Case Study

Hurix Digital Streamlines Complex Typesetting for a Leading Recreational Medicine Company Based in the USA

Client Overview

Our client is a pioneering company in the U.S. recreational medicine industry, recognized for their innovative medical and recreational products.
With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to quality, our client has established a strong foothold in the rapidly growing market, serving a diverse customer base with cutting-edge solutions.

The Challenge

This massive project involved typesetting extensive documents, like:
  • Training Manuals
  • Handbooks
  • Guides
  • Various other guides

All of these needed to be done within InDesign to produce printer-ready PDFs. The scope included template creation, typesetting pages, and generating the final PDFs.

  • Multiple rounds of updates and edits were required at each stage from various stakeholders, including the client, instructional design, and project management teams.
  • The client requested layout and design changes at multiple stages of the process.
  • The client required detailed explanations regarding spine creation and usage, which were initially unclear.
  • According to the SOW, the projected page count was 1,860. We planned our resources based on this estimate. However, the actual page count exceeded our expectations, necessitating the allocation of additional resources from other projects.
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Our Solution

To address these challenges, our team implemented a meticulously organized plan:


Streamlined Workflow


Quality Assurance


Effective Communication


Efficient Proofing

The Result

Our comprehensive approach yielded outstanding results:

Client Testimonial


By implementing the Effective Review Process via our Editaris platform, we achieved a significant reduction in client review time compared to traditional review methods. When the client utilized the Editaris platform for their review, the time required was reduced by 30%. This reduction in review time represents a substantial efficiency improvement, leading to a quicker completion of the review process. Consequently, this accelerated review timeline allowed us to advance the print date, ensuring the project was successfully accomplished. The enhanced efficiency provided by the Editaris platform not only benefits the client’s review process but also positively impacts the overall project timeline and resource allocation.