Case Study

Hurix Digital Seamlessly Stabilizes a Leading Utilities Provider's IT Infrastructure and Services

Client Overview

Our client is a prominent utilities services provider based in Houston, Texas. With a workforce of over 2,000 employees and annual revenues exceeding $1 billion, they play a crucial role in delivering essential services to millions of customers.

The Challenge

The client’s IT infrastructure and services were migrated to Microsoft Azure by a third-party vendor using a lift-and-shift approach. While this method ensured a quick transition, it resulted in several significant challenges:

Increasing Monthly Cloud Consumption Charges

The overall monthly costs of cloud services surged unexpectedly, hampering the client’s budget severely.

Uncertain Cloud Operations Capabilities

The client’s IT team struggled with the complexities of cloud management, facing many operational uncertainties and inefficiencies.

Application Performance Issues

Performance issues hampered the efficiency of critical applications, affecting overall business operations.

Frequent Security Events

The absence of robust security measures led to numerous security incidents, putting sensitive data at risk.

These issues greatly increased operational costs and also compromised the performance, reliability, and security of their IT infrastructure. This challenge had to be addressed quickly and proactively.

Our Solution

To tackle this challenge, Hurix Digital provided a comprehensive Cloud-Managed Services solution designed to address and resolve the client’s challenges effectively. Our multi-faceted approach included the following steps:


Gap Analysis


Quick Win


Proactive, Preventive, & Observability- Driven Support

Within two months of implementing our managed services, the client experienced a complete turnaround, with all initial challenges effectively mitigated.


As a result of our intervention, the client’s cloud services saw:

This transformation enabled the client to fully harness the benefits of cloud computing, restoring their confidence in cloud services and reinforcing their operational capabilities.

Client Testimonial