be custom-made the business modules to simulate cognitive thinking & productivity to meet the requirements of their business context.

  • It introduces the cycle of business
  • Develop empathy & understanding
  • Polish their skills
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Loyalty alliance
  • Guides sales teams for winning sales conversations

However, at Hurix we offer engaging gamification modules that are beneficial to improve your employee’s productivity.We integrate role-based practical scenarios for easy understanding based on the competency to be more proactive. Our team custom-built it to blend with your business objective to make learning a fun and rewarding experience.

Benefits Of Gamification in Corporate Microlearning

  • As gamification is blended with microlearning, it is a productive learning strategy that is learner-centric.
  • It enables faster information processing.
  • It offers learners interesting engagement with the task & activity that can easily grab their attention.
  • It provides curiosity & greater engagement modules to learners
  • Better knowledge retention capabilities
  • It benefits the employees by making the learning process easy and time-saving.
  • Motivates the learner to strive for better results
  • Improves learners‚Äô productivity


Ways To Use Gamification in Your Corporate Microlearning?

  • Incorporate Rewards and Leaderboards¬†

The mini-games of gamification strategy are an interesting and interactive learning process that encourages learners to thrive in their workflow. However, to spice things up, the modules are established on real jobs based on certain elements of games. Such as points, levels, score, timers, badges, boost-ups, achievements, rewards, time-out, and penalties to provide a virtual setting that reminds the employees of their job & boost their overall performance.

  • Utilise Game Mechanics to Increasing Interaction

Gamification increases the interest of the learner in virtual learning solutions. They are meticulously designed to encourage and engage the learner throughout the corporate microlearning business cycle.

The characters in the mini-game are based on the business cycle for faster understanding. It enhances learners’ engagement & interaction by making the user feel in control of the mini-game series.

  • Design and Create Engaging Learning Experiences¬†

Gamified combined with corporate microlearning is designed and created based on a learner-centric systematic orientation. The mechanism of mini-games is established with the motivation to do better in the 5 minutes duration of mini-games. However, the characters in the mini-game are based on the job role-based of learning the main objective, which is to improve their productivity & cognitive thinking. The game modules are developed to form an engaging & interactive learning process.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Tips for Improving Corporate Microlearning with Gamification

  • Create A Sense of Competition

Competition is like an innate instinct built into the human source. Therefore, gamification integrated with corporate microlearning is developed with a mindset of competition in the mini-game series to learn and win. It enforces puzzles, strategic games, situational tasks & judgement scenarios, problem-solving games, and challenge-based games that stimulate cognitive problem-solving ability, engagement, innovation, interaction, and collaboration. However, Hurix develops learner-based games with the business solution’s main objective to improve the workforce’s performance and developmental needs.

  • Leverage Badges and Achievements

Gamification is developed similarly to that of any other game. The main difference is that it is based more on learner-centric business development. Therefore, similar to the games this learning mini-games also has points, levels, scores, timers, badges, boost-ups, achievements, rewards, time-out, and penalties. It enhances their productivity, and tools engaged in mini games are designed based on the rewards for users as per their achievements, levelling up their games and earning badges for winning the game. It helps to motivate employees to strive for their goals or boost performance.

  • Utilise Virtual Currency

Virtual currency is a game-changer factor in gamification. It is a form of gamification strategy to utilise virtual currencies as coins or tokens. They are considered rewards for the players to increase their interest in-game economy as in real life. They are powerful if obtained by a virtual marketplace in the gamification, so the employees can spend their reward coins.


Microlearning & Gamification is a dynamic duo that leads to improved productivity of the employees and increases business revenue by establishing a positive potential attitude in the learner mindset. It improves employees’ productivity, overall engagement, problem-solving ability, etc. Here, at Hurix, we understand the needs of every company and custom-made the design, concept, formulate & deliver learner-based mini-games with excellent corporate microlearning solutions.

Tips For Incorporating Gamification into Corporate Microlearning

  • Automate gamification by using the authoring tools
  • Incorporate realistic job-role-based scenarios and data to boost the employee competency¬†
  • Understand employee detailed learning progress
  • An open choice to discover different outcomes.
  • Implement gamification with microlearning so that employees can access learning in small bits size modules.

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