[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many educational institutions and ed-tech companies shifted to a digital basis. Education technology has rapidly developed, leading to more advanced eLearning options. A study estimates that the ed-tech industry will grow up to a value of more than $319 billion by the year 2029. 

Custom elearning development allows businesses and organizations to create and deliver educational content to employees in an accessible, engaging, and effective way. 

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What is Custom eLearning Content?

Custom eLearning content is educational material designed for a specific brand or business and a target audience. It can be designed to suit your organization’s context and unique culture to find the best solution. 

Customizing your eLearning program allows you to create educational content catering to your training requirements and your business goals or brand identity.

What are the Benefits of Custom eLearning Content?

1. It is branded throughout

With custom eLearning solutions, you don’t have to be concerned about a mismatch between your brand identity and the learning content. You can include branding in all the different aspects of the course, ranging from the images to font style, graphics, and even audio. This helps employees connect better with the brand while they learn. 

2. You can select the content that you require

With custom content development, you can select the content which is most applicable to your company and choose relevant material from the start.

On the other hand, with off-the-shelf content, you have to take the entire ready-made package, including the parts of the content that may not be relevant to your employees. Including this additional content in the course can take away from the relevant content, distract learners, and dilute the learning experience. 

3. You can choose how the content is delivered 

With custom eLearning development, the content can be structured and delivered to suit your business based on your learner’s requirements. Unlike off-the-shelf content, the format is not preset.

Custom eLearning can provide an immersive and captivating experience by incorporating motion graphics, multimedia, virtual reality, and more. Additionally, you have the flexibility to tailor the course to align with your specific learning goals.

This can involve creating a comprehensive course with in-depth content or designing a micro-learning approach with concise modules. Alternatively, you can opt for a hybrid course combining both styles.

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4. You can mimic real-world scenarios 

One of the advantages of online program development is that you can offer scenarios and activities that your employees have to deal with in their work and positions. For instance, in the scenario, you could represent the products or services your company offers or those the company finds most difficult to sell.

This allows learners to develop applied skills and learn from actual practice. This way, they can improve their weak areas, learn from mistakes and benefit from a secure, risk-free environment. By offering real-world-like scenarios, you help your employees develop confidence in performing the task. 

Customized simulations are particularly useful for this. They facilitate experiential learning and allow employees to learn more effectively and retain knowledge. The global simulation software market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.83% from 2022 to 2030.

5. It is easy to personalize 

Custom eLearning content is easy to personalize and can be adapted to suit different employee needs. It can be customized based on varying levels of experience or different learning preferences.

Personalized learning processes and diverse training choices allow for more targeted learning. This enables a more efficient workforce learning and development.

By allowing for individualized learning, custom eLearning development makes the training process more engaging and accessible for each employee. It can also be customized to suit learners with different abilities. These could include learners with reading, visual, or language impediments. 

Tips for Developing Custom eLearning Content

Here are some useful tips to help you in the eLearning content development process.

1. Set clear objectives

Defining clear objectives is the first step to designing a good customized eLearning course. By aligning your course objectives with your workplace performance goals, you can ensure that the course targets the right areas for growth and learning. 

2. Make the design intuitive

To ensure the course is accessible and convenient, make the design intuitive and easy to navigate. Clear instructions can make for a neater and simpler learning experience. 

3. Make it interactive

Include interactive elements like video, gamification elements, simulations, branching scenarios, and other features that make the course more participative. 

4. Keep it accessible

Ensure the content can be accessed on different devices, including mobile phones, screen readers, and tablets. This allows employees of all abilities to learn on the go and outside regular work hours, saving them time and making the learning process more productive.

Each training module should be easy to follow and have a natural flow between the content of successive modules. 

5. Include assessments 

Including assessments at regular intervals makes the course more engaging and allows learners to be actively involved at every stage of the process. Quizzes, questions, and feedback forms are a great way to encourage scope for learner responses during the training process. 

Summing Up

Custom eLearning development offers many benefits to your business. It allows you to infuse your branding through the training process, select the relevant content, and choose how it is delivered. It’s also easy to personalize and enables you to mimic real work scenarios.

Setting clear objectives, having an intuitive design, and keeping it interactive and accessible are useful practices to keep in mind for your custom e-learning content. 

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