Online teaching and learning have rarely been as popular as they are now. With the advent of online teaching platforms, higher education has become more effective and efficient. Directors, principals, and deans of corporate and higher education institutions are also embracing the transition from offline to online at a rapid pace. Over three million students have decided to trust the online mode for all higher education needs. 

So, online teaching platforms have become a necessity in 2022 rather than a luxury. If your higher education institution hasn’t yet shifted to online teaching/learning platforms, this article details the best reasons for you to take the plunge right now.

What is an Online Teaching Platform?

An online teaching platform facilitates the smooth transfer of educational content between teachers and students. Online teaching platforms enable access to information through videos, audio, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, brochures, bite-sized content, and whatnot. As the stakeholder (read: director, principal, or dean) of a higher education institution, you can use such platforms to ensure high-quality education.

The future of higher education will be dominated by technology. Modern online teaching platforms integrate the best practices of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to make training more impactful for students and more result-driven for teachers.  

The following sections discuss the top benefits of online teaching platforms for the stakeholders of general and professional higher education institutions. 

6 Proven Benefits of Online Teaching Platforms for Higher Educational Institutions

1. Extraordinary Reach

We have moved far away from the times when education delivery was location-specific. The proliferation of digital media, digital devices, and the rise of the World Wide Web (WWW) has brought education to the learners’ fingertips. Online teaching platforms provide higher education institutions with the right interface to connect with learners and distribute their knowledge. 

An online teaching platform helps you expand your reach and achieve remarkable growth. You can simply create an account, upload some content, and market it through social media or other channels. Once the learners find value in the content delivered by your teachers, they will rush to you to quench their interest in quality knowledge.   

2. Augment Your Income

Some teachers may or may not have a full-time job in hand. Whatever the case may be, online teaching platforms give them an excellent opportunity to make some extra money in their free time. Once they identify their forte, they can spread their knowledge among the audience. And, as the key stakeholder of a higher education institution, you can use their popularity to publicize your brand.

Some teaching platforms also facilitate the smooth processing of the course fee and provide you with a report of who has paid and who hasn’t. You can quickly look up the list and follow up with the learners who haven’t paid.

Unlike a traditional classroom, online teaching platforms make student management super easy. Since online classrooms are typically access-based and password-protected, you can withdraw access from non-paid students and ask them to pay soon to continue receiving the training materials. 

Hence, online teaching platforms take away the mundane tasks of fee management and let your teachers focus on what they excel in – teaching. 

3. Better ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is a key driver of business success. While physical infrastructure is definitely required to a certain extent, the pandemic and its after-effects have reaffirmed the need for designing an efficient digital ecosystem. Fortunately, the cost of setting up a digital training delivery mechanism is much easier than setting up a training facility with physical infrastructure. 

Online teaching platforms eliminate the need to rent or buy a space for training, pay electricity bills, print training materials, and the like. Moreover, you and the trainers do not need to travel to and fro the institute to deliver quality training. This can enable higher savings for trainers, students, and educational institutions. Moreover, unlike physical classrooms, the teachers do not need to deliver demo lectures since the recorded video lectures can serve the purpose easily. 

Hence, online teaching platforms offer the right mix of convenience and return to ensure your ROI increases to optimal, never-seen-before levels.  

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4. Flexibility Reigns Supreme

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on human life and income. To offset the damage caused by the pandemic-led economic slowdown, most professionals are taking up some extra workload to sustain themselves. However, more work means less time to study. 

Online teaching platforms ensure that learning never succumbs to the pressure of time. Both teachers and students can choose a convenient time to get on board and deliver or receive quality training. Alternatively, online teaching platforms allow cloud-based video storage and automatic playlist creation. 

Hence, it doesn’t matter where your students are or how busy their schedule is; as long as they have access to the platform, they can learn seamlessly at a place and time of their convenience. 

By making learning more flexible, online teaching platforms enhance income opportunities for teachers. Since learners can access the platform and watch the videos or download the lectures and training materials at any time, you do not have to worry about losing students anymore. 

Moreover, for stakeholders of higher education institutions, this means more personalization and better student satisfaction.

Now is the era of personalized online learning programs. Teachers acknowledge that not every student learns at the same pace. While conventional classrooms are typically not designed to cater to individual student’s needs, online teaching platforms make monitoring students and paying them personalized attention reasonably easy.  

5. Become a Brand

Making an institute popular takes a lot of money and human resources. Fast forward to 2022, and social media helps you do it easily. While online teaching platforms allow your teachers to create a solid training framework, social media can enable promotion and marketing. 

Once your online channel becomes popular and learners flock in great numbers, you can proclaim yourself as a brand and leave an indelible impression in the higher education community.  

6. Optimize Time

In the modern world, time equals money. Unlike conventional classrooms, online teaching platforms ensure time and cost-saving. Once the teachers of your institution design and create the training resources, you are ready to publish them whenever you want and as many times as you want. 

Hence, online teaching platforms let you utilize your time to the fullest and reduce time wastage.  

The EndNote

Utilizing the right online teaching platform has become a necessity rather than a luxury. It can open you up to a new world of convenience, flexibility, and income. Hurix offers higher education solutions that help you elevate your learning solutions to higher levels and cater to your students’ expectations. For future-ready higher education institutions, online teaching platforms have become something they cannot do without.