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Transform The Convention Monotonous Learning To Interactive Digital Learning

Every dynamic change in technology is a revolutionary form of transformation to reset the conventional method. Digitisation in technology is profoundly embedded in our everyday activities. Whether it may be education, health care, engineering, shopping, online transaction, banking, etc. Our perception of technology changes every time with different parameters. In the same way digitalization in education is not a foreign land. Education is evolving with the digital content solution that is custom-made for all the students based on their perception to understand and learn.

At Hurix, our team establish a detailed program of tech-driven learning courses that are aligned to transform conventional education to the advanced paradigm shift of education through online learning platforms for higher education in UK.

We understand the concept of learning is different for every student, as they can learn just not on the same day or in the same way. We offer advanced learning courses that are well-designed & developed to deliver the best program encompassing online courses, interactive sessions, instructional manuals, video tutorials, story-based, slideshows, and various learning simulation tools.

Digital Content Solution

  • Custom-Made LMS Platform

A Learning Management System is a learning software engineered to organise as a one-stop hub for all subjects, materials, assessments, modules, and activities. It is the management of the course from start to end. The process of learning is made simple to perceive and navigate the developmental needs of the students as per the curriculum standard of higher education solutions in UK.

Our team enables an interesting and understandable road map for students and educators to adapt the advanced learning styles.

We establish an LMS program depending on every stimulating requirement of a learner.

The LMS assists students to actively participate in engaging interactive learning processes for learners

It benefits the educator to assign assignments, engage in discussions, send announcements, and grade assignments.

It enables educators to identify the stronger and weaker areas of the student’s customise content.

  • Digital eLearning Solutions
Digital content solutions design custom eLearning courses as a study model using content, themes, colours, graphics, and images that are extraordinary to your spice up your student’s interest in learning. It enables students to engage in an interactive study session. It facilitates the institutions to break away from the conventional classroom to the advanced approach to higher education content solutions in UK.
  • Story-based approach
Our team offers interactive digital content solutions established on a story-telling approach that transfers textual content to digital expressive stories enabling students to adapt to the content constructively.
  • Scenario-based learning
A mind of a student is very creative, we develop learning courses establish on live practical scenarios for easy understanding and cognitive thinking. This type of scenario-based approach encourages students to think out of the well.
  • Analysis And Evaluation

Our team provides Higher education solutions in UK with digital learning solutions to enable real-time feedback and examination of every student.

We design an interactive platform to help learners to self-evaluate.
Our curriculum is programmed with test and assignment alternatives to examine themselves.

It helps the educator to set the examination and evaluate the results according to their teaching methodologies.

It enhances peer interaction and assignment approach in an interesting way
So that the learner can improve in the areas they need to work hard on.

  • Micro-learning
Microlearning simple and easy form of digital content solutions for higher Ed content development in UK. It is a bite-sized approach used to deliver the content and teach the learner in short uniformed (3-5 minutes) points.

It enables the learner to focus on the specific topic with easy understanding.

We design the subject in some segments to help the learner review, connect & recall the information

Microlearning is controlled by the learner to transform his learning abilities and strengthen their weak areas.

It improves learners’ memory power and enables them to easily absorb information.

We also use interactive programs that can be enumerated in:

Text Form: the short segment of messages or paragraphs.

Videos Form: Short segmented educational-oriented videos

Audio Form: Segments of speech

Images: Visual-based illustrations or photos.

Interactive Form: Games, quizzes, flashcards, etc.

Gamification Mechanism

The Gamification mechanism in online learning platforms for higher education in UK is an interactive collaboration that replaces conventional learning with an active learner along with peers.

This gaming program boosts the learner’s ability and interest in the course.

It creates a learning environment to review and recall the course modules on interactive levels.

The interactive learning session offers a learner with points, rewards & achievements to improve for the better.

It motivates them to try harder and be active participants in the classroom.

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