This article talks about some of the most prominent learning platforms you can look into for your needs.

Online courses are gaining popularity as more people desire to continue their higher education or develop their professional abilities. As a result, several online learning platforms now cater to the need for distance learning.

The online learning sector is flourishing, with new and creative courses being produced every year. Online platforms that are currently popular are predicted to completely change how we study and interact with technology by 2023.

These platforms bridge traditional learning and contemporary innovation, including topics like blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). 

Students learn subjects thoroughly, and it enhances their professional prospects in an employment market that is always evolving by adopting the most trending pedagogical techniques.

Online Learning Platforms V/S Other Alternatives

Understanding how the best online learning platforms vary from other analogous alternatives like learning management systems and online course websites is crucial before selecting one.

A learning management system (LMS) is an advanced software technology that gives the online learning platform all the necessary resources to run successfully.

An online learning platform is a learner-oriented setting in which students may acquire effective knowledge and new skills. Some top features of online learning platforms are creating quizzes, uploading pre-recorded videos, and grading assignments.

Online learning platforms are equivalent to websites that provide online courses. The difference is that the OLP usually offers greater flexibility than the LMS. 

While online learning platforms can include different learning activities, from brief videos to online courses, online course websites are designed only to create courses.

Top 6 Best Online Learning Platforms

Students can study anything they choose online, which is a huge benefit of online learning platforms. They can extend their education further or switch to a different field of study. 

They may improve their soft skills and knowledge or sign up for photography, art, or music composition classes. These are some of the best online learning platforms that will prove milestones in their life.

1. Hurix

Hurix is one of the prominent online learning platforms with multiple extraordinary approaches to helping students learn. It designs and develops premium quality content for learners to meet their requirements. 

It offers scenario-based learning, micro-learning, story-based approach, and gamification as the most innovative ways to help students understand their subjects. 

Hurix’s courses address the demands of the students and design a curriculum accordingly that stimulates them to attain command in their subject.

Hurix offers video content based on deep research by experts and puts life into subjects. With the help of top educators in the industry, students stay interested in the courses, their retention abilities increase, and they are driven to learn and explore more.

2. MasterClass

MasterClass is an online learning platform that offers unlimited access to its 180+ top-notch classes costing from $15 to $23 per month. Each class contains 20 video lectures that are a minimum of 10 minutes long. 

The classes are categorized as cooking, design & style, acting, photography, sports, writing, government, music, and more. 

The lectures are taken by world-class celebrities and VIPs to learn writing and cooking and to help students develop effective leadership skills. Students get feedback from their peers to enrich their evaluation.

World’s best instructors share their knowledge, skills, experience, and passion with the structured curriculum. Students will also have access to their TV and smartphone applications, offline classes, members-only newsletters, and a vibrant global community of members all around the world. 

Every course has been created to be understandable for beginners and experienced students. Students may acquire everyday learning, discover new hobbies, and gain practical skills with the continuous launch of new courses. 

3. SkillShare

Skillshare offers unlimited access to more than 34K premium quality classes for just $14 per month. Learners who wish to discover new talents or advance their current ones can opt for Skillshare online courses. 

The main focus of its courses is on categories like graphic design, productivity, filmmaking, UI/UX design, web design, social media, content creation, marketing, music, crafts, cooking, and entrepreneurship. 

The top-rated industry experts, podcasters, designers, YouTubers, artists, chefs, marketers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers allow students to learn from their experience and creative journey. 

With a collection of selected classes that build on one another, the Skillshare learning platform is developed to assist you in achieving your learning objectives by providing you with hand-crafted consecutive lessons that will enhance your skill set. 

The courses are available from the range of beginner level to the advanced. 

4. Coursera 

One of the most well-known online learning platforms, Coursera provides hundreds of courses and various learning opportunities, including projects, professional certificates, and degrees from more than 200 prestigious colleges and corporations. 

More than 5400 classes are available on Coursera that can be finished in a single day on graphic design, business analytics, Python, and more. These courses help students develop a professional set of skills that emphasize personal development. 

The category of courses varies from technical to artistic, like Data Science, Language Learning, Information Technology, Computer Science, Math and Logic, Physical Science & Engineering, Health, Social Sciences, Art, and Humanities.

While some of the courses given by Coursera are free, the lengthier and more complex ones demand a subscription or individual payments. Future employers acknowledge courses as flexible, reasonably priced, and employment-relevant, which makes them more appealing. 

5. edX

The most prominent universities, including Harvard, Boston University, Columbia University, and MIT, and organizations have joined hands with edx, an online platform that delivers various courses and learning programs. 

edX, formed in 2012, tailored more than 3000 interactive courses taught by 160+ content partners. It has taken into 100+ million enrollments worldwide for Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees, executive courses, or professional certificates courses. 

edX covers more than 30 popular subjects comprising Architecture, Economics and Finance, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Data Science, Business & Management, Healthcare, and many sub-domains. 

Students will be given a validated certificate once their course or program has been completed. It has disseminated 1.4 million+ verified course certificates up to now. 

A business plan from edX is also available for entrepreneurs, and it may be personalized according to different teams’ or organizations’ needs. The courses are mostly free, but students need to pay some low fees for more advanced courses. 

6. Udemy

Udemy is the most prominent name among online learning platforms delivering over 213k+ affordable online courses with new additions, where students can learn new talents or work on self-development through soft skills. 

Various courses and programs are tailored and provided to students at the minimum cost of just $14. From hundreds of courses available on the websites of Udemy, students can select their choice of interest. 

The categories of courses are Business, Design, IT, and Software and Personal development, with multiple sub-domains, giving students several options. Top companies also use Udemy to enhance the professional skills of their employees. 

Independent teachers developed, produced, and designed the courses on Udemy by simplifying the complex topics and encouraging them to generate ideas through brainstorming. Students can easily schedule their courses according to their requirements anytime, anywhere! 


The year 2023 appears to be very promising for online learning platforms, as the pandemic left everyone on the hook of distant education. Students explore online platforms to acquire new skills or extend their knowledge in a specialized area. 

More and more students are taking advantage of the benefits offered by online learning platforms as they are accessible and affordable. Students find it very appealing to study at their speed and comfort anytime, anywhere, as online platforms make scheduling courses at the desired time easy.