Corporate learning solutions, as a concept, have been around for a long time. These training programs are designed to empower workforces to embrace fresh knowledge, processes, skills, and tools. 

However, recent shifts in the world of work have triggered a reinvention of these learning solutions as we know them.

There is a growing demand for teams to be agile and innovative to meet market demands at an accelerated pace. In this blog, we understand the key shifts that paved the way for disrupting corporate learning solutions.

We also delve into the key benefits of adopting E-learning solutions, such as using E-Learning platforms, to help businesses meet their learning goals. 

3 Reasons to Rethink Corporate Learning Solutions

Since the height of the pandemic of 2020, the world of work and business has experienced accelerated change. There was a time in history when the change occurred every 36 months. 

But today, new developments impact a business’s trajectory every day. 

Here is a brief look at key shifts that have irreversibly revolutionized the world of work.

Shift to Remote and Hybrid Work Mode

Working from home in the days before the pandemic was considered a luxury. But today, more workplaces are seeing a financial and organizational benefit to making remote work and hybrid mode shifts. 

As of 2022, employees worldwide are expected to work between two to three days per week from home. According to a survey, 8% of employees aspired to work full-time from home. However, many companies aim to prioritize hybrid work.

A recent survey indicated that three of every four Gen Zers (74%) want to engage with colleagues face-to-face. 

Hence, a mix of remote and hybrid work is expected to prevail in the future. 

Adoption of Digitally-Powered Products and Services 

Today, the number of consumers coming online and seeking digitized products and services is growing. Hence, companies are also undertaking massive digital transformation drives. 

Workforces play an important role in this transition, and they need to be equipped with the necessary skill sets and knowledge to be productive contributors in this journey. 

Leveraging Collaborative Tools

In 2021, revenues of the collaboration software market amounted to $ 16.3 billion and are forecast to grow to $ 18 billion by 2025. 

As companies scale, workforces need to bring more efficiency and accountability to their processes. There is a need for wide-scale collaboration, access to credible data insights, and people and resource management tools. 

Workforces need the training to be able to adopt the efficient usage of such tools. Companies of every scale need to adapt these tools to drive business schools in a digital world. 

Bridging the Skills Gap

A study by Korn Ferry indicates that by 2030, the business world will experience a talent shortage to the tune of $ 8.5 trillion. Rather than continuously struggling to acquire fresh talent with the necessary skills, companies can invest in strengthening their corporate training solutions to meet their upskilling needs. 

Such a step enables existing employees to upgrade their skills, become more productive in the workplace, stay highly motivated, and aspire to join the leadership pipeline. 

Efficient and timely upskilling simultaneously increases the employee value proposition. Weaving in e-Learning solutions enables the upskilling of existing workforces at scale as an ongoing commitment. 

There are several benefits to doing so. 

Advantages of E-Learning Solutions 

E-Learning solutions enable corporations to address a slew of training challenges through innovation and the creative use of technology.

A Flexible Solution 

Today, corporate learning solutions need to serve companies of various scales through customized solutions. Small teams need to develop the skills to multi-task and apply institutional knowledge intelligently. 

On the other hand, large teams need to be able to evaluate skills gaps effectively and respond to learning needs with speed and accuracy. E-Learning solutions are versatile and offer flexibility to companies to customize solutions based on their needs. 

Streamline with A Platform Approach

Companies can bring all team members onto a single, unified eLearning platform, and streamline and standardize the learning process, making it agile. 

Through the platform approach, companies can onboard members located in any geography and time zone and customize learning based on individual learning needs. 

Encourage Microlearning

Global learning trends point towards a culture of microlearning. This practice involves learning for short durations by leveraging byte-sized on-demand resources. 

Content is accessible in the form of eBooks, videos, online assessments, audiobooks, collaborative assignments, webinars, and online lectures. A trigger for the popularity of microlearning is that on-demand resources are accessible via smartphone. 

Contemporary corporate learning solutions encourage employees to learn via their smartphones. The introduction of e-Learning platforms makes it easy to create and distribute learning resources within minutes across smart devices. 

Video Conferencing Facilities  

The best e-Learning platforms come with state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities. Admins can quickly set up an in-house webinar or live-stream a guest from any location. 

The video conferencing utility is well-designed with a focus on enabling engagement. 

Engaged Learning via Gamification 

Gamified learning is another innovation that has become part of e-Learning solutions. The motivation of learners increases with the promise of rewards, challenges, and leaderboards. 

It also generates healthy competition and collaboration between teammates. 

Easy to Manage and Track 

Access to an e-Learning platform makes it simple for admins of a company to manage the learning process end-to-end. 

They can 

  • add and manage new users with ease, 
  • offer a seamless, high-quality experience, 
  • collaborate with multiple stakeholders, and 
  • rack the success of all initiatives and learning resources via in-depth, actionable insights. 

To Wrap Up

Corporate training solutions play an important role in effective change management in any forward-looking business. The agile and real-time virtues of e-Learning solutions are best geared to empower employees to learn new skills at an accelerated pace and stay productive at work. 

In today’s agile business environment, a productive workforce is a competitive workforce and the key to companies staying relevant in a crowded market.  

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