Done with all the hard work on your manuscript – finalized chapters, choice of words, sentence formation and image insertions. Now, don’t be in a rush to publish and let mistakes/errors take the thunder away from your success.

Having gone through the same text many times, your eyes are unable to catch discrepancies in the content. Manuscript critique is an important step in book publishing work flow to eliminate all possible errors that may hamper your first impression with publishers and readers. It is an unbiased third party feedback process to give  the final touches to your book/content for a grand finish.

  1. Multiple readings by an experienced set of eyes: A set of experienced eyes take a fresh look at your manuscript to ensure all the elements of a well-written content are in place – language, perspective, the flow of text etc. A professional helps in manuscript critique identifies these missing pieces of the puzzle and suggests the right fixes.
  2. Authenticity check: Inspiration surrounds us everywhere. And at times, we tend to follow the popular  trend and align the book theme on a ‘much talked about’ topic assuming it will be well received. However, by doing so, you also increase the chances Of your manuscript to sound repetitive As others in the market. A critic reviews the draft with significant hands-on experience and can easily identify similarities that might be to other books in the same genre.
  3. In-depth content analysis: A painstaking run-through the separate components of work including plot, characterization, dialogues, theme, chapter flow is done to suggest the highlights and loopholes in the manuscript. It should not be a complicated read, or too flowery in use of words. The pace of the book should engage readers and give them a reason to turn the page.
  4. Target audience scrutiny: The critique is always to read and check its connect with the target audience. The sci-fi style of content is very different from that of academics, or children books. Also, long gestation period to complete the book can result in writer’s block or creative slowdown. hence it needs a exhaustive third party check to suggest the best representation of content based on latest trends & preferences of the target audience.
  5. Reviews are generic, critique is specialized: In the publishing world, the small errors are an equal crime as the big blunders that may be in the manuscript. Get a professional hand, with subject/topic expertise to critique your content/manuscript and have a well structured, well-formatted write-up that reflects high standards of book writing.

To write a book is the easier part of publishing. There is a range of activities that needs to be done which includes feedback, editing & proofreading, competition analysis, decide which platform to publish, pricing, marketing etc. These are must-do activities that play a critical role in success of a book. Therefore, it’s a long road ahead from the time your manuscript is ready till it hits the bookstores.

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