Case Study

HurixDigital Develops Accessible Math Videos for K-12 Students

HurixDigital Develops Accessible Math Videos for K-12 Students

Students generally prefer visual and kinesthetic instructional methods compared to text. When it comes to a subject like mathematics, videos can help in understanding complex concepts in a simple manner. By creating accessible videos, publishers and educational institutions can ensure that the learning content can be accessed by all students.

One of our clients, a leading online K-12 education provider, wanted to develop accessible learning videos for students of grades K to 12. We helped them deliver engaging and compelling learning videos to help students learn mathematics effectively.

Highlights of the case study:

  • Developed 200+ Math videos
  • Created the videos in compliance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines
  • Incorporated audio descriptions and closed captions
  • Used live actors, illustrations, music, and sound effects to create engaging videos

Download the case study to know more about how we developed accessible Math videos for K-12 students.