The blog post meticulously outlines ten comprehensive online education resources that students can utilize during the COVID-19 lockdown. These resources encompass video repositories, tutoring platforms, exam prep tools, and other valuable assets to continue learning and maintain productivity amidst the pandemic.

Majority of the student community is in self-isolation as COVID-19 has brought the entire world to a standstill. The outbreak has disrupted normal practices globally and its ripples are visible in the education sector, thus turning people towards online education resources.

A major portion of a student’s life revolves around learning and therefore, it is important to ensure Continuity in Learning in the Times of COVID-19. With no end to COVID-19 lockdown insight, learning should reboot with the help of online education resources.

Everyone can use this lockdown period to build their skill set and explore new academic dimensions. There has been a considerable surge in enrolments on online education platforms that offer massive open online courses. Online learning has become the new normal and will define the future of education in the post-lockdown era.

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Ten Online Education Resources That Students and Educators Can Use to be More Productive During the Lockdown Period

1. MSVgo

MSVgo is a vast repository of high-quality learning videos mapped to CBSE, ICSE, ISC, IGCSE, & IB curricula in India. It has iOS and Android Apps for conceptual learning tailored for grades 6th-12th. It gives access to engaging and interactive video-based content aimed at explaining complex concepts in the most simplistic manner. MSVgo currently provides free access to the entire video repository.

Salient Features:

  • Unlimited access to 6000+ videos
  • Engaging learning experience
  • Curated for all Indian academic boards
  • Developed by SMEs
  • Approved by Teachers
  • Quick visualization of concepts
  • Analytics to track progress

2. Toppr

Toppr is an online education resource for the classes 5th to 12th and provides comprehensive learning material for CBSE, ICSE, state boards, and competitive exams like JEE and NEET. With a repository of over 1000+ video lectures, Toppr makes conceptual learning quite interesting. It caters to individual learning styles and provides an extensive K-12 syllabus coverage with over 1.5 million course combinations.

Salient Features:

 Use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data to study learning behavior

  • Customized learning paths
  • Online classes with adaptive practices
  • Mock tests
  • 24*7 access to subject experts

3. Doubtnut

Doubtnut is an interactive online education resource for students and educators. Doubtnut caters to K-12, IIT, JEE, and NEET students. This is a multi-lingual online education resource serving in 11 Indian languages and is popular in low-income groups where low-cost educational services are high in demand.

Salient Features:

  • Image recognition through AI
  • Video-based solutions in response to students‚Äô queries
  • Natural language processing and ML technologies
  • Option to upload/scan an image of the question
  • Animation and interactive quizzes
  • Database of recorded video solutions


BYJU‚ÄôS is an e-learning app that serves as an online education resource for classes 4th¬†to 12th¬†along with helping students prepare for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS, GRE, and GMAT. In 2019, BYJU‚ÄôS collaborated with Disney to launch a learning app for classes 1¬†‚Äď 3.

Salient Features:

  • Vast repository of engaging content
  • Book store management
  • Comprehensive learning modules
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Syllabus mapping
  • Thorough practice and in-depth analysis

5. Vedantu

Vedantu is an online tutoring platform that promotes live education through which students can learn from best-curated teachers. This online education resource uses technology to bring teachers and students on a single platform and deliver a personalized learning experience. Its W.A.V.E platform has been granted an IP patent for measuring the effectiveness of an interactive online learning system.

Salient Features:

  • A.V.E platform
  • Personalized education accessible from anywhere
  • Live quizzing and student interactions
  • Game-based learning
  • Customized learning¬†based on student‚Äôs learning pace

6. Meritnation

Meritnation is an online learning portal, providing learning solutions for classes 1st to 12th for CBSE, ICSE, and state boards, Meritnation uses technology to transcend traditional boundaries of education and deliver customized self-paced learning. Along with K-12, this online education resource also provides solutions for Olympiad, Vedic math, and French language.

Salient Features:

  • Interactive video solutions
  • Gamified quizzes and analysis
  • Assessment tools
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Learning solutions based on student‚Äôs learning behavior
  • Free NCERT solutions
  • Test series for JEE, NEET

7. Unacademy

Unacademy has a network of over 12000 educators and offers preparation material and video-based solutions for several entrance exams.

Salient Features:

  • Curriculum management
  • Evaluation and assessment management
  • Customized student portal
  • Daily live classes and practice sessions
  • Catering 60+ exam categories
  • Platforms like Unacademy plus, Wifistudy, Chamomile Tea with Toppers, Unacademy Studios, and The Solutionists

8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit online education platform for K-12 students, which aims at providing free, world-class education to everyone, everywhere. It delivers personalized learning and immersive learning content. Started in 2006, Khan Academy provides micro-lectures and highly engaging instructional videos for a better learning experience across subjects like mathematics, science & engineering, economics, and finance.

Salient Features:

  • Bite-sized learning
  • Personalized dashboard to track the progress reports
  • Free tools for parents and teachers
  • Free access to Mastery Learning Features
  • Offline learning
  • Partnered with NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to deliver specialized learning content

9. Cuemath

Cuemath goes beyond the traditional math excellence programs. This online education resource has been developed by IIT and Cambridge graduates to change the way math is taught to children across major cities in India. It aims at promoting mathematical thinking in students. Cuemath is a math learning program for children from Kindergarten to Grade 10.

Salient Features:

  • Focus on subject excellence
  • Offline and online programs
  • Curriculum design tool
  • Personalized learning techniques
  • Game-based learning
  • NCERT and Olympiad solutions

10. Zoom Platform

Zoom platform is now free for K-12 education.  Zoom has been embraced by schools nationwide for delivering live, online teaching, and enhancing student engagement. It has lifted the time restriction on free accounts and enabled robust collaboration and engagement tools for all K-12 schools. Zoom’s education plan provides various capabilities to students and educators at a low cost to enrich education and maximize the learning outcomes.

Salient Features:

  • Monitoring tools
  • Student engagement tracking
  • Seamless integration with LMS
  • Accessibility to all learners
  • Enhanced collaboration features
  • Microlearning opportunities
  • Virtual engagement tools

In Conclusion

During these difficult times when people are struggling to remain productive and learn new skills, a lot of online education resources are ready to help you in any way possible. Times couldn’t be more conducive to online learning. You can choose the best online learning resource that will suit your requirements and educational goals and put this lockdown period to the best of its use by not letting the learning process halt. Get in touch with us for online learning course content development.

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