Ever since the global healthcare crisis confined people to their homes, they have turned to content more than before. While this presents a potential business opportunity for content marketers, it also poses a significant challenge. 

With the demand for relevant digital content increasing at a breakneck speed, content developers and marketers find it increasingly challenging to stay on top of search engines. The problem gets more compounded for new businesses since they do not possess the resources required to compete with big businesses that have a solid digital marketing strategy. 

However, if there’s one strategy that guarantees optimal visibility, it’s content curation. Content curation is one of the most cost-efficient content marketing strategies to scale up a business’s visibility on the internet and drive organic growth. It helps you reach a new audience with content that attracts them. The following sections explain the top content curation strategies adopted by new-age businesses and elaborate on how they can be relevant for you. 

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is a subtype of content marketing that revolves around already created content. It includes everything from discovering, analyzing, collating, filtering, structuring, and distributing digital content around a specific subject matter.

Content curators generally do not create new content but amass organic content from various sources and deliver them to the right audience in the right way. A smartphone seller producing a blog post on the “Ten Most Feature-Rich Smartphones at Pocket-Friendly Prices” is an example of content curation. While preparing the blog post, the content curator can find all resources on the internet. But, they may add their expert opinion, in the end, to make the task of smartphone picking easy for the buyer.  

Content curation increases a business’ credibility. It establishes you as a thought leader. You can promote your content at less than half the cost and time of producing original content. You can also convert the curated content into a lead-generating machine by including a lead-capturing form. Since curated content helps you identify the latest trends, you may use it to boost audience loyalty and give your business a new edge. 

Now that you know the meaning and benefits of content curation, let’s explore the eight best content curation strategies to improve your business outcomes.  

7 Content Curation Strategies to Scale Up Your Business

Define Goals

On its face, content curation might seem pretty easy. However, without well-laid-out goals, your content curation efforts might go haywire. After discovering your audience’s preferences, you must decide what you wish to achieve from the content. Your goal may be to optimize your visibility on search engines or increase your worth as an industry expert. While SEO content needs to be keyword-rich, thought-leadership blogs must be informative and detailed.  

Another excellent way to amp up your visibility is by rounding up the latest news and trends in the industry and expanding your reach. Remember, the more you share quality content, the more people stay loyal to your brand. 

In-Depth Research to Ensure Content Authenticity

Irrespective of the subject matter, you can find thousands of blogs and resources on the internet. However, if you share any and every blog or resource, your audience will disengage. Hence, being selective is the key here. 

Filter the available content after finding it from credible sources. For example, if you plan to share infographics, check their authenticity and see whether the content is sharable or not. Be extra careful about collating scientific information since not all scientific resources on the internet are authentic. Remember, if you share incorrect information, the repercussions might be tougher than you anticipate. 

Use of Technology to Make Content Interactive 

Technology like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) are changing the way customers grasp content on the internet. The latest technology makes the content highly exciting and relatively less stressful for the audience. This makes employee training highly interactive and impactful.

While new technology might be expensive, you may also experiment with multiple formats, such as PPT, PDF, animation, multimedia, videos, audio, etc., to make the content more enticing. Educational content delivery platforms offer the perfect gateway to design content and deliver it through a cloud-based Saas model. 

DRM Protection for Content

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a foolproof way to secure your content on the internet. Devising the best content curation strategies take a lot of time and effort, and you will certainly not appreciate someone else claiming credit for your hard work. Fortunately, the latest technology enables you to protect your content with copy-restricted access and copyright.  

Through DRM, you can control whom you would like to give access to your content. It can protect you from the avoidable hassles of litigation due to unauthorized use. DRM is a must for all new businesses willing to make it big through content curation. 

Quality must be Your Primary Focus

As they say, ideas are limitless. However, this shouldn’t sound music to your ears if you plan to streamline your content curation strategies. Focusing on quality content is a primary requirement to make your customers stick to your brand. Give them something they have never experienced or show them how your advice makes their life easier.  

Besides focusing on quality content, you must prepare a schedule and stick to it since your audience will most likely expect quality content at regular intervals. Sharing too much content within a short time may miss the actual point. 

Repurpose Content to Stay Relevant

Repurposing content is one of the best content curation strategies since it reduces the overall cost of content creation. The process is simple—gather the necessary data and content and rewrite it crisply to make it more targeted and easy to understand. 

You can also request industry experts to share their opinion about specific topics. After listening to their advice, you may create content around it. 

Track Content Performance 

Agility is a sought-after trait of content curators. You need to track content performance to know what works and what doesn’t and use the data to improve your content.

Frame the evaluation parameters even before devising the content curation strategies. While some businesses evaluate the engagement on their websites or social media websites, others check for followers, click-through rates, etc. Assessing the data is crucial to sharpening your content curation strategies and boosting your marketing efforts. 

Customized Content Development is the Need of the Hour

Now that you know the best content curation strategies, it’s time to rope in digital content providers to streamline them for you. A digital content company lets you identify your content needs and helps you devise the perfect strategy to make your business catapult to the next level. To know more insights, drop us a note at marketing@hurix.com.