[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Did you know that 42% of organizations have observed an increase in revenue after utilizing eLearning courses for employee development?

With the penetration of the internet in several industries, eLearning has also found an important place in the market. The hassle-free internet availability has further increased the inclination of businesses toward various online employee training and development courses.

According to a study, the eLearning market is expected to grow to USD 331 billion by the year 2025. This figure is three times of what we observed in 2015.

However, not every eLearning course is made for your organization or suitable for your employees. This is why top elearning authoring tools are utilized to prepare custom courses for enhanced employee engagement and learning.

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For small, medium, and large enterprises, learning and development is a pathway to improve the company’s revenue, engagement, and productivity. An eLearning authoring tool helps you achieve this through customized courses and feasible execution.

Here are the advantages of using an eLearning authoring tool.

  • Feasibility: An authoring tool is feasible. Think about it, your experienced employees can create content and courses. Who would be able to teach your employees better than their mentors? Further, since everything is online, it is feasible for your employees to learn anytime, anywhere. Similarly, the employees that are creating the course would also be able to take it up, depending on their availability. You don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up classrooms, shifting the schedule of employees, and making arrangements. You only have to send a shout-out email to your employees informing them about the new course.
  • Collaboration: If you are an organization with branches in different locations, you will find collaboration as the most important aspect of eLearning. There is nothing more essential than being able to help employees coordinate and collaborate with each other. An authoring tool allows employees to make content collaboratively. This increases the quality of the content, and also, employee engagement. Since the course is created by several people, it would have a different perspective and an enhanced approach.
  • Lower Overheads: You don’t have to invest money in the setup. There are no requirements for a classroom setup or a professional teacher who would conduct the training sessions. You don’t even have to shift schedules as employees can themselves adjust their workload to complete the training. The elimination of arrangements and reduced need for tweaking employee schedules save you a lot of money. Practically, you can create multiple e-Learning courses through an authoring tool in comparison to one offline training class.

Related Read 8 Reasons Why Content Authoring Tools are The Future of Marketing Why you Should Invest in eLearning Authoring Tools? As eLearning is increasingly gaining popularity in the industry, it is best to utilize the authoring tool to your advantage. We have listed the reasons why you should use an authoring tool to satisfy the training and development needs of your organization.

1. Custom Learning

The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t go well with every organization. The learning course that is right for a competitor organization may not suit your requirements. Similarly, it is not possible for employees of different departments to learn in the same manner. A person from sales has different requirements (which may require more graphics) than a person from the content team (which may require engaging content).

An authoring tool allows you to develop these courses based on the unique, albeit custom needs of the employees as well as the organization.

2. Need-Based Courses

You know the needs and requirements of your organization better. The goals and objectives of different teams differ, and training requirements also vary. With a top elearning authoring tool, you can design training modules based on the actual learning needs of the employees. By identifying areas where they need more clarity of concepts and developing relevant courses, you can help them do their job effectively.

Based on the training needs, you can create courses in various formats such as microlearning, video-based learning, or infographic-based learning.

3. Domain-Specific Learning

Every need of the organization can’t be generic. You may need domain-specific courses for your sales, marketing, graphics, content, and all the other teams. The commercial training courses may not be able to focus on specific topics that you want. But it may be important for your employees to learn these domain-specific elements. In situations like these, authoring tools are completely unavoidable and highly beneficial.

4. Enhanced Learning

One of the major reasons for choosing an authoring tool is enhanced learning. There is no better way to improve employee training and engagement other than the customized approach. Generic courses fail to appeal and interest most of the workforce. But customized courses automatically grab attention. You can add multiple interactive elements to keep the learners engaged in the training program. eLearning authoring tools are necessary to improve the training structure of your organization. It is possible to implement organization-wide learning through an authoring tool. You can even prepare on-demand courses requested by employees to improve interest and engagement among the workforce.

If you are looking for an authoring tool to design custom courses for your employees, you may want to consider HurixDigital as your service provider. Hurix can help you create challenging, motivating, and goal-oriented courses that are based on conceptual knowledge. You can further enhance the course module with rich graphics and a wide range of simulations for enhanced engagement and learning opportunities.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]