[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]At the peak of my career, I left it all and switched fields. It was not easy, but necessary to create space for new learning. Like me, several employees leave their jobs to quench their thirst for learning and knowledge. But give employees the opportunity to learn in their current environment and they may not need to seek this elsewhere.

The LinkedIn 2019 Workforce Learning Report reaffirms this. As per it, 94% of employees preferred to stay in a company that offered them learning and growth. Hence, workplace learning is a crucial aspect of business that should be prioritized. 

However, creating an L&D department that overwhelms employees by dumping excessive information over email is as good as not having one. The world is changing at a fast pace, and so are the workplace dynamics. A good learning and development strategy understands business needs, employee needs, how people learn, technology usage, and the rapidly changing market requirements. 

So, if you are also looking for workplace learning solutions, here are 7 effective ways that can help boost your business.

1. Agility is the key

The market has been unpredictable since the pandemic. Hence, companies need agility not only to survive but to thrive as well. The traditional notion that a predefined skill set is enough to achieve results is no more applicable. Companies need to quickly identify gaps and adopt proper corporate training solutions to upskill, reskill, and build team expertise.

2. Aline learning programs with business goals and encourage employee growth

Learning and development strategies should be carefully prepared to target performance gaps and business goals. But, it is also essential to understand that business goals must be prepared, keeping employee growth in focus. Hence, learning programs should give employees sufficient material to perform well, and business goals should present opportunities to move up the ladder.

3. Focus on e-learning 

Remote working is the new normal, and with it, the need for e-learning has increased. Employees prefer e-learning courses and modules as these are convenient skill-upgrading sources that they can follow at their own pace. Some of the best e-learning platforms have successfully improved upskilling of employees by providing them easy navigation, beneficial recommendations, and motivational insight reports.

4. Embrace modern technology

Technological advancement is redefining the workplace. Mega giants like Google, Accenture, Walmart, Amazon, Target, MGM, etc., already use metaverse for enterprise and DE&I training. In the remote and hybrid work mode, the virtual and extended realities are one of the most sought methods for training front-line employees, as they need training the most. However, the usage of modern technology is not just limited to training. It can also be used for numerous day-to-day activities

5. Be mobile-friendly

There has been a persistent rise in mobile usage over the years. Last year, 59.16 percent of global web traffic was via mobile phones. Providing mobile-friendly L&D material gives the employee the power to access learning material on the go, anywhere, and at any suitable time.

6. Bite-sized content is the way ahead

Research by the Technical University of Denmark indicates that the global attention span has decreased over the years. Humans prefer images and short videos to learn. Think of yourself, if you want to learn a specific image editing skill, would you prefer to read a blog, watch a video tutorial, or look at quick YouTube shorts? The answer is probably YouTube shorts because it is a fast way to learn without any redundant content. Similarly, bite-size content is the solution to engage and motivate learning among the workforce.

7. Learning should be the base of the work ecosystem

Learning is an ongoing process that never ends. It cannot be imposed, but managers can encourage employees to learn new skills or improve their knowledge. Doing so can be a challenge in the era of hybrid work mode, but it can be done organically by giving opportunities to collaborate, innovate, and even lead projects. 

These are just a few pointers to create effective learning solutions. Hurix Digital can help develop bespoke corporate training solutions specifically designed for your business. It is one of the best e-learning platforms that also provides enterprise training and solutions. Know more at www.hurix.com.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]