Hurix Digital Attains Global Certified Accessibility Status: Redefining Inclusivity in Digital Solutions

Hurix Digital Attains Global Certified Accessibility Status: Redefining Inclusivity in Digital Solutions

Mumbai, Mar 13, 2024 – Hurix Digital proudly announces its certification as a Global Certified Accessible vendor by Benetech, marking a significant milestone in its journey toward fostering inclusivity and accessibility in digital solutions.

This achievement symbolizes Hurix’s unwavering commitment to breaking down barriers and ensuring equal access to information for all. By becoming an Accessibility Certified vendor, Hurix reinforces its dedication to creating digital solutions that empower every individual, regardless of their abilities, to fully engage with its products and services.

“This certification is not just a milestone for Hurix; it’s a testament to our core values of empathy, innovation, and integrity,” said Subrat Mohanty, CEO at Hurix Digital. “We believe technology should be a force for good, levelling the playing field and fostering inclusivity. This certification aligns perfectly with our mission to transform lives through accessible learning experiences.”

“For individuals with disabilities, this certification signals a promise of empowerment and equal opportunities,” said Gokulnath, Vice President – Publishing Technology Services. “For our stakeholders, it signifies a partnership with a socially responsible organization that values diversity and inclusivity.”

He further added, “Hurix Digital offers a comprehensive suite of accessibility services, including Web Accessibility Audit, InDesign Accessibility, Web Accessibility, PDF Accessibility, Interactivities and Media. Hurix also developed  Equalsense – an AI-powered alt-text generation and audit platform. These services ensure that our clients’ digital content is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.”

Hurix’s certification differentiates it from competitors in the market by catapulting it to the forefront of innovation and leadership in accessibility.

About Hurix Digital:

Hurix Digital is a global leader in transforming the digital content experience. With over 22 years of experience as pioneers in digital publishing technology, we empower leading publishers and organizations worldwide with our mobility and digital content solutions. Our impact is felt by more than 10 million users across 25+ countries, in over 20 languages, every day. Collaborating with customers globally, we specialize in designing and developing innovative digital learning and content solutions for the modern learner. As an end-to-end provider, we create, publish, and distribute engaging digital content across traditional and emerging mobile platforms, formats, and devices.

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