Hurix Digital is driving a new wave of educational technology aimed at intellectually enriching students through state-of-the-art digital learning solutions. Its powerful platform and cutting-edge tools designed for students have made learning more engaging, immersive, and personalized. The enhanced learning experiences manifest themselves through better academic outcomes and self-confident learners.

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Hurix Digital’s Innovative Education Technology

Hurix Digital has been actively developing platforms and tools that enrich learning management systems for delivering interactive and engaging content to students. To top that, in July 2023, Hurix Digital leaped forward in redefining new-gen education technology by becoming an alliance member of IMS GLC (Global Learning Consortium). This strategic partnership is intended to develop open interoperability standards in the educational landscape and foster innovation. 

The section below dwells on some major platforms and tools offered by Hurix Digital for empowering students and charting new courses in learning management.  

1. Dictera

This cloud-based authoring and collaboration platform has revolutionized the development of interactive HTML5 learning content. It offers a template-driven workflow, enabling education content developers to work exclusively on making content more engaging without being distracted by layout-related worries.

The salient features of Dictera are:

  1. Integration of AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning) to automate the student assessment creation process
  2. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to expedite content creation through the identification of errors in real-time
  3. A comprehensive and bespoke workflow system that facilitates real-time collaboration and efficient management of complex learning projects
  4. Members eligible for Common Cartridge and Learning Tools Interoperability [CC/LTI] standards certification to attest to their ability to develop quality personalized learning content compatible with different learning management systems
  5. Top-level transparency across the content development lifecycle
  6. Ease of making informed decisions through automated metrics and dashboard

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2. Education Content Development Tools

Hurix Digital works closely with educational institutions to create course blueprints that sync with their objectives. Its tools allow the integration of simulations, animations, and variegated media formats to make learning more interesting and tailored. The platform offers a spectrum of digital learning solutions, from content creation to seamless implementation.

The tools are impregnated with the expertise of seasoned educators and ace programmers who are well-versed in the evolving dynamics of the edutech industry. Furthermore, the cutting-edge element of immersive tools increases student engagement and promotes retention rates.

Hurix Digital has helped prestigious institutions develop interactive instructor-led online courses for students to ensure enhanced learning experiences. The highlights of such courses are:

  1. Visual modules with a high engagement quotient
  2. Animated microlearning study aids, along with audio narratives
  3. Interactive evaluation modes for checking the understanding of concepts
  4. Flexible study plans to facilitate course completion at one’s pace
  5. Transformative solutions with a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of the subject
  6. Inclusive, accessible, and agile eLearning modules that comply with WCAG guidelines
  7. Tailored learning paths to nurture diverse skill sets in learners
  8. Inclusion of abundant multimedia-driven examples of real-life applications of concepts for quick comprehension
  9. Highly organized and systematic 

The excellent performance of tools is endorsed by the success of accessible Maths learning videos that Hurix Digital developed for students of K-12 grades for a leading online educator. Compelling learning content, including 200+ Math videos, was created in adherence to WCAG 2.0 stipulations. Closed captions and audio narrations were included for better understanding. The appeal of the videos was heightened with music, illustrations, audio effects, animated elements, etc., thanks to its top-of-the-line educational technology.

3. Online Assessment Tool

Hurix Digital’s online assessment tool empowers teachers to evaluate the conceptual depth of students’ understanding with an array of questions that compel learners to examine their intelligence quotients.

With intuitive editing tools, designing comprehensive assessments rich with true-or-false, multiple-choice, long- and short-term questions becomes easier. The tool addresses the assessment needs of students in K-12 and higher education systems. Here are some of its striking features:

  1. Allows educators to judge the comprehension levels of learners with quick questions that need to be answered in real-time to deliver instant feedback to students
  2. Offers the option for crafting long questions to reveal the grasp of learners on all aspects of the subject
  3. Offers various performance measurement yardsticks to make the academic performance and progression of students evident 
  4. Updates the report on the dashboard
  5. Provides customization options for personalized evaluative experiences, irrespective of any deficiencies

With the increasing adoption of online learning models by educational institutions, it has become important to embrace educational technology and cutting-edge evaluation modes to cater to educators’ distinctive pedagogic styles. This tool serves this purpose well and offers every student the opportunity to showcase their skills in an unbiased manner.

4. Copyediting Tool

The custom-designed HUED (Hurix Editor) is an AI tool that automates copyediting and makes the content’s language more student-friendly. It comes in handy for editing copies of new online course manuscripts.

Some of the salient features of HUED, outlined below, showcase how this groundbreaking tool automates the editing process for quick turnaround.

  1. Removal of unwanted breaks, tabs, punctuation mistakes, and spaces
  2. Correction of references as per prescribed standard, rectification of incomplete references, and removal of duplicate references
  3. Setting of heading levels; captioning of figures and tables; styling of titles; insertion of digital object identifiers, etc.
  4. Sorting references alphabetically with automatic linking of in-text citations with respective references
  5. Linking float elements (figures, tables, notes) citations with corresponding captions
  6. Checking spelling, hyphenation, and grammatical inconsistencies to set them right as per the referenced dictionaries
  7. Changing and expanding numerals based on selected formatting styles
  8. Cross-checking abbreviations with database records
  9. Inserting standardized queries based on authors’ query templates
  10. Validation of checkpoints for generating specific instructions-based reports
  11. Segregation of various heading levels for ease of cross-checking the content

The editing tool is bound to reduce the turnaround time for developing new learning content for students. HUED makes student engagement more deep-rooted with error-free and interesting educative content.

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Moving Ahead

Hurix Digital has been implementing new tools and continuously making its platform cutting-edge to provide faster, more immersive, and enhanced learning experiences to students. The company excels in developing tailored educational content designing and assessment solutions for learning institutes. Its innovative approach to online learning enables it to leverage new dimensions in educational technology to design and deliver inclusive, accessible, and personalized learning solutions.

Hurix Digital strategically partners with educational institutions and other online learning touchpoints for designing bespoke study materials for students. We have a proven track record of devising interactive and immersive learning modules that engage learners and stimulate their interest in skill development. Our customers vouch for our capabilities.

The case studies on our site present testimonies to our successful implementation of novel learning methodologies with our state-of-the-art tools. Connect with us to share your requirements with us, and we shall surely measure up to your expectations.