Accessibility Testing in the UK

Exploring the Benefits and Challenges

Empower Technology with Mutual Facilitate Impartial Accessibility

As the world is totally influenced by the veil of technology, innovative digital media made its path through numerous websites and digital applications to upswing & augment our daily life. Technology is deeply rooted in impending significant aspects of our routine through education, entertainment, healthcare, insurance, banking, traveling, and many more services. It became one of our necessities. Therefore, as technology plays a very significant role in our lives, it must be equivalently accessible to everyone. As technology must be impartially accessible even to disable or diverse ability individuals. According, to this basis the fundamental right to all agenda accessibility testing is incorporated in several applications, programs, and organisations. However, Accessibility testing in UK is legally employed by law in many cases. The UK is one of the many countries that have made accessibility testing mandatory.

Principles of Accessibility testing guidelines in the UK


The content must be accessible to the end users to perceive all the information via sight, touch, and hearing. (In case of impairment if any of the senses isn’t working)


The product or property must be keyboard accessible, navigable, and compatible with any type of input and out interface network framework.


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At Hurix, we understand the gravity of making assistive technology accessible to individuals with disabilities. On this foundation of usability and accessibility testing in the UK, our team correlates and practices detailed review, research, and connection to incorporate it in applications software, documents, online courses, web resources, metadata tagging, and other digital tools and materials designed in accessible editing and formatting pattern.

Importance of Accessibility

  • Technology is Accessibility to everyone by simple means
    1. To Perceive
    2. To Understand
    3. To Navigate
    4. To Interact with electronic information
    5. To be effective contributing members of the digital world.
  • Improves end-user experience and accessibility efficiently
  • Increase usability, SEO visibility, market share, and audience reach
  • Aids usability
  • Supported by Web accessibility services in the UK, centralizing internationalization
  • Easily understandable and accessible even to end users with cognitive impairment and disabling challenges like
    1. Visual
    2. Auditory
    3. Physical
    4. Speech
    5. Cognitive
    6. Neurological disabilities
  • Assists in promoting high-bandwidth networking
  • The expenditure is better and more manageable code
  • Maintains customer loyalty and
  • Enhance your Brand Value

The Assistive Technology Services:

Speech to Contextual Representation

Speech to contextual manifestation is the method of text in captions representation to the visual expression of sound in a video. It is the method that equips a text version of sound narration in the video. So that the content is not lost for those who are impaired with auditory disability.

Text to Speech Software (TTS)

It is demographic software that is designed to read text out audibly. Our team comprehensively design the Text-to-speech software and incorporate it into the program that is serviceable and accessible for impaired visually challenged individuals. This technology to ‘read aloud’ is actively accessible on most modern laptops, computers, and mobile devices. It easily converts textual content in documents, emails, and web pages into audible speech.

Universal Learning Management System (LMS)

It is designed as a single, cooperative cloud-based digital content platform for learning management. It builds up the program that enables all users of an institution to stay connected. It is the process to transmit information and learning process for everyone to build a strong learning program.
It also includes interactive activities like:
  1. Read Aloud
  2. Video & Audio
  3. External Links
  4. HTML5 Interactivities and Games

The Advanced Insights

At Hurix, we aim to establish a platform that is accessible & easy to use for everyone. So that the accessibility testing will improve the digital content not only among the target audience but also for the cognitive impairment audience. It also enables boosts sales ultimately. We offer advanced digital tools and materials that are usable and accessible to everyone.

  1. Kitaboo
  2. Kitaboo Insight
  3. ePUB Conversion
  4. Flash to HTML5 Conversion.

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Accordingly, at Hurix, we apply accessibility testing services in the UK established to navigate the information accessed easily and understood by every individual through the software used by the end user. We develop programs for institutions to make reliable digital applications to develop high-quality websites and web tools for everyone without excluding diverse ability individuals from using our products and services. This software of web accessibility testing in the UK improves a company’s usability and promotes SEO visibility in the Google search engine. Email us at or contact us at our New York office: +1 516-521-7018.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is accessibility testing?
Accessibility testing is the process of testing a website or application to ensure that it is usable by people with disabilities. It involves testing the user interface, content, and code to make sure that it is accessible to people with a range of disabilities, including vision, hearing, mobility, and cognitive impairments.
Yes, accessibility testing is a legal requirement in the UK. The Equality Act of 2010 requires public sector websites and services to be accessible to people with disabilities. Public sector organisations must ensure that their websites, applications, and other digital services are accessible to people with disabilities.
Accessibility testing has many benefits. It ensures that websites and applications are usable by people with disabilities, which increases user engagement and loyalty. It also helps to improve SEO rankings, as websites that are more accessible tend to rank higher in search engine results. Finally, it can help to reduce the risk of legal action and fines for non-compliance with accessibility regulations.
Several tools can be used for accessibility testing in the UK. These include WAVE, a browser extension that can be used to identify accessibility issues; NVDA, a free, open-source screen reader; and ChromeVox, a Chrome extension that can be used to test the accessibility of websites.
Accessibility testing should be conducted regularly to ensure that websites and applications remain accessible to people with disabilities. This should be done whenever changes are made to the website or application and on a regular schedule, such as every six months.

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