eLearning mobile apps offer multiple advantages to all users. The world is progressing rapidly; thus, there is a rise in the number of mobile apps being used today. COVID-19 boosted the eLearning market, out of which eLearning mobile apps became the most common term to describe online education. These education apps promote virtual learning, content creation, digital recording, gamification, and many more features. 

Below are some benefits of the eLearning mobile app


eLearning provides great flexibility for learners to access the classroom from any place. Not only this, but students can access the study material anytime they want at their convenience.

Broad Variety Of Courses

Traditionally, there was a limitation of courses that an individual could choose to learn. However, with the arrival of eLearning, the overall mechanism has become much easier, enabling students to opt for multiple courses. And with mobile apps, a user can choose to have multiple courses from a different application.

Higher user engagement

On average, any user spends more than 50% of their daily time on mobile devices, having an eLearning app means having education literally at your fingertips. Having an eLearning app makes it convenient for users to log in and access the courses, resulting in better user engagement. Many apps have gamification features making the learning process much less boring.

Cost efficient 

It reduced learner’s and instructor’s traveling expenses, and accommodation costs of institutes, and universities. Additional features like simulators can reduce lab expenses. One-time app development provides you with a long-term, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Hurix’s team of experts have developed a variety of mobile application, customized to the client’s business model and requirements. Whether it is to develop a mobile app for an existing LMS or to develop an entire platform along with a mobile app from scratch, we can provide you with a one-stop solution to your eLearning requirements.