With rapidly changing technology, organizations today fully realize the need for powerful training and learning methods for their staff. But understanding this is only the first step towards building a robust online training program that helps your employees. What is more crucial here is to find the right learning management software for the specific training needs of your organization. 

A customized learning management system allows you to systematically address these issues and fully optimize your online training platform, specifically for your individual needs.

These customizations can be done in multiple ways. For instance, you can either fully customize the look and feel of your LMS or add various additional capabilities to the system that includes the specific functionality that you need.

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Advantages of a Custom-built LMS

1. Helps You Achieve Targeted Goals

The importance of learning management systems in the eLearning domain is huge. This is especially relevant when you have vast concepts to cover and a massive audience to cater to. 

A customized LMS is your best bet in such a scenario as it helps you achieve your targeted goals with relative ease and deliver the content much more efficiently. It gives learners access to various training resources such as videos, interactive PDFs, eBooks, podcasts and more, thus enhancing the overall learning experience.

In addition to this, organizations can use visual dashboards on customized LMS platforms to convey essential details such as training schedules, surveys, polls, and other announcements.

2. Allows You to Have Complete Control over Features

No two employees in an organization learn the same way, and not every course can be taught using the same format. Using a custom LMS in such a scenario can open a whole range of new opportunities in terms of both training and learning capabilities.

A customized LMS offers you the ability to create powerful courses with various features central to your specific training needs. You can map each segment of the LMS functionality to the various job roles, departments, or specific training needs within the organization.

Further, you can decide the look, fonts, logos, and images to best match your company’s branding. You also have the liberty to add interactive videos, games, and a variety of real-world examples to keep your learners engaged. 

3. Personalize Learning for Your Employees

A custom LMS offers several features, including a custom dashboard to help you personalize the learning experience for each employee. You can either create a custom dashboard for each of your employees based on the role performed by them in your organization, or you can get your LMS vendor to give various pre-built visual elements that the employee can choose from and display on their dashboard.

Such dashboards can be of great help to LMS administrators too, who want access to only the most needed information, along with a bird’s eye view for quick reporting. 

4. Allows You to Add Gamification

Gamification is an excellent way to motivate and engage your employees and keep their competitive spirits up.

Having a customized LMS lets you add various custom elements to engage your employees and gamify the entire learning process. Awarding badges, points, and competing for a top spot on the leaderboard keeps employees motivated.

You can also divide the training group into teams and let them compete against each other. Further, elements such as a leaderboard can also be customized based on what you think motivates employees the most.

With a little creativity, you can turn your customized learning platform into an exceptional online learning experience.

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5. Offers a Powerful Evaluation Tool

To be able to understand the impact and effectiveness of a training program, businesses require detailed reports and various other statistics concerning the learners.

A customized LMS is a great tool to achieve this objective as it allows you to generate various reports that you can use to evaluate how each employee is progressing through the training.

These detailed reports provide sufficient information about aspects such as a type of content that is working for individual learners and whether the training is meeting its prescribed objectives.

6. Allows You to Track Learner Advancement & Performance

With a fully customized LMS, you can easily set specific performance milestones for each employee to keep track of their progress and ensure that they are on the right track.

Apart from offering such flexibility, customized LMS also makes changing content and organizing it on the platform much more effortless, allowing you to set specific targets and track your employee progress easily.

7. Organize All Your eLearning Content on a Single Platform

Managing several systems or processes simultaneously can be an overwhelming task for organizations. A customized LMS offers a centralized learning platform that enables you to store and retrieve various eLearning resources, training materials, assessments, etc. as per your needs.

Put simply, having a customized LMS eliminates the need for using multiple disjointed systems for your employee training needs. It offers a single, unified, and fully customized platform that allows you to store and organize all your eLearning materials easily and efficiently.

This makes it easy for both employees as well as trainers to access everything they need easily and collaborate online to achieve better learning outcomes. 

Moreover, customizing your LMS is a more cost-effective solution as you’re centrally controlling the system, and can cut back on delivery and management.

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How to Create an Online Training Program for Employees


The features, content, and focus of online training programs vary from organization to organization. Customized LMS is a great solution for creating an eLearning program that truly fits your specific needs and objectives. 

If you wish to optimize the effectiveness of your organization’s training initiatives, customize your LMS, and enjoy a plethora of benefits!

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