Hurix launches breakthrough technology for 100% automated PDF to ePub3 Fixed Layout Conversion at FBF 2013

Hurix launches breakthrough technology for 100% automated PDF to ePub3 Fixed Layout Conversion at FBF 2013

“Hurix launched a major new feature to its market leading KITABOO® Digital Publishing Platform, that fully automates the conversion of PDFs books and documents to fixed layout ePub3 output.” Oct 22, 2013: 

“Educational and trade publishers are increasingly focused on fixed layout ePub3 as an open industry format for creating rich, interactive eBooks to their students and readers. However, historically it has not been economically viable to produce fixed layout eBooks given the high production costs due to the complexities involved in the conversion”, said Sri Subramanian, EVP Sales and Product Solutions, Hurix Systems.

In July 2013, the Association of American Publishers announced the EPUB3 Implementation Project, with a goal of rapidly advancing the adoption of ePub3 by publishers and retailers, and release a large number of titles using the standard by early 2014.

“Complex textbooks and illustrated trade books and Children’s books need the print layout to be preserved in eBooks for a superior reading experience, but the underlying architecture of PDF documents make this conversion challenging and costly. Our product team has invested significant time and effort over the last 6 months to resolve these issues, to the point that the conversion almost at the click of a button. We are already using this technology for many of our clients, and they are extremely excited over the possibilities this technology affords them. We were thrilled by the response we received from publishers and other industry participants at the Frankfurt Book Fair who had a chance to experiment with KITABOO® and the conversion themselves.”

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The KITABOO® Product Suite provides end-to-end solutions for publishers, institutions and corporates in publishing and distributing their eBooks securely across multiple platforms. KITABOO® Publisher automates conversion of your content to Fixed Layout ePub3. This is ideal to deliver content to a range of tablets. KITABOO® Reader enables your end users to view rich and enhanced eBooks across multiple devices and platforms with seamless collaboration of user generated content. For more information, visit us or contact us at

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